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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Heroine Rumble - wishlist

As many are aware, HR is "done" and I am working on a new game. However, I will continue to support HR in the near future in terms of bug fixes and tweaks.

So here is the deal, if you have any suggestions on small tweaks to be made in HR, leave a comment here. What I will do is after new game demo#2 is finished, I will spare a few days to work on HR and implement some of the popular suggestions, likely during sometime in November.

Things that require additional animation or modelling work will almost certainly be rejected.

There is also a Patreon version here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

[public] Heroine Rumble v0.521

Download LINK.


  • Fixed bug with RNGed futas spawning with missing parts
  • Fixed an instance of game crushing when it has ran for a while for some

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

[Public] Heroine Rumble v0.52

Download LINK.

Hi everyone, here is the public, downloadable version of Heroine Rumble. With this build, I consider Heroine Rumble to be "finished" for now and will shift attention completely towards new game. Enjoy! :D

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Demo#1 is now available for Patreons!

The controls are as follows:

WASD - move

Mouse - look around

Mouse_Left - Attack

Mouse_Right - Block

Shift - drop block/run

Esc - Close game menu/pause/unlock mouse

In addition, there are 3 "cheats":

T - revives the player and teleport her to the starting position (if got stuck/fell through map)

K - kills the enemy the crosshair is pointing at

L - spawn more enemies

In demo1, there is a medium sized enclosed area with some enemies scattered about. They don't aggro you until you walk close to them. This is so that it's up to the player on how many enemies to engage at once. Press L if you feel the enemy density is too low.

The most important thing regarding combat is that block only works if you block the correct direction of the incoming attack. So if an attack comes from the left, then you need to do a left block.

The direction of block is determined via mouse movement. If you swipe the mouse left, then a left block will be activated when the block key is pressed. If you swipe right, then she will do a right block, and so on. There is an indicator on block direction on the crosshair as well.

Many enemies can block as well. So if an enemy is blocking left, left attacks are ineffective. Attack direction comes from the same direction as the block. So to do a left attack, first block left and then hold and release the attack key.

Many things are still missing/todo, including but not limited to things like sound, outfit damage, and so on.

My focus for demo#1 is on the following and I am mostly interested in feedback on those areas, but other suggestions are certainly welcome:

1) crashes/fail to loads/game doesn't runs

2) combat system

3) player controls and UI

Friday, October 6, 2017


Redone the ground textures and added grasses, so now its a steppe of sorts. This is likely all I am going to do for terrain on demo #1. (Demo #1 coming very soon!)

The grasses are important because I need to test the LOS (level of detail) system that only draws high detailed objects, like grasses due to their numbers, when viewed close. And, of course, allowing for performance tweaks in the future for those with potato PCs.

This is how it looks in action:

This is with a smaller radius and fewer max to show whats going on:

The "pop-in" is kinda obvious atm but I'll solve it at a later time. With a fading in or something similar.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Spend most of today getting shadows to work and got it working in an acceptable fashion for demo#1.

What is the issue you ask? Well, the first observation is that the view distance in a third person view game is far larger compared to an indoor setting like Heroine Rumble was. The second is the player moves and looks around, and there is potentially a much large area that the shadow need to cover. The underlying issue, in short, is that a statically placed shadow setup no longer works. And it requires something smarter.

I'll spare you the details, but the end result is a shadow system that only "draws" shadows at regions where the camera/player can see.

But even then, it was not quite good enough. Here is why:

When the shadow bounds is large, there is very little resolution when viewed close:

Picking a smaller shadow "bounds" results in nicer shadows:

However, it leads to problems when views far away:

I didn't manage to completely solve the problem yet, but I have reached a good enough compromise for demo#1. That is, use a small shadow bound for nice shadows, and don't draw shadows when far away:

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Some new Combat Mechanics

One flaw in the combat system that I want to address is the difficulty in fighting many opponents at once. While arguably that it is realistic and it should be difficult, it doesn't make for a fun game play experience. It is certainly do-able by walking backwards and keep swinging - effectively turning a 1 v many into many 1 v 1s, but I want to make it also possible for the player to hold his/her ground. (I am also not going to penalize the backward strategy at the moment)

So I have implemented the following features to help 1 versus many fights:

a) Guards lingers for a bit and stays active for a while when staggered. Suppose if you are guarding top versus 2 opponents, one attacking from right and another from top. If the right swing hit you first, and then the top attack, you will only take damage from the right swing, even tho your character is currently in the staggered animation from the hit coming from right. With the old system, you would have taken damage from both hits.

b) Guard is now usable while staggered. So if a new blow comes from the right while you are staggered, you can quickly guard right and block the attack. However, you may not parry using staggered-guards.

c) Super/Hyper Armor. (Internally known as TP - Tenacity Points). Basically, there is an additional hidden meter that can sometimes prevent your action from being interrupted, while damage applies as usual. This have a dual purpose so that slow, heavy weapons have their place, and to help prevent stun locks.

Whenever a character is staggered, they will gain a bonus to TP based on the severity of previous staggers inflicted on them, making them more and more difficult to stagger in a short time period.

d) Cleaves. (Already announced before but might as well mention it again) Attacks hit multiple opponents with each swing. Weapon and character skill dependent.

e) Stat advantage. (Again, announced before) The Hero category, which the Player is one of, are much stronger individually than the Minions category, but far less numerous.

In the upcoming demo #1, you'll find that the enemies have very little stamina - they can only do a couple attacks and then is forced to back off. Meanwhile, the Player can swing her sword (that is both longer and faster than the Minion's axe) with much more vigor.