Heroine Rumble is a 3D action rape or get raped fighting/H-wrestling/battlefuck/sexfight game currently under heavy development (for real). Choose your favorite character from a roster of sexy, unique heroines and guide her to victory! (Or watch her get dominated in the arena XD)

ヒロインランブル(Heroine Rumble) は現在開発中の、「凌辱バトル/エロレス/バトルファック」のゲームです!(嘘じゃないよ!) キャラクター選択画面からオリジナルのセクシーヒロインを選んで、彼女を勝利へと導こう!(それかアリーナでドミネートされる姿を眺めるのでも(笑)

Download HERE (v0.344). (4/11/2017)
Support/donate/get the newest version (v0.5) at Patreon!
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

[Patreon] V0.5 - Story Mode!

Patreon LINK.

  • Total control over another fully customizeable character
  • Earn Lewds by winning matches and practices, or even when losing
  • Pick and summon NPCs to service you, because no one ain't got the time to hunt them down.
  • Tweaked lighting a bit
  • CHA will now increase H damage by 10% per point
  • Tweaked balance of combat abilities 
  • Escape Bar is now stabilized at a fixed height, also removed the inner "reversal" bar. No functionality changes
  • Many many bug fixes, thanks to everyone that helped in discord! (was busy fixing them rather than documenting all the changes, whoops :P)
NOTE: I am not sure if the balance/difficulty/lewd income is where I want to be at for Story Mode. Love to hear your thoughts and make necessary adjustments. 

Also it is recommended to make a backup save just in case. The save file is located at C:\Users\<YOU>\AppData\Roaming\HeroineRumbleSave\save1

Friday, June 16, 2017

Finishing up Heroine Rumble now.

Working on story mode now. It is going to a fairly simple mode and its mostly there to provide a way to earn Lewds in a wrestling setting. I originally had much bigger plans for the story mode, but I decided to postpone those to the next game.

My plan right now is to push out v0.5 of Heroine Rumble sometime before end of June. Shortly after, there will be a public version and then I will consider Heroine Rumble completed. I may come back to it in the future but no guarantees at this point.

Afterwards, I will be devoting full attention to the next game. I am actually somewhat excited. It has a lot of nice things going for it and an opportunity to correct some what I consider to be design mistakes. Anyways, don't want to talk too much about it right now or I'll be too distracted to finish Heroine Rumble.

There are also 2 more post here for more information:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

[Patreon] v0.45 - V0.45 - futa trainers + clothing colors

Patreon LINK.

  • Added new option to clothing NPC to change outfit colors
  • Added futa move trainer (fixed the bug - although futa moves are somewhat rare due to the # of em versus the total # of moves)
  • Player character's LEFT-SPECIAL move are now set to be the same as the RIGHT-SPECIAL move. Open the ability selection screen to apply this fix.
  • Added 3840x2160(4k) render resolution

Thursday, June 1, 2017

[Patreon] V0.44 - Choices

Patreon LINK.

  • Added combat ability trainer NPC type that will teach a move to your character for 200 Lewds
  • Added a NPC type that will teach different moves to your character
  • If futa toggle is on, it is possible to learn futa moves as well.
  • Added a GUI window to customize moves and abilities. 
  • Changed "Status" option in Adventure Mode to "Customization" which opens up a sub menu for various different kind of customization available. 
  • Status/Level Up window is now keyboard operable
  • Some NPCS will now actually start charging you for their services
  • Reduced Lewds gain from Stage 1 Boss - Don't want her to repeatly farmed. Bosses will probably have a one time bonus Lewds gain in the future. 
  • RNGed futa girls may have some non-futa moves
  • Fixed changing key controls not working
  • Fixed striping top incorrectly strip off bottom instead.
  • Fixed AI level for team mode not set correctly

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Combat abilities and moves customization

Tried a couple different setups, and found this one to be the most intuitive. Mouse drag and drop is working now. Keyboard controls almost there. Once that is done, just need to tweak this system to work for moves as well. After that, it should be patch time soon!

Friday, May 19, 2017

[Patreon] V0.431 - RNG re-rolling, lewds, level ups, stages and more

Patreon LINK.

  • Added Lewds (currency). Enemies in Adventure Mode will drop Lewds when defeated.
  • Added level ups. Accessed from in the Adventure Mode menu then "Status". Currently, the level up window is mouse only.
  • Added "Re-Roll" button in exhibition mode to re-randomize RNGed girls without needing to restart the game
  • Added option during match to open the move selection menu where the player can pick what moves to apply to the grappled enemy
  • default key: <GRAB> without any <DIR> keys
  • Added stages in Adventure Mode. Successfully completing stages may unlock new stages.
  • Completing a stage returns the player to the central Adventure Mode hub area (currently a menu)
  • Escape bar will now show the region on the bar where the player can successfully escape rather than a fixed line
  • Removed special meter (3rd blue bar), special gain, speed ups and breaks
  • Characters will no longer be randomly launched to the moon.
  • RNGed girls will have full arsenal of moves available to them, again.
  • Futa girls in exhibition will actually have the futa moveset.
  • Fixed game crush when SFW toggle is on.
  • Fixed dialogues sometimes not clearing properly.
  • Fixed AI level for "Watch" been set too low.
  • Fixed A rendering bug that caused girls to be less shinny than they should.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


One of the changes for Adventure Mode in the next patch is that it will no longer be an endless stream of enemies. Instead, there will be a "hub area" where the player returns to after reaching an end to the stage. The player can choose which stage they want to go next from there. (Along with other things)

However, not every stage will be available at the start. They must be unlocked by successfully completing the previous stage. Right now the system is very basic, but I want to start building the framework for story progression.