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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Demon's Pack

Ported the demon's set from HR over and made some horns. Here is a preview:

One great thing about the mod system that I didn't realize at first is the ability for me to release incremental content without having to commit to a full patch. That's really nice. So if you want to try these new items yourself, download the file HERE and unzip to the game/data/_unstable folder. Then the new items should randomly appear on the merchant. Recommended to do her quest line if you haven't so she gets a bigger pool to work with.

Of course, if you prefer a more... exotic look, you certain can via the body color window:


  1. I unpacked the folder in the data/ so it overwrote some of the files in there, it does come up with errors by doing so

  2. loading gets stuck at sounds\water_splash2.ogg

    The error related to the horn simply states

    hor1.json failed.

    1. Did you extract it (and override) to the data/_unstable folder? Do you have other mods?

  3. I really like to try this out on mac. Wine doesnt seem to work tho.. :( Does anybody know what i could try?

    Thanx !

    1. Ahh well too bad :) I'll wait for the playable web version then !