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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Almost finished the body sliders. Still have a couple more things to do such as re-calculating the height of the character (so shorter girls don't float) after slider changes. Don't expect those things to take much longer.

Anyways, the slider system is fairly flexible, and it is easy to add another slider or change existing ones. (Although time consuming to tweak.) Also, as mentioned before, the player will probably not have this direct slider access all the time (maybe just once during character creation) and will instead have to use in-game means to alter their body shape.

Afterwards, going to start the work on lewds. Some comments:

  • Going to upgrade the grab system to support Many:Many relationship instead of 1:1 as HR was. That means multiple participants on the same girl/guy is a possibility in the future.
  • There are males in game, both for player and NPCs. Although males are "second class citizens." For example, they have much less wearable outfits.
  • The player can change their sex organs during play through of the the game.
  • The sex moves available are based on which body parts each participants have, so for example, if something have "hands" and the target have "penis", then a hand job move is possible, regardless if that target is "futa" or "male," or anything else.
It's going to take some time to get this new sex animation system off the ground so now is a great time to leave suggestions on what kind of sex moves you want to see. I am open to pretty much any ideas at this point provided that:
  • It doesn't violate Patreon's Community Guidelines, which excludes things like incest, bestiality, necrophilia and child pornography.
  • No "hard" fetishes such as gore, scat, etc.
Another thing I want some feedback on is whether or not people want the sliders to be bound to "realistic" proportions or have a greater range that allows for "monstrosities" to be formed, for example:

Friday, February 23, 2018

Goals for demo 4: sliders and lewds

There are two main features planned for demo 4: body sliders, and lewds.

“Body Slider” is the feature that allows for alterations in the body’s appearance. For example, make the girl taller or shorter, make her boobs larger or smaller, and so on. What exactly are modifiable is still TBD at the moment. But I am i aiming for a more extensive system than what HR had (which is only boob size). 

Like HR, this is a dynamic system, and it is not limited to “set body shape once” at character creation only. However, the players wouldn't have direct access to the sliders all the time. Instead, they must utilize in-game means such as consuming items or with services of NPCs to apply the visual changes incrementally.

“Lewds” are, well, lewds. However, this time, instead of having only “fixed” animations between the 2 partners, Inverse Kinematics will be applied to handle some (small) variations the in body shape. For example, in HR, boob fondling doesn’t work well if the boob is not at the default size.
This application of IK is where most of the technical difficulties lies in.

Obviously, even with IK, this wouldn't magically allow animations made for partners of a certain size and shape to work for partners with drastically different size and shape. Another limitation is that this animation system probably wouldn't work well for poses that requires lot’s of “contact points” such as the interlocking of limbs in a wrestling position (without a significant amount of effort at least). 

Now, how does lewds work in this game?

Remember the downed state? Characters in the downed state are vulnerable to grabs. Knock down an enemy (in combat) first and then knock her up. This applies to your character and companions as well. (Reminder that only uniques (the player, companions, and special enemies are “grabable”. Minions can only start “grabs” but not receive them.)

Watchout for “traps” too.

It is possible to have sex out of combat as well. For example, between you and your party members, between you and other NPCs for favor and/or money, or build/buy a brothel and whore out your party members, or as “training,” or a pure sex-fight “minigame.”

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[Patreon] Demo 3.3

Patreon LINK.

Patch Highlights:

Equipment window, for you and your companions:

Bartering and Trade:

Tasks and Quests:

New options, which are now saved across different playthroughs:

New items and enemies, including the first ever ranged weapon and a "Hard" dungeon mode:

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Plate Armor and Zone Selection

Added "Platemail." This is another set designed by Judasilfarion. If you like these kind of armor, you know who to contact! Here are the front and back views with the help of the new "change outfit" option for your companions:

NOTE: the capes are clippy when on the move. Will solve at a later time.

Another new feature is the ability to select which zone to move to. This obviously opens up the possibility to go elsewhere rather than the default dungeon. For starters, there is the "tent" area, the "village" area, the "dungeon" area and possibly a few more extras. You can expect this (the different zones) to be greatly expanded on in the future.

With that, that concludes all the new things for patch v3.x. Still need to wrap up and clean up a few more things, afterwards, its alpha-test then patch time.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Here are some previews of the upcoming hub area. It is rather small/empty right now due to limited number of assets. But I think it's good enough for a first pass. Gotta implement the lewds in a lewd game after all.

Going forward, I am considering implementing a real time in-game editor of sorts to facilitate the creation of new area/zones. And if there are enough demand, perhaps a base building/construction feature to the game as well. But that will have to come (if at all) much later.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sticky White Stuff

Preview of something to come. Couple points:

  • No, it's not gonna be available in the patch right after. 
  • Only works on a naked character. (No clothing/armor etc - too many combinations otherwise)
  • The effect is separate for each location. Eg. its possible to have it on face but not down there.
  • Blocks equip/unequip of equipment on that region when it's on. 
  • May or may not cause additional effects.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tasks and Quests, part I

Been working on implementing a quest/task system. Quests are one pillar of the RPG genre. Indeed, if you really think about, many RPGs can be viewed as a series of quest/tasks. So it only make sense to implement a quest system as well.

There are quite a few moving pieces in a quest system, and I have only implemented some of them. This first is the"talk" icon that appears above on the NPC's head. That talk icon is dynamic, and will only show up on NPC that actually have a quest/task for you.

The second thing I did is to implement a "template" to author quests quickly. Although the dialogue system inherited from HR is fully capable of implementing the quests, but it gets verbose and tiresome really really quickly to deal with all the branches and jumps.

With the new quest template, the "code" for the quest looks something like this if you are interested:

TBH the scripting portion is definitely a little over engineered at the moment. It may be well on its way to become a scripting language for the game...

Oh yeah, I thing I almost forgot to mention is that I had a decision to make on whether or not to allow the NPCs to initiate dialogue to you. For example, perhaps if an NPC is really "thirsty" maybe she should run up to you and start "asking". But the problem with that is the NPC may initiate the dialogue at really inconvenient moments and break the flow of the game.

So It's probably better to only allow dialogue initiation by the player, and have the talk icon appear on the NPC that really wants to "talk" to you. Maybe even make them follow you (for a bit?).

Anyways, lots of "background" stuff for this week, there should be more visual stuff next week and even more for the week after ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Monday, February 5, 2018

Say Hi to Merchant-Chan

Added a new NPC, Merchant-Chan. (For now.) As her name implies, she is a vendor and she buys your crap trophies you found in your adventures. Of course, she sells stuff too.

Here is what the trading GUI looks like:

A couple things to note:

  • Drag n Drop or double clicking on the item both work
  • Currency is now an "item" and is visible in inventory and trading screens
  • There is no need to directly drag currency onto the buy/sell window. Instead, the amount required for the exchange is automatically calculated and used. For example, if you drag an item worth $50 onto the "Items to give" window, then $50 is automatically added to the "Items to receive" window.
  • You cannot pay with what you do not have:

That's pretty much it for the trading window. It should be easy and straight forward to use, although it was a huge PIA to implement.

Another change is that "seeds" no longer have infinite use, but have to be brought individually:

This is the more intuitive behavior, but also a step towards implementing things like ammo for range weapons, and items with "charges" and limited uses effects. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ranged Enemies and Projectiles

Added projectile attacks and ranged enemies to the game. The AIs are upgraded as well to handle the range combat possibilities. This particular enemy fires slow-moving and large projectiles and is fairly easy to handle one versus one. However, they can be dangerous in packs or when you are distracted.

Gif demonstration of the charging animation (on an older version):