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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Path Finding (Part2)

Made a lot of progress on path finding. It works pretty well on open field, but does get congested a bit with big groups in narrow chokes. Here is a gif demo:

One of the things that I will be implementing is the ability to give commands to allies in your party. If you got any suggestions on how the controls should work for it, I am happy to listen.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Path finding

A few people have observed that the enemies sometimes "attack you through door" or even "ambushes" you by doing things like "hiding near the walls."

The reason for those behavior is that the AI only knew how to move in a straight line towards the player. This works pretty well for large open terrains, but in something more confined, such as a maze, the AI will frequently get stuck.

Hence, the need for path finding. So the next time the boss kills you, rather than getting stuck somewhere, she may now chooses to hunt you down, even if you are hiding in the spawn. :D

Gif demonstration:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

[Patreon] demo v2.1

Patreon LINK.

Fixed various "small" issues with combat and added a couple of new things, including:
  • Rolls (key: Shift, drop guard is now Ctrl)
  • Locking On (key: Q, inventory is now T)
  • A new enemy type
  • Faster movement speed
  • A couple items from HR are ported over so make sure to loot if you want to use them
  • A night time mode (key: Z) Purely cosmetic only, no game play changes.
With this build, that concludes the stuff on combat for the time being. I am going to start working on demo 3 stuff, which will be focused on "NPC Interactions."

Saturday, November 18, 2017

[Web version] Heroine Rumble v1.0.

Heroine Rumble is now publicly playable on the web! Visit to play in your browser. Recommended to use the Chrome browser for the best experience.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A new enemy type - Zs!

Decided to postpone work on demo 3 a bit to fix some issues with combat in demo 2. (Demo 3 will be focusing on non-combat related stuff)

Here is a new enemy type for the game - Zs. They are meant to be fast, fragile, and fearless swarmers. And they'll likely require some different tactics to deal with compare to the Axe Mobs.

A couple new things shown in the gif are rolls, new attack animations for swords and rapiers, increased move speed, and of course, new tech to use different body and head models.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Heroine Rumble v0.601


It's been 3 long and tiresome days. But here are the changes for the (probably) final version of HR. From now on wards I'll be on bug fixes only and focus my attention on New Game. Thanks everyone for the support for HR!
  • Patch notes: 
  • Added 4 new challenge fights after Story Mode is beaten. * WARNING: THESE CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT AND NOT FOR EVERYONE * 
  • Options: 
  • added more window size options, up to 4k 
  • expanded "Start Naked" option to include starting fight fully nude 
  • Added new "RNG Girl" option which optionally allows RNG girls to have ears/tails/wings/exotic colors 
  • ^ This affects the Service NPCS in Story/Adventure Mode as well Added new graphics option to hide ropes on the ring 
  • Added new graphics option to hide the background audience 
  • Added new graphics option to hide various UI elements, up to "Extreme" which hides everything 
  • Added a new "Pause" key - default: "P" 
  • Added 3 new exhibition modes: "KO Match","H Match", and "Infinite" 
  • Added "Lactation" options - "off," "on," "always," and "lots" under Options - Gameplay. 
  • Added separate sound volume controllers for "Crowds" (used to be same as BGM) 
  • Reworked "Alchemist" and "Fashion Designer" to allow for a slightly more controled approached of rolling colors. 
  • Greatly increased the chance, but without guaranteeing, that trainers will teaches something the player doesn't already know 
  • Added "Always On" option for futa dicks (patreon only) 
  • Added cum animation for when a futa cums from a H-move 
  • Nipples are now more visible 
  • Changed the move selection menu (<SPECIAL> key when grabbing). It is now separated into 4 pages with each page showing different moves available the player 
  • Move customization screen is now tighter so no moves will be cutoff when the Player learnt many moves 
  • Fixed bug that caused CHA wasn't giving protection against H-moves 
  • Fixed incorrect dialogue by NPC stating things are free when they aren't 
  • Removed incorrect controls tooltip - "return to grab" 
  • Increased Lewds gain for wining rematches against story mode opponents 
  • Increased Dex strip speed bonus from 10% per pt to 25% per pt 
  • Girls are less likely to pick H-moves when SFW mode is on 
  • Doubled lewds gain from defeating the boss in Adv Mode 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Demo II - dungeons!


A playable, randomly generated dungeon is now here!

Bundled with it, are a bunch of new items (both "old" and new), looting (from containers and k.o.ed enemies), a working inventory system, equipping different individual outfit pieces (right click on item in inventory), consumables (lewd_vial acts as health pots), the beginnings of NPC interactions, and more!

Refer to for basic instructions on the combat system.

If there are no major bugs, my attention for the next couple of days will be on Heroine Rumble and implement as much requested Quality Of Life changes as possible. If you got a suggestion, and haven't already made a comment in the wishlist, this will likely be the last chance (for a long time).



A red door?

Better be prepared



Friday, November 3, 2017

Outfit change demo

A gif showing equipping/removing gear with the inventory ui.

Inventory, and looting from containers and ... sleeping enemies are working now. The equipment screen, together with the color chooser located there, will come at a later time.

Currently working on porting some stuff over from HR and constructing the dungeon from the "blueprint" shown in a previous update. That's pretty much all I want to do for demo II, and it should be here soon TM.