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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Patch Preview

The Village map only had 2 NPCs, and every new feature was crammed to either one of them. As a result, it can be easy to miss game features because it is so overwhelming. In the new hub area, the goal is to have many NPCs, but each with their theme and specialized function. So it is move obvious on which type of goods/service each NPC can do for you.

The second new map is a survival/waves scenario. There are waves of enemies. Upon defeating all enemies of a wave, the next wave will commence, after a short delay. Once you defeat all the waves, a teleporter will spawn in the center and you can leave the area.

I tried to make it an easy format for modders to modify and extend, so this can be an quick and easy for modders to bring custom enemies into a map.

Finally, I been working on the ability to manage and "store" units in the last couple of days. Originally I was going to do this a bit later, but there are reports of duplicated units, and I feel like might as well start fixing the root of the problem.

This should lead to a couple of features (not of all of them will be included in next patch), such as:

  • Store units for later use instead of dismissing them
  • Capture and imprisonment, and all associated features
  • Bigger "battles", with reinforcements from the reserves, and the victor being decided only after the enemy reserves is depleted
I am still determining how to handle the units "stored" in Camp versus the new Reserves system. Kind of complicated to explain, but I am leaning towards removing the old "units store in camp" system all together in favor of the new Reserves system. I will add a special check to allow for the "practice move on/by" dialogue with party members when the player is in the Camp so that functionality is still there. However, this does mean you will need to find allies currently stored in the camp again (since that will no longer be loaded in the new version).

Sunday, March 31, 2019


Patreon Link.

New build is here! Had some issues with the compiler not cooperating which led to a bunch of unpleasantness. The new map is here along with the new unit/outfits.

I am also working on a Endless/Survival Mode, as that seems to be a rather common suggestion. But that will be for next patch. Another thing I been trying to do is to have more data files in the /data/ folder, because the modding "scene" seems to have grow a bit and having more references is always beneficial.

We also have a modding repo/release site here: Check it out if you got the chance.


    - fixed a possible loading crush when loading <v4.x saves
    - added new weapon class - rapiers
    - added new side mission/tutorial "Combat Training" - accessible at start of game
    - added new map "Woods" - be prepared!
    - added 3 new enemies: bee girl, elf girl and plant girl
    -   each with their own new lootable outfits
    -   plant girl is not quite done
    - the maps "Goblin Camp", "Goblin Capture" and the new Map are unlocked after completing the map "Dungeon" level 2
    - added a couple error msgs for when modding goes wrong

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Patch preview

Build's not ready yet. So here is a sneak peak of what I am working on and what you can expect on the next build.

Added a combat tutorial/training side mission that tries to explain the basics of the combat system. The environment might look different in the patch/changed in the future - I'm more focused on the scripting side of things atm.

Next thing I want to add is an entire new zone. Let's call it Woods. (Since Forest is taken) It features new unit types.

The first is "Plant Girl" (Yes I know there are alternative names but not everyone is familiar with them). There are ranged attackers. Eventually I want them to attack using vines, but that's probably not going to make it in the next patch.

Next is "Bee Girl." Not really happy with how they are swinging their "stingers" like swords. So I decided to add a new weapon set - rapiers, that features thrusts. Havn't started on that yet so that will take some time.

A note on monster girls. Monster Girls are a "combination" of monster and girl. And one could choose to lean more on the monster side of things, or on the girl side of things. As for me, I like to lean more on the girl side of things since Monster Girls may not be for everything.

Another common inhabitant of trees and forests are elves (in fantasy games at least). And here they are. As expected, they prefer range and uses a lot of archery. This is an "Elf Apprentice," the lowest tier unit of the elf race. Expect to see higher tier units in the future.

Finally, I discovered there is a pathing issue regarding thin objects like the steel fences in Goblin Camp. Some people reported that units tends to get "stuck" on them (thanks for the reports!). It's actually a pathing problem. I tracked down the problem and I know what causes it, but so far, I don't have a good solution.

A workaround for now is that if you see your followers get stuck on these thin objects, move to the same side of fence as the stuck units and give a follow command. Once they are no longer right next to the fences, pathing should resume to work.

Sunday, March 10, 2019


Patreon LINK.

New build is here. Couple of highlights.

The first is a new area/side mission that introduces players to the restraining mechanic. I think what the game lacks the most atm, are better in game tutorials that demonstrates and explains various game mechanics. So that's what I'll be focusing on making first. This mission is probably fairly easy if you are already familiar with the game. And that's okay. It's meant to be one of the earlier missions that players can take part in.

Right now, it is a stand alone kinda thing, repeatable if you want, but you can imagine eventually, I'll string a couple of these missions together into one quest chain.

The second cool feature is that I added support for temporary objects during grabs. Such as dildos. And using this feature, 2 new moves are added into the game: "h_dildo_tease" and "h_dildo_step."

Also did some balance adjusting. The fact that the game uses a shared global ammo pool is a constant source of confusion. So I thought about a couple of ways to handle this. And I think the simplest and perhaps the most effective is to just give ranged weaponry infinite ammo. I don't think they are so strong that they must be constrained by ammo. Adding an ammo item type is certainly do-able but I don't think it does much to the game beyond minor money sink and inventory management. So infinite ammo it is. However, the flasks are very powerful and I think it's still correct to limit their usage.

I felt the heavy 2hander weapons are a little too strong, with BiS damage, stagger, reach and cleave. So I think its necessary to tone them down a little. So their damage got reduced but keeping their characteristic stagger and cleave intact.

Finally, added BGM music volume controls and keys rebinding. There were quite a few people having trouble with the ` key to open the console so hopefully this key rebinding will solve that problem.


    - added BGM music volume option under options-sounds
    - fixed game crush when changing zones while restrainted on a device
    - added key binding customization under options - controls
    - removed the controls display list on left of screen
    - fixed bug that cause NPCs to stop refreshing inventory after a few playthroughs
    - ranged weaponry now have infinite ammo. (flasks still use the same global ammo pool)
    - reduced damage of heavy 2handers by ~20%
    - grasses are back! with a new implementation
    - grab animations can now use temporary equipment (eg. dildos)
    - added 2 new grabs - "h_dildo_tease" and "h_dildo_step"
    - added some checks on save to prevent unique unit duplication
    - fixed game crush due to bad data on "whitestuff_face"
    - non-uniques foes no longer break free from restraints
    - implemented spawning waves for new Map system
    - implemented a new side mission

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Patreon LINK.

New build is here! I admit, the new mapping system took longer than expected, but hopefully that's behind us now. Now its the time to reap the fruits of hard labor. Over the next couple of patches, I'll be adding things that's reliant on the new mapping system.

I really want to get a build out before the end of Feb, so here it is. The "big" feature of this patch is an entirely new area, the "Goblin Camp" (Not to be confused with the "Goblin Lair" using the old dungeon system) Here a picture:

And an aerial view:

You might notice the "Objectives" section on the top right. That's something new too. I started to work on the story portion of the game and I want to have different mission types, for example, "scout", "rescue", "defend" and so forth.

This Goblin Camp is probably going to be part I of a mission chain. The story goes that an army of particularly mean goblins are capturing and imprisoning innocent villagers, and being a general nuisance. But their numbers are too great for a direct assault and you must find alternative paths to victory. One day, when the main raiding group is out, you (and your group) sneaks into (parts of) the camp and try to do as much damage as possible before gtfo of there...

Speaking of the story, I am working on a total revamp of the village. Since the initial appearance, there are lots of features that were added. Futa potions, male potions, restraints, dyes, etc etc. And most of those things are placed on Alchemist-Chan. And because of that, she's kind of a mess, unfortunately. So a more gradual progression is required, where those things are unlocked incrementally. For example, perhaps the blacksmith is kidnapped by the Goblins and you have to rescue her. Then she tells you her friend is missing, and so forth.

Also, I am going to abandon the farming and breeding mechanics. The farming will be left as it is but it wouldn't be required for anything. For (the non-existent) breeding, I feel that's better left for another game. The only major features that a guarantee at this point is a party management system with basic prisoners/slaves similar to Mount and Blade. All remaining efforts will be mostly devoted to content creation. I want to add more grabs, different (dungeon) zones, different races, more outfits and weapons, etc. I feel the feature portion of the development has gone on long enough and it's time to focus on utilizing those features to make the game fun and exciting rather than keep adding more features.


    - added a "noPenis" targetPart/usingPart param for moves
    - threesomes should work now (again ~.~)
    - fixed hair color sometimes not updating when changing it via sliders
    - fixed game crush when recruiting unique units to camp after a save
    - in the "old" dungeons, despawning units will no longer block locked doors progress
    - it is now possible to "preplace" grab states in dungeons
    - added new zone: Goblin Camp
    - implemented dungeon objectives system
    - fixed an AI dead-lock when trying to grab restrained units under some circumstances
    - added a couple of workarounds for AI pathing
    - ranged attacks now takes no stamina (so AI will run less often into walls trying to "backup")

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Preview Build #1

Patreon LINK.

NOTE: this a preview build for a reason. Expect unintended features. Backing up saves before running this is highly recommended, and have cheats available in case anything goes amiss.

The big feature in this build is a completely new Zone & Map system. This, in turn, enables a couple of other things, such as the new dungeon generation. Included in this build is a "Test Dungeon" to showcase and test some of these new features.

In short, how this new dungeon generation works is by sewing up premade rooms together rather than generating the whole dungeon procedurally. In the data/testDungeon folder. You can find a folder containing all the individual maps:

This, combined with the dungeon definitions in testDungeon.json is what the game uses to generate the dungeon.

In case anyone's wondering, the editor I am using is Visual Studio Code.

The individual maps can be loaded:

And modified (dont forget to save of course.)

Some of the new features are done via equipment items, as I think that's easier to use than terrain_editor.

Getting those items via cheats can be a bit annoying so here is a complementary map file with the new items:!DCpVhKzC!N5zQnuYfH5gGXzDGA4Rgft8zQ7fgVRRJQQwU3Ev6hpk.

I think, that's pretty much all I wanted to say for now, feel free to give a try. If you got any questions, head to the discord. And make sure to report bugs!

Oh and the new cheat to disable AI is [lobotomize]. This is very useful in preplacing hostile units together. See for an example.


- Notification text (bottom right) should handle multi-lined notifications better now
- Fixed hotbar key number not showing up for bars#2 and #3
- All quest progress is reset due to migrating into a new system
- Fixed bug with incorrect texture generation when block subdivide > 2
- A certain stealthy cheat should now be more stealthy under certain circumstances
- For purpose of multiple grabbers, you may now set "usingPart" for each individual attacker. Eg "attacker":{"usingPart":X, ...}, "attacker2":{"usingPart":Y, ...}
- Prevented the saving of game state when the player unit is not unique (through cheats)
- Implemented partial serialization of (some) unit data in maps
- Merchant-Chan now sells constructable crates that you can place
- NOTE: the use count for constructable items is not working atm. Meaning they have infinite uses.
- Implemented placement tranforms that change the scale/rotation/position of the object to be placed under Character - Commands
- Implemented new item type - markers, theses are used for construction of user made maps
- Implemented a new dungeon generation system
- Re-implemented the Zone Transition System
- Implemented various things to make new dungeon generation work
- Implemented light emitters that can be placed on map and saved
- You can adjust the light settings via the following console commands:
- m_light_color r g b // changes the light color, can be > 1
- m_light_attenu const linear quadratic // changes the light falloff. Calculated as 1.0/max(1.0,(const + linear*dist + quadratic*dist*dist));
- m_light_spot x y z angle_inner angle_outer // changes the area of influence of the light to a cone. X Y Z forms an direction, and angle_inner, angle_outer are radius of the cone in degrees where influence = MAX when angle < angle_inner and influence = MIN when angle > angle_outer
- m_light_point // resets the influence of the light to a sphere
- Implemented a light culling system where the game will only use a fixed number of lights with the most influences to the scene
- These new lights may have an adverse performance effect on systems with poor GPUs.
- Removed the day - night env light system
- Env light can be now set at each map rather than only having one global env light setting
- Implemented dynamic loading of cubemap/skyboxes
- Applied the generation of ambient light data to dynamically loaded cubemap
- Currently, the game can only use 1 global ambient light source rather than from an aggregate of light probes around the map
- Implemented marking regions capabilities
- Use the m_region X command to change current affected region
- Use the m_region_list command to list all used regions
- Implemented randomly spawning units/props in designated regions in maps
- Implemented new map-development console commands:
- m_create w d // creates a new map with specified dimensions
- m_save // save the current map to
- m_load // load a map from file
- m_spawn_npc "unitID" amt // spawns invulnerable NPCs at cursor location
- m_gen_enclose h "wall_tile_id" "ceil_tile_id" // generate enclosure on the perimeter (walls and ceilings)
- Implemented new cheat to disable AI
- Implemented a buffer for the console that stores previous inputs.
- It is now possible to access previous inputs via UP and DOWN arrows
- Embeded an kindof playable experiment "Test Dungeon" to well, test stuff.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Modding: generating IK data tutorial

A while back I mentioned that I'll add a tutorial on how to generate IK move data to handle grabs between non-standard size participants better. Finally gotten around to do it, here it is. Mostly pictures, but should be straight forward. Feel free to ask questions if anything is not clear.

Regarding the new Zoning System and Dungeon generation, what I'll probably do is release an $10 tier experimental build. The reason behind this is very likely to be buggy and most of the new features are probably only interesting to modders. Many things expect that the user have access to cheats anyways. So that's what I'll do. Then when most of the (major) bugs are fixed, probably going to release it for the $5 tier.

Picture Tutorial:



Non-standard size?





“disabled” true !!!
Standard size.

Standard size!!!


“disabled”: true!!!
Standard Size!!!


“disabled: false !!! Or delete the line.

Non-Standard Size.

Much Better.