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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Mod Repo & etc

A while ago I asked for suggestions on a central web host/service to use as the mod repo. One of the suggestion was reddit. So I thought, why not, let's give that a try. Made a subreddit: Added 2 pinned posts: one on how to install mods, and another on a collection of modding guide/tutorials. Then added a couple mods there as well. Probably missed a couple, so feel free to post about your own. I don't expect a lot of traffic, so this should be sufficient for a while...

Now regarding the game:

Implemented multiple hotbar pages. So for example, you can have 1 page for combat, 1 page for outfits, and another for life skills, etc.

Then implemented the "seduction_taunt" ability mentioned a while back:

One of the problem that I had to solve/decide is where/how to learn the ability from. If player character starts with this ability, that means (with how everything is currently implemented) you'll need to restart from scratch to have access to this ability. Also thought about having a NPC skill trainer of sorts, but with the village being temporary as it is, feels like a lot of wasted effort.

I Decided to go with the skillbook approach. Skillbooks are a type of items you can purchase that when used, grants you the skill. This approach has two advantages: it is relatively easy to implement - piggybacking on the existing item/inventory system, and it is fairly adaptable, can easily add new skills and new skill book to merchants or as rewards.

Currently working on getting grabs to work with units placed on devices. I don't expect to make an unique interaction for each type of device, at least for the first patch. More importantly, I want to get the framework working and make it work with AI, which can be very challenging already. Maybe only 1 or 2 moves, we'll see.

Finally, I am going to introduce a $10 Patreon tier. Had a few feedback from quite a while ago that they want to support the project but feel the $15 tier is too much and my response was that I don't know what the $10 tier reward should be. I really want to avoid having a $5 build, a $10 "early" build, a $25 "super early" build, and god knows what else. 

So, the $10 tier reward is going to be straightforward: cheat codes. With the console command, cheat codes are now a possibility and it makes a lot of sense to do so. 

As for why I want the $10 tier. Simple, I want to raise some funds. With the majority of features being completed or soonTM to be completed, I am going to turn my attention towards content creation, and in 3D realtime games, that meant assets, assets, and assets. Unfortunately, making 3D assets is very consuming to do it yourself and I want to explore the possibility to purchase/commission art & models. And that's why I want to introduce a $10 tier and see if that's feasible.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Patreon LINK.


  - implemented 2 additional F/F oriented moves - finger_bang and face_sit
        - implemented equipment requirements
        -   NOTE: stats requirements refers to the base stat without modifiers
        - implemented unit recruitment - speak to Merchant-Chan at Village
        -   refer to previous post for details
        - you may now join 3somes initiated by your allies
        - fixed a crush in equip coloring via pressing "default" and then "cancel" on certain items
        - restrained units are now invulnerable
        - parrying an enemy in the air now cause their horizontal velocity to reset to 0 instead of doing the air slide

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Upcoming feature: Recruitment

Here are a couple features for next version.

The first is item requirements:

This by itself is not too terribly exciting, but it enables 2 features in the future:

  • 1) Tiered equipment. For example, a better sword that need higher MIG/DEX to wield
  • 2) Body specify equipment. For example, male or female only gear.
The second feature is recruiting! This is still very much in development, and for now, Merchant-Chan have the dialogue prompt for recruiting:

Here is a quick description of all the units you can recruit so for:

The first are farmers. Their greatest strength is their cheapness. Basically cannon fodder.

Then we have the spears, which is quite a bit tougher than farmers. Cheap, affordable, low tier front line infantry.

Next up are the archers, which are going to be on a different upgrade path from the infantry line once that becomes available. They are pretty weak individually but is threatening in large numbers.

Next we have the pikes. Which are durable, mid tier infantry. Doesn't do too great offensively but holds the line well.

Finally, we have the Greatswords, which are only a bit tougher than pikes, however, have much greater offensive potential. Very deadly versus groups of lower tier, unarmored groups.


As mentioned previously, this recruiting system is still much in flux. In the absence of a Party Management Window, some functionalities are limited. For starters, you cannot store the generic units anywhere. They must always be in your party. You can dismiss them directly via dialogue, or you can let them meet their end naturally. They do not drop loot upon disappearance in case you are wondering about that.

Secondly, these being generic units, are handled differently than the uniques. The game does not save the entire "description" of the unit upon saving. Instead, only a reference to the "blueprint" on how to create the unit is stored. This means, that upon game restart, the unit may look different or have different equipment depending on the "blueprint." Do not panic, this is not a bug.

Finally, I figured people may want to mod this as well. So I tried to make it as accessible as possible. This is all you need to add to the dialogue and the game will handle the rest:

Refer to the unit_data.json and dialogue_data.json under [game]/data/ folder for examples when the patch lands.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Some mods and looking for suggestion on a mod repository

Here are 2 mods that was posted on discord.

The first is an official hairs pack. This will likely be merged into the base game so it's pretty safe to use:

Download LINK.

The second is a dungeon mod by @EternalDecay.

This is a pokemon themed dungeon and it contains a quite a few pokemon themed-units:

It is probably not for everyone, and the dungeon, when I tried it, is fairly challenging. Recommended to have an strong party before venturing forth.

Download LINK.

Now, the question:

With the increasing amount of mods available, it is necessary to create a central website/service where mods can be uploaded to and shared. Ideally, something that can function autonomously without any input from me. But I think moderation is important as well and I like the place to have administrative features in case things go amiss. So the question is, where/which one to use?

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Patreon LINK.

V4.9.12 is here! Mostly to fix the game crush on hair change / certain items. In addition, I found the Godness Boss ("Dungeon" floor 3) to be lacking. The strategy against her usually involves trying to get her stuck in grabbing ally loop. Since that no longer work as well as before, she is now overbearing. So instead, I added a new "mini-boss" at the end of floor 3. She got a few tricks up her sleeves, you'll have to find out yourself :).

        - fixed crush on clicking on empty equipment slot
        - fixed crush when clicking on hair during hair change
        - fixed sound sliders not showing up in options
        - fixed crush on equipping certain items
        - disabled Bloom & switched to MSAA instead of FXAA
- redone the "boss" fight at end of Dungeon Floor 3.

Friday, November 23, 2018

V4.9.1 - QoL Changes!

Patreon LINK.

New build! This is mostly a patch including a bunch of quality of life changes that I wanted to do for a while.

        - fixed a crash when coloring some specific items
        - increased the number of rows in dye UI from 16 to 24 (more Hues to pick from)
        - fixed bug in quickbar where it sometimes incorrectly swaps unique items
        - increased the duration of grabs across the board
        - added buttons to open mod folder and saves folder under Options-Other
        - falling to the abyss (most likely via disabling collision) will now only reset Y coords
        - implemented experimental in-game-console. Open with ` key once enabled in the options. Doesn't do much, yet.
        - implemented SSAO, Bloom and FXAA graphic effects (can't be turned off atm)
        - added Gamma settings to Options-Graphics
        - AI without "Carry" will now grab restrained units instead of doing nothing
        - AI will now engage in grab/carry etc more aggressively - hope this doesn't cause other problems
        - reduced the HP and stagger values of the big Futa claw unit
        - it is now possible to find potential allies in all zones instead of only "Dungeon"
        - Barbarian girl unit is no longer unique
        - finishing off enemies with lewd gas no longer gives bonus EXP
        - new games: instead of having most dungeon zones available at start, now only "Dungeon", "Village" and "Tent" are available at start of game
            - "Goblin Lair" is unlocked in "Dungeon"
            - "Futa Floor" is unlocked in "Goblin Lair"
            - "Ludas Lair" is unlocked in "Futa Floor"
            - this is to give some time to the player to build up their gear/EXP before tackling the harder zones
        - fixed some bugs with the floor progress not tracked properly
        - significantly increased the drop rate of dyes and potions in dungeons

        - possible to get stuck when released from a device that is placed near walls
        - possible for devices to block doorway in dungeons and prevents progress

Monday, November 19, 2018

[Public] V4.7

V 4.7.32 is now publicly available! Get it HERE. For patchnotes, refer to previous posts.