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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Combat abilities and moves customization

Tried a couple different setups, and found this one to be the most intuitive. Mouse drag and drop is working now. Keyboard controls almost there. Once that is done, just need to tweak this system to work for moves as well. After that, it should be patch time soon!

Friday, May 19, 2017

[Patreon] V0.431 - RNG re-rolling, lewds, level ups, stages and more

Patreon LINK.

  • Added Lewds (currency). Enemies in Adventure Mode will drop Lewds when defeated.
  • Added level ups. Accessed from in the Adventure Mode menu then "Status". Currently, the level up window is mouse only.
  • Added "Re-Roll" button in exhibition mode to re-randomize RNGed girls without needing to restart the game
  • Added option during match to open the move selection menu where the player can pick what moves to apply to the grappled enemy
  • default key: <GRAB> without any <DIR> keys
  • Added stages in Adventure Mode. Successfully completing stages may unlock new stages.
  • Completing a stage returns the player to the central Adventure Mode hub area (currently a menu)
  • Escape bar will now show the region on the bar where the player can successfully escape rather than a fixed line
  • Removed special meter (3rd blue bar), special gain, speed ups and breaks
  • Characters will no longer be randomly launched to the moon.
  • RNGed girls will have full arsenal of moves available to them, again.
  • Futa girls in exhibition will actually have the futa moveset.
  • Fixed game crush when SFW toggle is on.
  • Fixed dialogues sometimes not clearing properly.
  • Fixed AI level for "Watch" been set too low.
  • Fixed A rendering bug that caused girls to be less shinny than they should.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


One of the changes for Adventure Mode in the next patch is that it will no longer be an endless stream of enemies. Instead, there will be a "hub area" where the player returns to after reaching an end to the stage. The player can choose which stage they want to go next from there. (Along with other things)

However, not every stage will be available at the start. They must be unlocked by successfully completing the previous stage. Right now the system is very basic, but I want to start building the framework for story progression.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Upcoming grapple selection changes

Going to change how grapple moves selection are performed. Currently it is done via a dir key + grab button. In the future, pressing the grab key will open up a special "pick a move" menu. While this menu is open, the game is paused and the player can pick and choose a desired move to perform on the opponent.

The motivation for the change are as follows:
  • Allows for a variable number of moves per character (>4)
  • More flexibility in presenting to the player the moves they are able to perform based on the circumstances. Eg. when opponent is futa, when you have an rope/potion item in the inventory, etc.
  • A nice descriptive box so moves are no longer forced into the 4 categories and can have special individual properties.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Leveling up and lewds

Next patch will feature the leveling up of your character! To do so, you must acquire "Lewds" from playing Adventure Mode. There will be opportunities in Adventure Mode to return to a hub area where the player can pick the next course of action. You can spend "Lewds" to strengthen your character, purchase items, and/or acquire services and such. It is the equivalent of exp + gold.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bug Fixes.

Thanks for everyone who reported various bugs and glitches in the new version. Here is a list of things that are fixed for next patch: (AFAIK these fixes all the bugs reported)
  • Characters will no longer be randomly launched to the moon.
  • RNGed girls will have full arsenal of moves available to them, again.
  • Futa girls in exhibition will actually have the futa moveset.
  • Fixed game crush when SFW toggle is on.
  • Fixed dialogues sometimes not clearing properly.
  • Fixed AI level for "Watch" been set too low.
Now working on a "hub" area of sorts where the player returns to after every "mission." And exp and level ups too?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

V0.42 - Customizeable main character, NPCs, dialogues and graphics options

Patreon LINK.

NOTE: lots of internal changes, may not be stable.

  • Added NPCs in Adventure Mode, you can initiate dialogue to them by pressing attack when close to them AND when there are no nearby enemies. 
  • Controls for dialogue should be fairly self explanatory. Supports both mouse and keyboard. 
  • The choices you make in those dialogues have a lasting impacting on the main character. (Although resets may be required in future patches) 
  • You can play the main character in 1v1 mode as well, and she will retain all the changes. 
  • Added more graphics options, turning them off will improve performance. 

  • Adv Mode: enemies can be futa if the futa toggle is on 
  • added a bit of time at start of get up animation where you can roll and use wake up attack
  • applied a temporay fix for game crush when more than 49 units talk 
  • footwear are no longer invulnerable - they can be broken
  • added team indicators 
  • friendly fire in adv mode no long causes damage to allies (was 25%) 
  • characters can start off (partially) naked without causing bug (but currently all girls starts off fully clothed) 
  • targetting - Adv Mode: added a new more visible target indicator 
  • targetting - Adv Mode: you are no longer locked to always face the target; however, your hits and grabs still have priority on the targetted foe 
  • targetting - cant no longer target allies

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Customizeable character in 1v1 mode

Yep this works too now. The character on the left is the player character in Adv Mode. She can look quite different depending on the choices the player makes there. And eventually, her move set, stats too, and so on.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Added team markers to characters in Adv Mode to make it less chaotic. Also decreased the friendly fire damage from 25% to 0%.

In additional, added NPCs (not shown in this particular image) that the player can interact with. Depending on the choices, they can cause persistent changes to the player character. Here the player got a new set of outfit from such a NPC and a new hair dye. These changes in the player character will last across play sessions even after the game is closed.

That is to say, some parts of character customization is now working.