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Friday, April 27, 2018

[Patreon] v4.1

Patreon LINK.

New Features:

  •  Polearms Weapon Type
  •  Partial Save n Load at the tent 
  •  Offensive Grabs
  •  Maid Set
  •  Slave Set
  •  Unique Boss with new combat mechanics
  •  5 new M/F moves
  •  Armor damage (restored via Rest)
  •  Shove Attacks (LMB while holding RMB)
  •  Various tweaks to combat, loot and loot UI

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sneak Peak

Sneak peak of some upcoming moves that targets the penis. Usable on males and futas. Although futas are still some time away.

Friday, April 20, 2018

First Boss - Ludas, The Fugitive and Slave Girls


Ludas was among the first sent to investigate the Mysterious Border Disturbances. Everyone thought that this was an easy task, certainly no match for the young and promising Ludas. However, not only did Ludas failed to bring order to the village, he kidnapped the townswoman, enslaved them into his haram, and declare himself an enemy of the Empire! From that day onwards, Ludas, the Promising Star is no more, and Ludas, the Fugitive is born.

Design Considerations:

After reviewing lots of feedback on the previous demos, there are a couple things that people have indicated as wanting:

 No mechanic currently exists to take “lead” and “initiate” grabs
 Bosses too weak to groups
 No male/futa
So I thought that this first “actual” boss would be a perfect opportunity to address those issues and knock three and half birds with one stone. (The half being some light bondage elements)


Ludas is designed as an actual boss, whereas all the previous “bosses” are more like just a slightly stronger version of regular mobs. Being an actual boss, Ludas is a member of the “Elite” class and will be grabbable! You’ll have to finish him off. And yes, Ludas is a he, and no, there wouldn't be a toggle to convert him into a futa/trap/etc.

With Ludas, I am going to follow the good tested and true method of boss balancing: he is slow, (should be) telegraphed, but has high HP and is very stagger resilient. In addition to the regular combat that everyone have access to, Ludas have two additional mechanics:

  1.  Reinforcements! - Ludas calls upon his harem, summoning numerous slave girls to join the fight. The slave girls are weak individually but are dangerous when swarmed. Stat wise very similar to the Grunts.
  2.  Leap - Ludas can no longer resist his inner urges, and jumps at target foe. Should the target fails to dodge out of the way, Ludas and instantly grab the target and starts working. Functionally similar to the Pounce in HR.

Closing Comments

I thought about giving him a Frenzy type of ability as well (greatly increases move and attack speed), but there isn’t a systematic way of doing it yet (like a temporary buff/debuff system). And I don’t want to make specific mechanics just for him. The respawning enemies and disabling attacks have other applications.

The slave girls are not actually bound of course, else how would they attack? :P

For the boss outfit, I want to start with a generic male-adventurer look, so other males can have something to wear too.

There is also a couple new hair styles too.

Anyways, still want to add a few more M/F moves, after those are ready, its patch time!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Shove and Stumble

Added 2 new combat mechanics.

The first is “Shove.” This is an action that can only by the player via pressing the LMB while holding down the RMB (for now). What it does is that it pushes back nearby (weak) enemies. It also grants a “parry-like” state for some frames that can deflect blows made by (weak) enemies as well.

The intent behind Shove is to give the player additional options versus mobs. It’s a relatively safe AOE push that can be used defensively or to create openings on a group. However, it is balanced by it’s relatively high stamina cost and does no damage, so the player better make those openings count!

The next mechanic is “Stumble.” It is basically a staggered state that also have backwards momentum by the victim. Animated too so it’s doesn’t look awkward with the character sliding backwards. (In the first iteration of combat, there was only one staggered state, and that one kept the victim in place.) This new pushing backwards stagger is what Shove causes.

For clarity, there are 4 possible states after being hit by an attack:

  • Resisted - action is not interrupted at all
  • Staggered - action is interrupted
  • Stumbled - action is interrupted and character is pushed back
  • Aired - action is interrupted and character is knocked into the air 

I also changed Guard to make it more powerful against mobs and more rewarding for precise timing. How it worked before is that a normal block would protect you from damage, but imposes no penalties to the attacker. A timed block/parry would stagger the opponent (the weapon flinging backwards animation).

Now, Guard imposes penalty that is one level higher than before against weak attackers. That is, regular blocks causes stagger, and timed block/party stumbles the attacker. What I found is that it really wasn’t worthwhile to use Guard against mobs, because it’s hard to block everything (this is by design) and even those successful blocks does little to improve the situation, because the enemy will just swing again. So the guaranteed stagger (promoted to stumble on party) is there to give the player more breathing room when blocks are successful.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Party, Armor Destruction and Rest

Implemented some new features. 

The first is the ingame conceptualization of parties. Before this, the game had no notion of party at all, and instead relied on the team flag on each character to determine which attacks would hit who and so on. Anyways, this is mostly an internal thing atm and its functionality will be expanded. A party management/status screen is the eventual goal. But even just now, it allows for the organized serialize and deserialize of data. (Save and loading of party members)

The next feature is armor destruction. I think it is a very nice feature to have in a lewdgame, particular for those that likes to role play the “inevitable struggle.” It's also a fairly simple thing to do because most of the heavy lifting is already done by the equipment system.

I did have a bit of debate on is whether the armor damage (durability) should be tracked on a per item level or per character. I decided to go with tracking on a per character level. What this means is that for each equipment slot on every unique character, there is an hidden durability meter. This meter goes down when the character gets hit. When the meter for that slot goes to 0, the outfit piece is damaged and visually it disappears. (And only visually, the item doesn't actually disappear). Also, damaged pieces cannot be removed until it is repaired. ( This is what the tracking on per character level means, if durability is on per item level, then swapping out a damaged piece for a non damaged would be possible. )

There is no penalties for damaged pieces atm but that is a very likely feature in the future once armor actually provide benefits.

Finally, to tie the above two features together, is the new Rest action on the tent. What rest does is 1) fully repair all equipment, 2) advance time to next day, and all effects related to time apply (plants grow, pay upkeep in the future, etc). 3) heals non regenerable HP and Will (purple bar) 4) save the party information to be loaded on next game start. This means: already recruited members will stick with you; inventory, equipped items, body slider changes will be saved for all party members. This is NOT a full save so things like changes to terrain and quest state are NOT saved. ( Still WIP )

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Polearms and Combat Changes

Polearms are here! Their moveset comprised of two thrusts from right and top, and a slash from the left. Their biggest strength is their reach, being the longest weapons category in game. Thanks to Judasilfarion for creating this particular lance model!

Secondly, I created this "marketing" material but I haven't' got the chance to share it, so here it is!

Finally, I am in progress of making some changes to combat mechanics, to make it more fair and interesting to play vs multiple opponents, rather than forcing the player to always have to do X 1v1s to stand a chance and to rebalance stagger (required for bosses) and break. The changes so far includes the following: (still working on it so don't take these changes as final):

  • Mobs have a much longer windup and slower swing speed. 
  • In the same vein as above, starting to implement per character combat variables such as attack speed and damage modifiers, etc, to prepare for the eventual character progression and stats.
  • A bigger distinction is made between Light Attacks (attack immediately / asap) and Heavy Attacks (attack after charging/holding for some time).
  • Heavy Attacks generally gives a boost to the weapon damage/cleave/break (stagger) but at cost of slower rate of attack.
  • Heavy Attacks may be required against "Super Armored"/"Stagger Resilient" enemies,  particularly for the light and quick weapons.
  • There is now a maximum amount of time you can hold/charge a weapon for. In practice, this is more of a nerf to the AI because it now prevents them from running at you while priming their attack, giving the player more time to react on average.
  • Players will no longer always default to guard after a swing, instead, it is now based whether the player starts the swing in guard or not. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Welcome Home, Master~

This is a full set, meaning that it have separable pieces that can mix and match with others. Whereas some outfits, like merchant set, are a single piece that are meant for NPCs only. (You monster)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Milk Based Weaponry

We received a lot of feedback that trying to be a hero and solo is too hard (but to be fair, is it really our fault? It is called R*** Dungeon for a reason) so we have came up with new devices to help tip the balance in the player’s favour.

Introducing squirt guns!

This powerful ranged weapon is excellent at spraying down your enemies while maintaining high mobility. Learning how to dodge or guard? Pfff, aint nobody got the time for that. Hold down Backward and LMB and watch enemies melt in front of your eyes.

We also heard that looting items and managing inventory is too much work, so adding ammo management on top of that might be too much for our players. Instead, this weapon is fully milk powered! When out of juice, just start squeezing. After some brief strokes, you can go back to the action and resume the rampage.

Milk also powers our next new device: the Jetpack!

The Jetpack will finally allow the player to take to the sky and utilize the Z-axis. This have many uses, such as:

  • Shooting melee enemies with impunity
  • Reconnaissance
  • Flying over walls and other obstacles
  • Travel to the void

All this, is now available on April 1st, for a low price of $1.99! Preorder today!