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Thursday, March 29, 2018

v4.0c - bugfixes

Patreon LINK.

 - fixed the inability to control the player unit while sliders are open 
 - fixed bug that cause units to spawn with derpy faces/tongue sticking out/etc 
 - allies now consider each other as allies and may even decide to help each other out 
 - downed and getting up allies no longer applies repulsion forces against other units 
 - helping allies getting up is now interrupted when the target are no longer in a downed state (for whatever reason) 
 - the prompt to initiate dialogue no longer pops up when the target is too "occupied" 
 - player ranged attacks: projectile path calculation now ignores teammates
 - the bug looks like the projectiles "bounces" off allies when they are near (this is because its a 3rd person game, the path of projectile is not the same as from camera/eye to crosshair but have to be calculated) 
 - fixed Sapphire's hair turning grey from abuse 
 - pressing right click during a grab no longer lowers stamina if the guard direction option is set to "Auto"

 - downed heroines will slowly regain green health. They will get up by themselves if the green health fully regenerates 
 - lootbags now despawns if all their contents are looted
 - experimental feature: on despawn, items on the despawning unit will be put into a nearby, already existing lootbag if possible
 - day cycle is now every 10 mins instead of every 3 min KNOWN

 - need a breastplate strecher for big chested girls 
 - glasses are not unequipable 
 - slowdowns when there are many "active units"

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[Patreon] Demo v4.0 - Sliders and Sex

Patreon LINK.

Good news everyone, lewds are finally here!

A lot of effort (time) were spent getting body sliders to work with sex animations, so this patch may be a little rough on the edges. Make sure to report bugs!

Notable features:
  • Body Sliders (initiated via dialogue)
  • In Combat Lewds, currently 6 different animations accessible in game - no enemies requires sex to defeat and none of the members in player's party have a penis 
  • AI upgrades to sex enemies and rescue allies
  • Experimental observer camera controls during sex (WASD and mouse wheel)

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lewds (Part I)

"Grabs" is finally functional, here are some sneak peaks:

The escape bar is now on a fixed location on the screen rather than on individual pairs. The goal is to reduce the UI clutter:

"Make love, not war"

New Lewdness bar. The pink portion ("heat") gets filled during intimacy and the character orgasms when it reached max. Cools down otherwise. When the purple portion ("Will") reaches max, the character "blacks out". Can only be reset in a safe zone. Things like orgasms and getting cummed on reduces our heroine/hero's will to continue.

Another new feature: your companions will no longer stand still over your helpless body.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Big wall of text on plot and sex

Aphrodite’s Mark: A powerful effect that the Player starts the game with. Grants “immortality” and increased lustfulness. In addition, when the sexual desire of the player is high, she/he will emit an irresistible aura that will make nearby beings think the same. Henceforth, the player can never be truly killed in combat - for when she/he lacks the strength to continue, the lust aura effect will take over and she will always gain a moment of relief to regain some of her strength. (How convenient.) This is also why many consider this a curse, because all the previous recorded marked ones eventually became slaves to their own lust, and their power and presence caused problems wherever they went.

At the start of the game, the continent is divided into many factions, such as the Empire that the Player starts in. The once peaceful villages on the outskirts of the empire had been affected by Frenzies and transformed into orgy feasts. What’s more, is that this is spreading.

Many parties had been sent to investigate the problem and “samples” were sent back from the infested sites. Despite the best efforts, the cause cannot be determined, let along a cure. Containment, was the only real option.

What's the Player’s role in all of this? Well, conveniently, it was “accidentally” discovered that the player, being a certain special someone, possesses the ability to “calm” those frenzied ones down. So, the Empire decided, almost if to dispose a problem, to send the Player (under super heavy supervision) to one of the towns and see what happens.

Out of the cage and into the happy arms of sex maniacs. But freedom at last. (And the game starts)

(Some spoilers ahead but is is necessary to discuss the game mechanics) Our capable player quickly discovers that one source of the Frenzies are the Dungeons scattered around the continent. They spread Corruption around their vicinity and turns good old townsfolk into sex fiends. No race is immune.
Dungeons have corrupted nearby inhabitants (such as various Monster Girls) and enslaved them as conduits of corruption. They are not beyond saving, however. The player found out that she/he have the power to liberate those poor creatures and free them from the influence of Corruption. ( As opposed to capturing in an earlier draft, it is now rescuing.)

The Player is then given greater freedom in her/his expeditions and takes control of the Nexus ( because nobody else could use it. ) The Nexus houses portals which allows for teleportation between various points of interest and is a resting place for the Player and her/his Party. The Player may also have the ability to shape, build and manage the Nexus however to her/his liking. ( Base building and management is a big feature and thus a may. )

Some points on how the lewds in combat work:
  • “Grab” action (from HR) is gone - too difficult to balance. However, there may be attacks that led directly into a grabbed state, like a pounce ability of a certain special enemy 
  • Grabbable units (player, companions, certain enemy) will enter a downed or vulnerable state when their HP is reduced to 0. Nearby enemies can then initiate the grab on the downed character. 
  • There is an escape meter, which when filled, will escape from the grab. It will use the first HR system, which is that the meter auto fills upon pressing any key. It is possible to remain grabbed forever by doing nothing. (The QTE based system is gone) 
  • Allies can free grabbed allied units by attacking the grabbing enemy. 
  • While grabbed, the character will regain HP but at the cost of lewdness and possible orgasm. After too many orgasms/too lewd, the character is K.O.ed (regardless of HP). If this is the player, then she will wake up in the previous safe zone with no memory of what occured on the previous day. 
  • Compatible moves is based the “organs” all the participants have. For example, if the grabber have “hands” and the grabbed have a penis, then a “hand job” (if the grabber knows it) is available for use. “Gender” is irrelevant. 
  • Yes, there will be males, but they are “second class citizens” to females form (for example, much less outfit selection) 
  • I also want the player to have some agency on which move will be used on her/him by the enemy, the exact mechanism TBD. 
  • Stand/Ground differentiation is gone, originally it was so the character can bring more than 4 moves into a match (since each move correspond to a dir key). This is no longer necessary.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Poke Poke

I have solved the "floating in air" problem for non-"feet on ground" poses described in the previous post. Above is a demonstration of this with 3 different body sizes. It's not perfect but it is a lot better than previously, which would cause the girls to either float in the air or clip into the ground when their body sizes are non default.

Another feature I implemented is the alignment of penis and pussy across different body sizes. This requires eh... horizontal adjustments in addition to vertical adjustments.

One area that I am not currently focusing on is the animation of the head - expressions, look targets (at partner or camera) etc. Will do that in another time.

The new animation system is coming along nicely. It certainly took some time but that is what I expected. Can probably wrap up the animation system and the animations themselves by the end of this week. Going to implement the lewd mechanics in game next. Will post details on how that works soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rub Rub

So I have created about 6 poses (some animated some not yet) to test the new animation system. That is, what sort of things need to be implemented to make body sliders and lewd position work together.

Standing positions, such as this one in the gif, is now working quite well (within reasonable body shape differences). Still need some more work on the non-standing positions (kneeling, on ground, etc) to solve the "hovering in the air issue." (because leg bones can be in various lengths, need some way to calculate a height offset from ground even if the feet are not planted at ground in the animation.)

Friday, March 9, 2018

Hands On!

Here is something to illustrate the problem that the new system tries to solve. In HR, the poses of both participants are fixed and is only made to look right under specific body sizes. The problem occurs when the sizes are different than the ones the poses are made in. For example, in the "chest message" attack, the hands may clip into the boobs if the boobs are too big.

While the new system is unlikely the solve the problem completely, but it should be a significant improvement over the HR system. Here is a demonstration:

The default:

Bigger boobs:

Smaller boobs:

"Small" differences in body size:

Here is a bonus - what happens when there is a large discrepancy in body sizes:

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Progress has been going well on the new "grab" system, but still isn't in a demo-able state yet.

In the mean time, I noticed there are quite a few comments on wanting bondage to be in game. IIRC similar suggestions were made for HR too. In HR, it wasn't really feasible to incorporate bondage into game play without a ton of work.

However, this is no longer the case. With the equipment system + the new separable animation for lower body and upper body, "binds" can be implemented as some sort of unremoveable (by normal means) and force-equipped items that restricts the character's ability to act/move.

If there are real demand for this, make your voice heard now. The picture above is just a concept and it's implementation (if it is going to happen) will have to be at least after "grabs" are in-game.

The second topic is on "monstrous proportions." The feedback seems to be mixed and I get an impression that very few people want to use it to make "monsters" but rather just over sized boobs and thighs. Which is fair enough but seems rather niche to add additional complexity for a feature that will be rarely used. So I decided to keep sliders within "realistic proportions" for now.