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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Progress on 5th girl

Made substantial progress on the 5th girl.

She is a wolf/fox/dog girl that fights as you expect from a fantasy werewolf kind of character (no fur, just ears + tail). She uses swipes, leaps and she may even go down on all fours to chase down her prey.

This deviation from "realistic" wrestling is rather liberating as it is much easier now to give each girl character and make her unique. Homogeneous fighters is a problem that plagued wrestling-only games forever and I am glad I dont have to deal with that anymore.

Her futa version will come first behind a toggle and its probably going to be 4 futa H-moves and 4 non-H moves.

While balancing her, I noticed that almost all combat abilities in game caused a knockdown. I dont like how it cheapens the downed state and it makes good recovery options from downed almost necessary. In the next patch, many abilities will stagger only and knocking down a foe (not to be confused with knock out with 0 green bar) becomes more difficult yet more rewarding.

A concept that I am testing with her is "Pounce". She gets down on all fours and then jumps at the foe. Foes who are hit by this unblockable attack will be knocked down and grabbed instantly. Think "Hunter" in L4D. It is going to be rather interesting to see how a "leap" grapple move would perform balance wise.


  1. Well, consider my hype engine revved.

    Can't wait to see how she comes out!

  2. No paws?
    Paw/mitten things, like this:

    That would be hilarious!

  3. I was never really sure what to do to a downed enemy since a grab or some sort of attack that can hit downed enemies would always be met with a wakeup kick to the face, leaving me to just wait until they get up. The up-coming changes sound pretty neat.
    Also, is there anyway to run without accidentally rolling first?

    1. Yea considering upping wake up kick cooldown to 25 seconds.

      You can run without rolling if you double tab dir key when roll is on cooldown. Its for balance reasons.

  4. I like how this next girl will appeal to both futa fans and furries, two weird fetishes in one.

  5. I hope you'll make up your mind on weather it's a wolf, fox, or dog girl by the time you release her. It'd be rather concerning if the character some how did mesh all three aesthetics of those together. I have a question could you consider adding fur? I fill a missed opportunity every time a dev doesn't do something to give the characters in an H-game the extra oomph to really give a character a unique design.

    If you do end up adding fur it doesn't have to cover the character. I'd recommend just adding to areas such as the crotch area or extremities just like a bit of extra hair on the hand or a bit on and up from the wrist, also a bit of extra hair on the face sort of like. Just to give that extra werewolf vibe. Also you could give longer nails.

    My idea for this came from a game, Desire Dungeon. the image with the werewolf is this one. Bottom right

    1. What is the difference between a wolf, fox or dog girl?

    2. Well the ears are a primary identifier along with color. If you used brown colors with droopy ears people probably think dog girl. If you used red colors with ears that are stood up people think fox girl. Gray or whitish colors with stood up ears would make people think wolf girl. Droopy ears will make people think dog girl.

    3. Well if that is all the primary differences she can be all three via outfit selection.

    4. That's great. I hope that work on the project continues to go well regardless of the design choices you choose to follow through with.

  6. LoveSeeker here,

    love to see how she looks like, send me a pic of her! :D

  7. Fantastic Idea (monster animal girls)! Great! *_*

    Next time can be possible create a a wrestler girl or woman "curvy" (as Miss X to the new tiger mask souls), maybe with sexy attack like Breast Smothering?