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Thursday, December 29, 2016

v0.22 released for everyone!

Download link at top of page!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and soon to be Happy New Years. Here is my delayed present for everyone: v0.22 for everybody!

Working on v0.23 currently and Patreons will get access to it first! Currently considering Patreons builds once every 1-2 weeks and public builds will follow once there are substantial changes. In other words, the same pace as the project had been going in the past months.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I wonder whats everybody's thoughts are on outlines? Here is a proof of concept:

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Version v0.22 released! (Patreon exclusive)

Released an experimental build on Patreon.

The goal with this version is to make sure everything works and there will be more balancing in the future.

  • Resisting a grab will push back the opponent instead of knocking them down. 
  • Using the grab attempt no longer requires two auto attacks previously. 
    • There is a hidden <grab resist> meter that is depleted by strikes. 
  • You can reset the opponent's escape progress in a hold by pressing the <attack> button. This requires a full blue meter. 
  • This meter is currently filled on delivering strike damage and taking submission damage and reduced when taking humiliation damage. 
  • The escape progress bar is no longer fully accurate. You may be missing out on up to 50% more damage if you release exactly before the bar looks to be filled. This change is to give a risk-reward balance for when to release the hold. 
  • When attempting to use H-moves on clothed opponents, a stripping animation will play instead. This stripping animation does some damage to the armor but more importantly will strip off the armor when the opponent's <armor points> is reduced below 0. Using H-moves on already naked opponents proceeds as usual. 
  • AI punishes the defeated opponent for a certain amount of time first before proceed to end the match. 
  • Horizontal panning of camera during a hold (in addition to vertical panning) is possible. 
  • Changed the reverse headscissor to be more headscissor. (non-futa Wolfie has the move)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Upcoming grapple changes

As many are aware, grapple system changes are coming next. Once its done, then we can finally move on to career mode where you manage your own girl, train her to be more powerful, and make her the best ever!(or not) If/when the customizeable girl feature is in game, it will be a lot more awesome! Almost 1/20 the way there, have faith :)

Got lots of feedback and ideas about the grapple system, so here is some planned stuff:

  • Resisting a grab will push back the opponent instead of knocking them down.
    • this is to be more consistent with the direction to make downed state more meaningful
  • There shall be a hidden <grab resist> meter. This meter is reduced when taking strike damage. It will regenerate slowly naturally and when a hold used on the character. When a grab attempt is used on a standing character, if the character have more than X <grab resist>, the grab attempt will be resisted. 
  • Together with above, using the grab attempt no longer requires two auto attacks previously.
    • Was for balancing reasons but it feels unnatural
  • There shall be a <special meter>. This <special meter> may be filled differently based on the character's personality but for now, its filled on delivering strike damage and taking submission damage.
    • You can spent <special meter> during a hold to reset the opponent's escape progress and speed up the animation. 
    • Many of you want special/finish move in game so here is an attempt at it.
  • When attempting to use H-moves on clothed opponents, a stripping animation will play instead. This stripping animation does some damage to the armor but more importantly will strip off the armor when the opponent's <armor points> is reduced below 0. Using H-moves on already naked opponents proceeds as usual.
    • That is to say, H-moves can no longer be used on clothed opponents.
  • AI shall punish the defeated opponent for a certain amount of time first before proceed to end the match.
  • Horizontal panning of camera during a hold (in addition to vertical panning) is possible.
  • Still looking for ideas on what minigame to be played during a hold (if any).  Another important consideration is that the UI bars can obscure the view and may need to be adjusted as well.
    • Also plan the make the exact moment when the opponent is able to free herself from a grab more obscure. So the player needs to take a risk keeping the hold longer for more damage versus potentially getting countered.
That is certainly many changes and may very well break the game. So Patreons will get these experimental releases first! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

v0.211 released!

Minor hotfixes patch:

  • fixed bug with skin color 
  • fixed bug with bgm constantly replaying from the start in a hold

Monday, December 19, 2016

v0.21 released!

Happy holidays! V0.21 is here. Download link is at top of page.

Patch notes:

  • Added non futa version of Wolfie with 4 additional holds to the game! Make sure Futa Toggle is off to play with the non futa version!
  • Dynamic skin color is in game!
  • Different boob size is in game! 
    • Animation clipping problems caused by the extra large boobs is a known limitation
  • The current roster now has skin color variation + boob size variation.
  • Sped up the pace of combat by about 5%
  • Gravity is about 10% stronger
  • Outfits are easier to break off now
  • Adjusted the skin shader
  • AI will be much more aggressive at grabbing downed opponents - hopefully this means that we no longer need a "keep downed on ground" button.
  • Starting to depreciate dedicated grab key "A" and roll key "R". They will still work for a couple of patches until customizeable controls is implemented. (This also means the customizeable controls will be implemented later)
  • SFW toggle will prevent the usage of H-moves.
Things to come:
  • Give each opponent a different background music during match. 
  • Implement grapple system rework changes.
  • Add more girls that are variation of existing girls to the character selection (like the RNGed girls), Patreons get to participate in the design of those girls!
    • The design parameters include:
      • hair style 
      • hair color, eye color, skin color, boob size
      • 8 holds
      • 4 abilities 
      • outfit - a color scheme and which pieces should she wear.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Some thoughts on the feasibility of reaching the Patreon goal.

It is understandable that there may be some doubts on whether or not the Patreon goal of character creation/customization is reachable. And you would be totally right in doing so.

In my view, there are certainly merits to not develop these difficult-to-implement feature and complete the base game sooner and/or focus on other areas. Personally Im rather indifferent to implement these difficult to do features or not. The game wasnt developed with a Patreon campaign in mind at the beginning and I also want to complete the game in a reasonable amount of time. I see them as optional stretch goals more than anything else.

There were no held back content/feature as Patreon goals. For example, the dynamic skin color and boob size could easily be the $100 and $200 goals. Arguably, perhaps that is what should be done?

Also happy to announce v0.21 is very near! It will include non-futa version of wolfie with 4 more holds + quite a bit of feature and improvements!

Friday, December 16, 2016


Here is another feature enabled by dynamic skin color: skin wetness during a match!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Character creation/customization

Character creation/customization is one very frequently requested feature since the start of development. Unfortunately, it is difficult to implement. However, it does add significantly to the game. So here is the deal: if Patreon goal is reached, then character creation/customization will be in game! In addition, Patreon is also a place to handle donations and commissions. So two bird with one stone :D.

This is what the character creation/customization will include AT LEAST:
  • Build your own unique outfit from individual parts! 
  • Create your own fantasy character! If you want a character with bat wing and fox tails, you got it!
  • Pick color and material parameters so each piece can look like almost anything! (like cloth/rubber/leather/metal)
  • Select your favorite moves!
  • Customize appearance! Skin color, eye color, hair color, hair style, boob size, endowment size, etc...
Work on the feature will start once the goal is reached and the expected development time for the entire thing is ~8 weeks. But features may be patched in incrementally.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Last call on move request #2!

The move request page #2 is up for a while now and not much new requests are been made. I guess its a good thing because most people's favorite wrestling positions are already covered in game ^^. If that is the case, then perhaps its time to start including moves that requires prop to perform, such as with dildos, tentacles, bondage, etc.

Here is the the request page 2 link again:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Looking for input on the grapple system rework

Time to get started on the elusive grapple system rework as other things require it to be done first. Looking for input/feedback/suggestions/improvements to the grapple system and all it's complementary components.

List of issues that will be looked at already:

  • Dislike how standing grab move must be after 2 auto attacks, required for balance but feels out of place. 
  • Dedicated grab button "A" will be depreciated. Neutral "W" (without dir key down) will replace it.
  • Give players an options to stay downed on the floor if desired.
  • Make AI go for grab faster on a depleted green bar opponent.
  • Make outfit relevant. H-moves will either not work or does reduced damage if outfit on. Considering replacing H-move with a stripping animation when H-move used on opponent with outfit on. The stripping animation does some damage and will strip the armor if enough damage is dealt to armor, allowing H-move to be used on the opponent.
  • Resisting grapple animation should no longer put opponent into downed state but rather only pushes back.
  • Make the AI use a couple of moves on pinned opponent. If the player cant take it anymore they can always exit the match.
  • Looking for input on how to re-balance submission/throws/humiliation/H-moves. 
  • Looking for input on what kind of "mini-game" (if any) people want to be played during grapples.

EDIT: here is another AI SFW match:

Sunday, December 4, 2016

V0.2 released! - futa wolfie

Download link at top of page.

Patch notes:
  • 5th unique girl added!
    • she brings total holds in game to 40!
    • she has her own distinct look and fighting style
    • only her futa version is in game and the futa toggle must be on to see her
  • Now girls have their own victory pose at end of match! Special thanks to Charles Bradley Logan for the animations!
  • Shadows are disabled to make the game more accessible to everyone including those without dedicated graphics card.
  • Polished more animations
  • Tweaked lighting
  • Various combat tweaks
    • in particular many abilities no longer causes hard knockdown and wake up kick cooldown is now 25.0 seconds
  • Various AI tweaks
    • in particular the AI should play the ground game better
  • Various bug fixes

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Those that are paying attention in chat may noticed that dynamic shadows are disabled. Shadows were important because shadows helps us to gauge how high an object is in the air. Stuff on the ground have shadow very close to them and stuff very high in the air (such as planes) have shadows no where near to been seen. In game, this darkening effect is visually important to indicate that the characters are indeed standing on the ground and not floating in the air.

Unfortunately, shadows are really really expensive! Each light that casts shadows requires the scene to be redrawn again! So the 2 dynamic shadows that the game had caused the scene to be drawn 3 times! For people without a decent dedicated graphics card this is absolutely a performance killer.

The good news is that even without shadows, the game still have SSAO to rely on for the darkening effect. Here is what pure SSAO looks like:

So in the future versions, there will be no more dynamic shadows until customizeable graphical options becomes available to make the game more accessible to everyone :D.