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Friday, December 15, 2017

Demo 3

(Download link on patreon)

Demo 3 is here!

Notable features:


Having a problem facing waves of enemies by yourself? Not a problem anymore.

Different floors and "infinite" dungeon!

Watch out, dont make mama bunny mad:

Also, thanks to Judasilfarion, who made some excellent weapon models, you may now find some awesome weapons to use against your enemies:

And of course, various other improvements. Most notably, running now no longer cost stamina and rolling costs 40% less, so the play experience should be smoother now.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Zone changes, "Infinite" Floors, and Portals.

Been working on a couple of things.

For starters, it is now possible to dynamically generate an infinite (in theory) amount of dungeon floors instead of the the only one at the start of the game.

So naturally, there is now a "to next floor" portal to take you (and your party) to the next floor.

Of course, things are not always so simple...

In addition, there is also a "exit dungeon" portal at the beginning of each dungeon. This will take you to the "hub" area.


The "hub" area contains a portal to take you back to the dungeon, along with some other planned features. But atm it is still pretty much "under construction," so here is a gif showcasing a couple new animation features:

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pledge Fee Changes (By Patreon)

UPDATE: Patreon decided against rolling out the payment changes:

So I received an email earlier from Patreon giving notice that it will change how the processing fee is handled. The relevant section of the email is replicated below.

Basically, the current (old) structure is that whenever you pledge, say, $5 to me, I actually don't receive the full amount. Patreon takes 5% and then there is this processing fee taken by payment processors. So on average, for each dollar pledged to me, I only get around ~88% of that amount.

Now Patreon is changing it's pledge system with the tagline "Creators now take home exactly 95%." That is good news right? Unfortunately the processing fee still needs to be paid by someone, and this time, Patreon decides that patrons (you) will bear the cost.

With the new system, when you pledge, you will pay this extra payment processing fee. This fee is set by Patreon to be 2.9% + $0.35. So for example, when you pledge $5 to me, you will actually pay a bit more than that. In the $5 case, you have to pay $5.495. But on the other hand, I will take home "exactly 95%" of $5, instead of a varying amount due to processing fees.

I have also calculated the extra cost for a couple different pledge amount points:
  • $0.379 on $1 pledge
  • $0.495 on a $5 pledge
  • $0.64 on a $10 pledge
  • $0.785 on $15 pledge
Now, this change is quite sudden in my opinion (effective 2 weeks from now), and I have only just gotten notice, so I don't know if everyone will be happy with the new structure. I am happy to hear your thoughts and perhaps try to work something out.

Patreon Email:

Friday, December 1, 2017

Heroine Rumble v1.01

Patreon LINK.

Another minor bug fixes patch. If you don't have problems with v1.0, you can probably skip this one.

  • Fixed issue with winning match lewd gain. 
  • Cleaned up the dialogue GUI a bit 
  • Fixed a possible soft lock on game init (if get stuck on loading screen 163/163) 
  • Applied depth buffer workaround to a greater number of AMD cards


No, not those kind of escort. That will come later.

Finished incorporating the path finding AI with the combat AI. So now it's possible to have "escorts" that will follow you and attack nearby enemies. Implemented a couple more AI commands as well, such as attack ground, move to position, and follow.

After some testing I found that in most cases, only 2 commands are needed: attack ground (this works as hold position as well by targeting at your feet) and escort/follow me. So for now I am just going to bind "1" to "attack pos" command and "2" to "escort me" command.

Up next: a hub area and area transitions.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Path Finding (Part2)

Made a lot of progress on path finding. It works pretty well on open field, but does get congested a bit with big groups in narrow chokes. Here is a gif demo:

One of the things that I will be implementing is the ability to give commands to allies in your party. If you got any suggestions on how the controls should work for it, I am happy to listen.