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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

video of 5th girl in action

An AI versus AI SFW match recorded with a special build. In the video she will only use holds that are already available in game currently.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

5th girl design

Looking for feedback! Her skin color ought to be a bit darker, but currently waiting on dynamic skin color feature. Otherwise the color, shininess and metalness for every part is adjustable. Remember, the engine supports multiple outfits/skins for each heroine too :D.

EDIT: updated her design:

paws too <3

And some possible outfits:


Oh and last but not least RNGed girls with the new outfit:

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Progress on 5th girl

Made substantial progress on the 5th girl.

She is a wolf/fox/dog girl that fights as you expect from a fantasy werewolf kind of character (no fur, just ears + tail). She uses swipes, leaps and she may even go down on all fours to chase down her prey.

This deviation from "realistic" wrestling is rather liberating as it is much easier now to give each girl character and make her unique. Homogeneous fighters is a problem that plagued wrestling-only games forever and I am glad I dont have to deal with that anymore.

Her futa version will come first behind a toggle and its probably going to be 4 futa H-moves and 4 non-H moves.

While balancing her, I noticed that almost all combat abilities in game caused a knockdown. I dont like how it cheapens the downed state and it makes good recovery options from downed almost necessary. In the next patch, many abilities will stagger only and knocking down a foe (not to be confused with knock out with 0 green bar) becomes more difficult yet more rewarding.

A concept that I am testing with her is "Pounce". She gets down on all fours and then jumps at the foe. Foes who are hit by this unblockable attack will be knocked down and grabbed instantly. Think "Hunter" in L4D. It is going to be rather interesting to see how a "leap" grapple move would perform balance wise.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

v0.15 released!

EDIT: uploaded v0.15 high perf version as well. Shadows and dynamic portrait are off and hopefully can run at least 30 FPS even with integrated card. Leave a comment if you are still having trouble.

Download at Heroine Rumble Page.

Patch notes:

  • Added selectable outfits and selectable AI level for exhibition AND endless mode!
    • want to make sure it works first, there will be more outfits in the future
  • Polished many animations that did not have time to do for v0.149
  • "Watch" feature and all girls are unlocked by default
    • It is possible to play versus dummy by choosing AI level 0 for the opponent
    • It is possible to watch 2 AIs of various levels to play against each other by selecting the appropriate AI levels during exhibition mode
  • Victory screen will now focus on the defeated girl instead of the victor
  • All characters will now have brief invulnerable period after the standing up animation from a downed position
  • AI should play the downed-state recovery game better now
  • + various combat tweaks

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Futa content

At the time of writing, 813(59%) of you want futa content to be in game and 322(23%) of you doesnt want futa content. In addition, 375(65%) want the upcoming girl to contain futa content and 138(24%) are opposed to it. (remainders in both poll are "dont care")

So let it be official that the next girl shall introduce the game to futa content.

I also acknowledge that there are people who are totally against futa content and doesnt want to see it at all. To that end, there will be a switch at the main menu which will hide all futa content and keep the game strictly female on female. (bugs notwithstanding)

Speaking of female-on-female, "futa content" actually encompasses three distinct components:

  • futa-on-female
  • female-on-futa
  • futa-on-futa

This upcoming patch will only tackle the first component, futa-on-female, as it is rather easy to incorporate within the game framework. Futas for game purposes are just a regular female until they use a futa-only move on someone. The penis will only be shown when they are required but otherwise hidden from view.

"Attacking" on futa is not a feature that the game had in mind initially and thus much more difficult to incorporate. Remember, "futa content" was suppose to be a compromise to adding males into the game.

As a remainder, there is a futa move request page and while some already dump their load on it, adding one or two moves you really want to see will greatly increase the chance of those moves getting implemented first.

Friday, November 11, 2016

v0.149 released

Been a while since "real" content so rather than keep you guys waiting here is something nice.

Download PAGE.

Patch notes

  • Added the 4th girl! She is playable in the exhibition mode.
    • she brings to the game 8 additional holds!
    • she introduces the game to humil holds -> these moves are the best at humiliating your opponent!
    • no high fantasy content yet for this patch
  • Added a SFW button! this prevents armor destruction and playing the orgasim animation. It's primary purpose is to faciliate making SFW videos :)
  • Completely redone the base body model and all the animations(because different body proportion - all the old animations are obselete)
    • MANY THANKS to some of you guys for helping out with modeling and animations, but wishes to remain anonymous 
  • Completely redone the eye model and how the eye is drawn in game. As a bonus, adjusting eye color dynamically is now possible
  • The render engine now handles reflections - this improves the overall graphic fidelty but have a particular noticable effect on shiny objects such as eyeballs
  • The default starting camera mode is now "Camera B" and the fight starts with the opponent targeted
  • Endless mode starting AI level and AI level increase per win is now higher.
  • Stamina no longer regenerates during ability usage, but stamina regen rate when it is regenerating is faster
  • + various combat tweaks 

A new H-move

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another new move?

I suppose this shall be a submission move too? Perhaps its time to add a humil-type in-game as well?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A new move?

Ignore the outfit clipping issues since it haven't been refitted to the model 100% yet.

Need help with this dilemma: should this be treated as a submission or as a H-move?

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Better bring your Shield of Balduran to reflect those beholder rays. JK

Heres are the same eyeballs again:

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some Q & A

Q: Is the 4th girl going to be released this week?

No there are some stuff been done this week that makes the completion of her impossible.

Q: What is her design?

High-fantasy H-specialist

Q: Are you moving away from wrestling?

No. The wrestling manifest in this game in the grapples and the submission/H-move/throw that follows. This is not changing. What is different is the game will no longer be bound by "realism" in ability, character and environment design.

Q: Why not just "kayfabe" wrestling?

A couple reasons:

  1. Difficult to translate the "competitive" nature into game
  2. Difficult to differentiate the characters. If you look at regular wrestling game most characters are just muscled dude in shorts. Their physique separates them but unfortunately supporting different physique in game is difficult. If you look at Rumble Roses arguably there are many costume choices but all the characters pretty much fight the same.
  3. Likely to run out of plausible wrestling based H-moves so might as well lift that requirement
  4. Focusing too much on the non-H wrestling is likely a value losing proposition; there are those games out there with magnitudes greater resources.
  5. May be too niche of a market. Can attract a larger audience by not all-in on the wrestling. Yes that means even if YOU are out but if there are 10 others to replace YOU then it is a win.
  6. The engine's combat system and AI is sophisticated. Kind of a waste to limit the game to a simpler wrestling game combat style.
Q: I dislike how the character are too quick to get up to their feet / clothing doesnt reduce H-damage / how you cant grab without two auto attacks / downed is too escapable / etc

Not going to change those things beyond minor tweaks until the grapple system rework. Or otherwise they will likely break the game balance.

Q: What is the grapple system rework?

Rebalance the grapple system and all it's complementary components, such as how submission damage is dealt, how submission is escaped, how grab attacks are handled and countered, what options the attacker and victim have in a grapple and so on.

Q: Can we have customize key controls / local 2 player mode?

Yes, the engine already separates the controller from the character so its not difficult to implement. However the UI work is tedious so medium priority.

Q: Do you plan to include the moves in the move request page?

Yes, at least some of them. A couple will come with the 4th girl. Dont forget that it is a REQUEST page and not a guarantee.

Q: Is there going to be a story?

"Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important." 
So very low priority atm.