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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Quick Bar

Implemented a quick bar/hot keys. You can pick and choose which item/command/consumable to put on there for instant access:

(The colors are screwed up due to the gif format...)

The entire thing is operated via drag and drop. Open up the inventory window and:

There is a caveat tho. Because there isn't a window yet to drag the "commands" and "specials" from, the first 3 slots are currently locked. They are "Allies-Attack!", "Allies-Follow" and "Fist/Unarmed." The ally commands are the same ones as the current demo. Originally I thought perhaps the item on the quick bar could be like a toggle, so pressing the hotkey would switch between equipping/unequipping that particular item. However, with some testing, I found that having a separate hotkey for unarmed is much cleaner.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Farming, Part II.

Got a lot of work done on farming. Here is some demos (and also as explanation) of how farming works:

The controls for farming is simple: face the desired tile/crop and then press the interact button (default: E) while having the appropriate tool equipped.

The first tool to showcase is the hoe. It allows the transformation of grass tiles into dirt/soil.

Next up, equip the seeds and plant them:

Crops in this game need to be tended. Right now, the only requirement is water. Equip the watering can and it can water the crops:

And that's it! Wait until the next cycle (day) and the plants will grow:

When the crops are fully grown, unequip your tool/weapon and you can harvest it:

Here is what the harvesting animation looks like:

This gif is taken before the crop randomization changes and it does suffer from the "clones syndrome" quite a bit.

With some slight randomization, that "clone syndrome" is less obvious:

There are still a couple things to be done but I am quite happy that the "basics" for farming is now functional.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Unarmed Moveset

I want the "harvest" option to pop up when the player is looking at a fully grown crop while empty handed. That requires the ability for the player to unequip their weapon (something they can not do before). And if I am going to implement that, might as well add an unarmed moveset to the game as well. So here it is.

As for farming, most of the features are working now, but still lacking animations. It shouldn't take very long to finish the farming feature from now.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Farming, Ranching, Breeding; the beginning.

I don't know how much people paid attention or remember that this game will have monster girls and the breeding of them. It certainly isn't a game that will be 100% focused on combat, (even though a lewd dungeon crawler isn't a bad idea at all). It was just that 1) there is a lot of concepts that can be transferred over from HR and 2) combat is a nice way to "stress test" various game systems to expose bugs and issues.

Anyways, the first stage is farming/planting. Farming gives you the option to plant and grow crops for 1) sale, 2) food for mongirls, (gotta keep them happy and fed so they have more energy for... other activities, and 3) potential ingredients for crafting.

Farming is a simple procedure. You find an eligible tile (such as dirt) and you plant seeds. At the end of each cycle, as long as the tile is watered, the plant will grow. When the plant is fully grown, you can then harvest it. The tile is then freed for the next cycle of plants.

For now, there are 3 different actions that the player can take:
a) using a hoe, the player can convert an eligible tile (such as grass) into soil/dirt.
b) using seeds, the player can plant a crop at an eligible tile (such as dirt)
c) using the watering can, the player can water a tile

Here is a simple demonstration of the hoe in action:

Here are the different growing stages for the first crop:

Currently still working on b) and c). There are also a couple more "farming" tools that isn't utilized atm but they might have other uses:

Monday, January 1, 2018

Shadows, part II

Happy new years and hope everyone had a good holiday.

I have been working on the shadows on and off during the last couple of days and there is now a huge improvement over the existing shadowing system.

-------- WARNING: somewhat technical stuff below -------

In my previous post, I demonstrated the difficulty in picking an appropriate shadow map size to fit the scene. A small shadow map gives nicer shadows but the shadow is only visible in a limited distance. A large shadow map covers the entire scene but the shadows are super low quality.

Fortunately, the solution is rather simple (in theory). Rather than using only one shadow map, why not use multiple shadow maps of increasing sizes instead? Always select the smallest shadow map if possible for the best shadow quality. The largest shadow map covers the entire view frustum, and thus guaranteeing every object will be shadowed. This technique is known as Cascaded Shadow Maps for those that want to do a little more googling themselves.

And here it is, with debugging helpers enabled:

The 4 pictures at bottom left are the 4 different shadow maps used to shadow the scene.

The scene is tinted with colors to indicator which shadow map is selected for the shadow calculation. Red - smallest map, green - 2nd smallest and so on.

Here it is in action: 

All 3 pictures are taken with the same shadow setting. Compared to the single shadow map system, this new system allows for high quality shadows when viewed close up, while also shadows distant objects as well.

Getting this new shadowing system to work is extremely important, because it allows for more open areas and environments rather than just small rooms and corridors (to hide the fact that shadows had a limited range).

For example, a "forest":

When zoomed out:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Demo 3.1 coming soon!

Working on another build addressing the issues that were raised. It is currently undergoing alpha testing and will be released for patreons very soon.

Here are the change logs:
  • ESC key now closes dialogues first if currently in dialogue
  • Units no longer have perfect tracking during swings (can now roll behind an enemy)
  • Actions are only queued now if the current action is close to ending. (no more double rolls)
  • Units will now drop lootbags when they despawn while also having lootable items in inventory
  • Added a graphics options tab with the following options: fullscreen, resolution and render scale 
    • Graphic options are NOT saved across different playthroughs atm
  • Increased error margin for collision handling - this means "phasing through walls/floor" are less likely to occur 
  • Looting defeated units have higher priority than starting dialogue
  • Fixed defeated units giving less loot than intended
  • Nerfed barbarian gal 
Here are a couple things I posted on discord demonstrating the new features:

Imperfect tracking:


Graphic Options:

Friday, December 15, 2017

Demo 3

(Download link on patreon)

Demo 3 is here!

Notable features:


Having a problem facing waves of enemies by yourself? Not a problem anymore.

Different floors and "infinite" dungeon!

Watch out, dont make mama bunny mad:

Also, thanks to Judasilfarion, who made some excellent weapon models, you may now find some awesome weapons to use against your enemies:

And of course, various other improvements. Most notably, running now no longer cost stamina and rolling costs 40% less, so the play experience should be smoother now.