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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

For Modders: additional references.

@Mike W is working on a new outfit shown in the picture. He wanted a couple more references that he can build and extend from. So here is the reference file with more things!

Reference_2 which contains the fighter set, a tail for reference, and a "skirt" reference - from the fighter set bottom piece.

Reference_bow which contains the bow skeleton, mesh, and the animation for the bow as well. I don't know how easy to use to use and figure out so feel free to ask me questions.

As for me, I am currently working a very exciting feature that will finally lead to your farm/garden and "storage" being saved across different play through, along with other things. More info to follow :D

(Copy of Patreon Post HERE)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Demon's Pack

Ported the demon's set from HR over and made some horns. Here is a preview:

One great thing about the mod system that I didn't realize at first is the ability for me to release incremental content without having to commit to a full patch. That's really nice. So if you want to try these new items yourself, download the file HERE and unzip to the game/data/_unstable folder. Then the new items should randomly appear on the merchant. Recommended to do her quest line if you haven't so she gets a bigger pool to work with.

Of course, if you prefer a more... exotic look, you certain can via the body color window:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Some (many?) words on what’s to come

Before continuing, I invite people to check out the following:

The first is a recolor pack by @Pricholas Lamp that you can download here. It contains over 30 items of various colors, including transparent ones.

The second is a FAQ on the game by @paradj you can read online here. If you have any questions on the game, perhaps there is an answer there!

Finally, the two mod packs by @Ursa here. and @PowerModder here. They are introduced in a previous post so it's for those that missed it.

And now, the wall of text:

With v4.5c, Stage 1 of development is nearly coming to an end so I thought to give an overview on what kind of things to expect in the (not so distant?) future.

So first of all, what is Stage 1? Well, it is “base building blocks.” The stuff necessary to build the rest of the game on. There are still a couple of things missing, such as crossbows, but I’ll get to them in due time. The demo as it as is fairly playable in my opinion, but of course still very barebones - let’s change that.

The next stage, Stage 2, is “RPG elements.” It includes (not final, not exclusive… blah blah) the following things:

Leveling and Stats - a stable in the RPG genre. There will be 6 primary stats with the approximate bonuses:
  • MIG - influences physical damage dealt, requirement for strength weapons 
  • DEX - influences action speed, ranged accuracy, requirement for finesse weapons 
  • CON - influences health, stamina, requirement for armors 
  • WILL - influences lewd-defense, stagger-defense, status-defense 
  • CHA - influences lewd-offense, attitude of allies 
  • INT - influences out of combat skills 
Separate from the Stats, which gives small % bonuses, there may be perks/talents as well, which gives “build defining bonuses”, such as:
  • Seduction - unlocks new skill: Seduce - leaving yourself open, compels foes to grab you 
  • Energy Drain - slows drains the health of foes that is currently engaged in sex with you 
  • Pacifist - can no longer attack, doubles allies cap 
  • Loner - gives combat bonuses, can no longer bring allies to help 
More fantasy focus
  • Non Human enemies 
  • Monster girls - lets start with the more humanoid kind then expand from that 
  • Traps - yes that kind 
  • Status effects(maybe?) - makes traps more interesting 
  • Btw, in case anyone’s curious. I am not too concerned about creating an “authentic” or “believable” setting. If having both swords and guns makes the game more interesting, then so shall it be 

  • The idea is that the current “Change body shape/color” window is only temporary. In later versions of the game, the player must do work to free themselves from the constraints of the human body they start with. 
  • Sources of transformation includes: 
  • Items dropped by enemies 
  • Items found in the wild 
  • Farm products 
  • Effects applied by enemies? Not sure about this, could get really annoying if you are trying to maintain that perfect shape 
  • Quests 
  • Alchemy/Crafting (maybe)
  • Players will probably have a single shot at the sliders window in character creations, but transformations after, or transformations applied to allies, will have to be worked for. 
(Party) Management
  • Many have pointed out that the game is too easy with all 5 allies. This is certainly true. Not only each allies have effectively 500+ hp in total (player have 100 hp as reference), every time they are downed they also CCs one or more (thanks to threesomes) enemies for a very long time. 
  • In future versions of the game, you will gain companions at a much slower pace, and at a greater maintenance cost. For example, they wouldn’t just instantly start fighting for a you, nor drink “questionable liquids” from strangers. You will have to gain their trust first. 
  • Ideally, I like to gave each companions their own personality and perhaps questlines, but obviously, that takes a lot of effort so no concrete plans at this point. 
  • In addition to companions, players have access to Hirelings, which are “Mobs” that the player can bring to battle. Unlike companions, they are perishable (gone when KOed) and they have a recruitment cost and upkeep cost. 
  • Upkeep cost - there will be an upkeep cost to be paid daily. It will scale based on approximately the strength of your party - so players better manage their money and time wisely, and not sleep in a tent all day :). 
  • AI battle groups and settings - want to assign archers into a “Ranged” group and heavily armored melees into a “Infantry” group? You should be able to. Want to tell the “Ranged” group to “Follow” you while sending the “Infantry” to attack? You should be able to. Want to set the “Infantry” to grab at every opportunity while “Ranged” to fire and never grab? You should be able to, too. 
Maps & Environment
  • There will be more environments/ playable zones coming, beyond forest 
  • Will be more detailed than what it is currently 
  • Village will be expanded. 
  • There will an actual player base area - the Nexus. 
  • The rest I can’t guarantee at this point. But I would like different towns, different hand-crafted zones in addition to pure RNG generated zones. 
  • I like to have an overmap where the player party to move in, with various towns and other groups that the player can encounter like Mount & Blade 
  • I don’t like the Mount & Blade AI that always run away when spotting a stronger party. It leads into silly behaviour like the AI lord parties would chase a smol bandit group for days. 
  • I like to have a real dynamic system going if possible. For example, regional price disparities due to differences in resource production; bandits that ambushes player/trade caravans; monster lairs that spawn monster parties; less visitors to player’s base due to dangerous roaming enemies; towns and areas lost to the corruption without player’s influence, and so on. 
Rescue & Breeding - yep this will be a thing. Pillows out boys!

Base Building 
  • Some people pointed out that the farming seems out of the place in the game. And they would of course be right. Thats because its very underdeveloped atm (not to mention progress not saved) 
  • I think farming will make a lot more sense when there’s resource management, breeding, and base building are in game. 
  • Obviously the farming progress will get saved. (soon) 
  • There will be other “life skills” besides farming, for example, mining ore in dungeons, or finding rare herbs, etc. Hopefully by that time the dungeons wouldn’t be populated only by human enemies, but by inhabitants that makes more sense, like slime girls & rat girls. 
  • Not entirely sure how much freedom there will be for base building, I want a “build anywhere anyway you like it” system but that's tough. So might have to settle on a “here is a couple of preset plots in the base, which kind of building you want to build on each slot” kind of implementation. 
  • Couple building examples: 
    • Tent/House/Mansion -> houses “humanoids” 
    • Pasture/Pond/Others -> houses “monster girls,” different monster girl have different affinity to which type of zones they prefer 
    • Farm -> well, farm 
    • Brothel -> makes money off visitors, requires “employees” 
    • Dungeon -> houses “prisoners” and can increase “obedience” 
    • Auction house -> makes money, slavery is legal in this world 
    • Cookhouse -> produces prepared food, different monster girls have different affinity to various stuff, raise their happiness and they are more likely to breed, and the offsprings are stronger, and so on. 
  • Automation - at start of the game, the player is expect to do most of the work, but as the base and the player develop, the player can acquire help to manage the increasing complex base. 
  • The AI will be upgraded to allow AI do non-combat work, like farming. 
  • There will be something like “Work Points,” which regenerates everyday and is spent doing any non combat work. For example, when tiling a tile, it could cost 1 WP. This is similar to the “Stamina” in Harvest Moon type of games. 
  • Companions/helpers will have their own WP too and if assigned to do tasks on the base, they will spent their WP working on those task. 
  • This will occur regardless of whether the player is located in the base. A motivation for the WP system is to handle what happens if the player isn’t at the base. With the WP system, the base simulation could stop entirely and just having each AI do X = WP amount of work at each day. 
  • For those players that doesn’t like combat, you will be able to create and assign “exploration groups” that does dungeon exploration and bring back goods the player can acquire from that dungeon. It isn’t risk free tho... 
  • Base defense from invaders will probably be a thing too. 
Hopefully this will give people an idea on what’s to come. As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Friday, July 6, 2018

V4.5c - threesomes!

Patreon LINK.
  • implemented armor
    •  protection - reduces damage taken, armor is less effective when damage is much higher than armor
    • deflection - resists stagger when struck and may even bounce weak attacks. Less effective against strong attacks, doesn't protect against damage
    • encumbrance - increases stamina cost of all actions
  • increased enemy drop rate of equipped items by ~50%
  • implemented position selection window rather than going by chance
  • implemented experimental "Delete Save" feature under Options - Controls. This requires a game restart.
  • implemented threesome animations
    • currently 2 are in game, a M+M/F position and a F+F/F position\
    • note: currently the licking positions doesn't work well with non-standard sizes
  • reimplemented the Quest/NPC/Zone save and load system. As a result, quest progress is wiped. (you keep all existing rewards)
  • fixed bug that caused bounce backs to not work
  • fixed bug/crush when switching out of bows
  • ranged AI target acquisition range is now 35 (from 50)
  • you can no longer use positions that targets boobs on characters that doesnt have any
  • AI is now more angrier at interrupters when it's busy
  • fixed summoned AI being too shy at engaging sex
  • pressing Menu Key (ESC) while under a yes/no option will now select no instead of yes
  • modding - game now reserves all mod folders starting with "_" for base game use
    • renamed "base" folder to "_base"
    • added "_unstable" folder which contains things that are far more subject to change than the _base folder
    • will gradually exposes more modding options into the "_unstable" folder