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Monday, October 15, 2018

Patch Preview

I was working on the stuff I mentioned in the previous post, and I thought I would be able to get a build out this week. But unfortunately that fell a little short, so we'll have to make due with a patch preview instead.

Some people are probably a little disappointed with the removal of (dungeon) traps. However, I think given the feedback on annoyance of tripwires and spikes, my assessment that the traps doesn't fit well with rest of the game is correct. So there wouldn't be any more "disabling" traps than what currently exists.

I do like the lewd gas idea tho and I think it fits well within the context of the game. But it actually requires some work. I designed the "grab" system to work on a Many to One relationship - multiple attackers, and one victim. Unfortunately the Many part didn't account for zero attackers so had to implement "selfies" functionality.

Furthermore, I shifted the delivery mechanism of lewd gases, from invisible traps, to hand-held "grenades." There is now a new weapon class - thrown flasks (grenades) that does various effects on impact. Emitting a cloud of lewd gas being one of them:

How this works is that units inside the gas (friend or foe) will have their heat increased. And should it fill to full, characters will be overcome by their desire and start playing with themselves.

One idea I want to try with the flasks is effects that affects friends and foe alike. The gas flask being one example. There are two more flask types available next patch: the flash flask which emits a blinding light that disables units in a large area for some time; and the shockwave flask that have a very strong knock back effect.

I also added a longbow weapon type. Its nothing fancy, but it's meant for players that want to play with a more "sniper-like" ranged weaponry. Compared to the short-bow, the longbow have lower rate of fire, but inflict greater damage per shot so it has a better ammo efficiency.

Now, onto the restraints and (holding) "Devices"

The way how restraints work is for players, there is a new equitable item type, restraints. When this is equipped, "Talk To" are replaced with "Tie Up." And it does exactly what it sounds. Once a unit is tied, you will have a new option - "Carry" where you will pickup the restrained unit, carry her, and potentially place her into a holding device.

Now, originally, I want the restraint to work on any grabbable foe as well. But unfortunately, this implementation interferes with the exp reward system, loot system and the auto-despawn system. I don't have a good solution atm so instead, the restraint on enemies only works on defeated uniques, which meant only a couple of enemies are susceptible atm. I consider this a flaw and I wish to address it somehow in the future, and hopefully making restraints applicable on all enemy types.

Finally, the holding devices. This actually took sometime as well because I had to upgrade the grab system (again) to account for not only character + character grabs/animations, but "device" + character grabs/animations as well. (And "device" + victim + attacker(s) in the future) I'll spare you the details but that works now.

Currently, there are 6 different (holding) devices (P.S. if anyone got a suggestion on a better name for this, let me know!). Originally, I thought most of the devices would be "active," that is, they continuous inflict heat damage upon the holdee. But I thought it would be nice to have some "passive" devices as well, that just hold the character there.

On the currently implementation, only the Player can free themselves out of a holding device whereas all Non-Player-Characters will be held forever until they are freed. Maybe eventually, there could be a "fun cave" kind of area and the Player will lose the auto escape privilege as well.

Obviously, this device mechanic can go a lot further. For example, tentacles, magical hands, other autonomous drills can be done with the same implementation. Perhaps having other characters being able to perform Device-specific grabs/animations with the holdee as well. Of course, temporary "summons" can be done as well. I did some experimental stuff withe the above ideas, that isn't game ready but really shows promise.


Another new feature, is custom dungeon mod with custom enemies. But I will postpone this particular feature and explanation/example to the bugfix build after, as history indicate that the next feature build will likely have a couple bugs.

So, ETA on next build. Plan is middle next week to sort out some kinks, and potentially add a few more Devices as well. Adding new devices is kind of "easy": most just model + animation work now that the hard implementation part is done. For the really eager modders: I would like some time with the system to see how everything works/make adjustments and I'll open up modding for custom devices to a later date.

Friday, September 21, 2018

All Tied Up

A while back on the topic of (dungeon) traps I mentioned I abandoned lewd traps for something better. Quite a few people asked what that something is, so here is an explanation.

NOTE: Still all WIP and subject to change.

From early on in development, one feature that I wanted in game is in-combat grabs and allies. Overall I’m quite happy with the current system, with one exception: when you outnumber the enemy. When you have allies with you, the grab is more detrimental to the enemy than against your party. As overpowered as the divine battle dress big fister is, she is no match for a group of three (or more) - she spends too much time on grabbing a single unit when the player can utilize this “downtime” to basically, fully recover the other members of the party. This is why for the first real boss, he had to have a summon minions ability else I fear he would suffer the same fate.

One possible solution is to increase the penalties of grab or make rezzes more difficult. That is something I don’t want to do because I feel it goes against the nature of the game. But I do want to do something to address the situation so I can design encounters without always resorting to a large number of enemies.

I had an idea. The reason the adds are necessary, is not because of the swarm factor, but it alleviates the more powerful units (such as Ludas) from doing the grabs themselves (and “stuns” himself for the duration). So, if the game allows a unit to be put into an animation without always needing a “partner,” then similar results can be achieved. This is why I went with the (dungeon) traps idea - to implement an engine feature to have “animations” with the “environment.”

Ultimately, I abandoned the lewd traps because it is not a very fun mechanic to play against. I have a better idea:

Interactable Traps/Objects. Or Curios in the darkest dungeon for those that are familiar with that game. Basically, randomly placeable objects found in dungeons which the player/ally can interact with. And then, depending on chance, either give a reward, or an “animation” ensues.

The advantage of this over traps is that it does not interrupt the normal game play. When you are trying to fight, having an invisible trap activate underneath you and disables you for a long time sucks. However, those that are actively seeking game overs, you can still do the same.

The second part is restraints. So there will be a new equippable item class - “restraints.” Units with restraints equippable will be able to, well, restraint any downed foes. Restrained units need to break free of their bonds before they are able to do anything else. The duration is probably going to be dependant on the type and strength of the item versus the stat of the unit. The restraints must be removed first before the unit can be helped up (by allies).

A little aside here. So, bondage is a fetish that was requested a long time ago. And the suggestions were quite involved. For example, binding the feet would change the walking/running animation to something else, and binding the arms would gave the character a different attack. I actually did gave this kind of bondage a try back in August. My conclusion is that it takes too much time for a game that needs to be fully animated (and possibly deal with non-humanoids in the future). If this was a text game or had a simpler combat system, I believe I could do it, but alas, we are not. So the only kind of bondage that is feasible for me to implement is a fully disabled state as I described above.

I would like restraints to enable special grabs but it isn’t planned for the initial release.

The second feature of restraints, is that it allows for restrained foes to be carried. This enables a lot of possibilities, for example kidnapping an ally, or taking someone back with you from the dungeon. But for the first release, what I want to do is the ability for some enemies to carry bound units to the special trap objects/machinery found in the dungeon (the Curios), and places them there.

So in short, I am working on 1) Trap Objects/Curios (if someone can suggest a name for this kind of thing, let me know) 2) bondage 3) carrying units. I believe this entire system, when working in unison, is superior to the lewd traps approach. None of the annoying surprises, allows for a wide variety of “animations” and objects that are easily accessible if you wish, and gives the player a clear indication of what's going on and possible counter play.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

v4.7.3 Futa Dungeon and Modified items!

Patreon LINK.

V4.73 is here! In this patch, there is now a (temporary?) futa dungeon with futa-only enemies. If that is not your thing, do not enter! In addition, the equipment system is expanded to include modified items. They appear in blue and gold and can have various bonuses. Currently, they can only be acquired via drops and loot in containers. Furthermore, added a "Life Powder" that grants an Area Of Effect heal so you can heal your allies with 1 click/button press. Purchasable in the Village. Finally, the respawning waves in dungeons is tweaked so different waves wouldn't pile on top of one another. The Goblin Horde wasn't intentional, oops.

full changelog:

        - added a (temporary?) Futa Dungeon with futa enemies only.
        - enemies and containers may now drop enchanted (+1, +2...) and modified (Sharp Sword of Slaying, etc) items
        - changed the item drop algorithm to allow for a wider possibility of items to be dropped from each mod/container
        - added a "life_powder" item that can heal your team.
        - fixed a bug in the stats UI that allows for infinite EXP gain
        - reduced damage of rocks
        - WIL stat now gives 1 poise (aka hyper armor) per point
        - fixed bug that made it impossible to block when attacks are bouncing off due to deflection (blocks have higher priority than deflection now)
        - it is now possible to find ranged ammo in containers within the dungeon
        - tracking projectiles will now lose tracking if the angle between their heading and target is greater than 90 degrees (eg. if you roll through it)
        - waves should now only start spawning when the previous wave is dealt with
        - fixed a pathfinding bug that caused units to get stuck on crates and etc
        - Fully using consumables (to 0) will no longer shift the entire inventory over
        - Fixed bug that cause potential ally say that they join in camp when they actually dont
        - Increased the spawn rate of potential allies (again)
        - Cast_Curse cast time from 3.0 sec to 5.0 sec
        - HP gain from levels from 5% per lvl to 2% per lvl as high lvl units is a bit too spongy (CON is still 5%/pt)
        - fixed a bug that caused unique item data (such as enchantment lvl) to be reset upon equip/unequipping
        - fixed bug with sometimes EXP is not awarded and sometimes EXP is awarded more than once
        - fixed bug with loots disappearing in the lootbag when many units are KOed together

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Patreon LINK.

V4.7.2 is up! Upgrading is strongly encouraged because there are some very severe game-breaking bugs with 4.7 and 4.7.1. Once upgraded, I recommend never touch v4.7 and 4.7.1 again. 


    - added a reset_potion to Alchemist that can reset level back to level 1
        - AI is now more likely to participate in offensive threesomes+
        - fixed bug that cause your party members to disappear when asking a camp party to join you when you dont have enough CP
        - fixed bug with unique enemies not dropping loot
        - fixed bug with mouse lock/unlock state not updating properly when opening/closing UI elems
        - greatly increased the amount of gold each merchant have
        - changed description for damage scaling stats
        - fixed end of floor enemies giving a lot more EXP than intended
        - EXP gained from enemy cumming reduced from x2.5 to x2.0
        - Increased EXP gain when enemy is defeated by an ally
        - price of Futa Potion reduced from 3000 to 1500
        - price of Yuri Potion reduced from 500 to 300
        - root_fruits sell price increased from 10 to 20
        - root_fruit seeds price reduced from 5 to 2
        - collision checks & physics are disabled when in grab (prevents shaking on non-flat terrain)
        - increased drop rate for equipment for non-unique mobs slightly
        - Player will now actually strip when the strip prompt is shown rather than pick at random
        - increased the likelihood of meeting a potential ally in dungeon to compensate for the removal of potential ally on first room
        - disabled camera collision check vs non-flat terrain until a better solution is found
        - HP regeneration is now percentage based instead of flat based during grabs (so you dont get penalized for lvling up)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

v4.7.1 bugfixes

Patreon LINK.

        - fixed party member corruption when loading from an older save
        - fixed a possible game crush (.kg of null...)
        - reduced spawn in 4th floor of goblin lair
        - fixed impact damage of some range projectiles not resetting properly
        - the key "I", in addition to "T", are bound to open/close inventory until customizeable controls
        - fixed new potions for alchemist not showing up as for sale for older saves
        - fixed bug with equipment upgrades not saving
        - enabled moving of char window and item upgrade window via mouse drag at the top of each UI element
        - fixed Bandit Queen not dropping quest item upon defeat
        - fixed units with 0 HP standing up rather than staying downed at end of grab
        - added "cat_ears_b" that uses hair color instead of skin color
        - fixed bug with loot window showing more rows than what's actually there
        - party members no longer spawns at the first room of Dungeon - gotta find em
        - splited the Slaves Set into 3 pieces: the chains, the arm and feet
        - fixed bug that cause non-standard sized characters to be floating in air/sank to ground after roll
        - fixed bug that using items on allies does not properly consumes the item

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

[Patreon] v4.7

Patreon LINK.

Thanks for the wait everyone, the new build is finally here!

One of the issues that I went back and forth on is the (dungeon) traps. I tried various configurations on their visibility, their detectability, their lethalness vs annoyance and so on. And my conclusion is that ultimately the traps are not a very fun mechanic. So the final version of the traps that went into this build should be just a nuance most of the time, but can be deadly at the wrong moments.

And to be honest, that is completely fine. The original intention behind them is to pave the way to implement fucking with the environment anyways. I am now convinced that lewd-traps is not the way to accomplish that. I have much better idea(s) to do that, and more information to come.

Another thing that I decided to withhold from this patch are the combat AI upgrades. There are various nerfs and I personally find the Goblin Lair to be significantly more challenging than the other dungeons. So it might not be a good idea to do too much changes at once. Unfortunately, this meant that "taunt" will not make it in this patch as it depends on the new AI. Looking forward to your feedbacks though and tweak accordingly.

Here are the patchnotes:

        - implemented EXP and Leveling Up, works for companions too
        - implemented Stats, check in-game char window for what each individual stats do
        - implemented new character status window
        - implemented new ability and commands tab and it is now possible to freely rearrange the entire hotbar
        - implemented Status Effects, check previous post on what they do
        - implemented dynamic Status Effect UI icons under the bars
        - implemented animations for drinking potion/eating consumables
        - implemented target-tracking projectiles
        - implemented engine support for animating different head models
        - implemented engine support for using skeleton animation for environmental props
        - implemented new lunge, place_trap and cast_curse abilities
        - implemented Goblin Lair, there are 4 different "floors" in total
        - implemented respawning waves for Intermediate+ dungeons
        - implemented dungeon traps
        - implemented opening door restrictions for Intermediate+ dungeons
        - implemented equipment modifications

        - added few more potions that grants various boons for alchemist

        - fixed a bug that defeated units sometimes still moves their torso
        - fixed restricting camera within bounds no working
        - fixed the error prompt "Ok" button not working with mouse
        - fixed portal dialogue bug at end of dungeon portals
        - roll SP cost increased by 50%
        - heat (pink bar) regeneration rate is halved
        - camera collision is disabled when the player is in a grab
        - stamina regeneration while running is reduced to 1/3 of the regular rate
        - fixed push backs causes character to slide down the slope
        - increased effectiveness of armor
        - values of plate armor decreased from 1,000 to 500 per piece
        - removed R*** dungeon zone
        - double clicking now transfers item one at a time instead of the entire stack
        - "Harvest" option for farming now checks for whether a "tool" (items in green) is not equipped rather than empty hand
        - fixed a bug that sometimes cause attackers and target in grabs to be misplaced
        - it is now possible to mark characters as having a penis via editing the unit data file. (File will be exposed in a later patch)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Goblin Lair and more new features

In the next version, you will find a new dungeon - "Goblin's Lair." This replaces the current "Hard" dungeon. This dungeon have exclusively goblin enemies. Unfortunately, I haven't got the time to upgrade the environment yet, so it will look the same as existing dungeon. However, it have a couple new features that is worth pointing out. But first, some features:

The UI bars are upgraded to show the status effects as icons below. The yellow numbers are the duration left in seconds for that particular effect. If no numbers are shown, that means the duration exceeds 30 seconds.

Here is a sample of status effects:

  • Regeneration I
    • - restores 1.5% of total HP per sec
  • Vigor I
    • - decreases stamina cost by 25%
  • Guts I
    • - increases damage taken by 25%
    • - increases deflection by 5
  • Swift I
    • - increases damage taken by 25%
    • - increases movement speed by 10%
  • Seduced
    • - forced to move toward and then grab foe
  • Ecstatic 
    • - heat (pink bar) no longer regenerates
    • - increases lewd damage dealt and received by 33%
  • Tired
    • - increases stamina cost of all actions by 33%
  • Slowed
    • - movement speed is reduced by 50%
    • - action speed is reduced by 33%
  • Weakened
    • - stamina regenerates rate is reduced by 75%

For the buffs, visit Ms alchemist and she will have potions that grants those effect. Currently, the effects last for 180 seconds each.

The second nice feature is the Command and Ability tab under the character screen. In here you can pick and choose what skills/command you want on the hotbar. This means, that the first two slots are no longer locked and you can freely arrange the hotbar as you see fit. (I know, I know, suggestions on having bigger/multiple hotbars are coming - its certainly a feature I am very keen on implementing.)

Now onwards to the Goblin Lair itself. First, lets give a brief overview of the Goblin enemies:

Goblin Fodder - fragile troops that have the "Lunge" ability to quickly closes gaps with enemies. Basic goblin infantry, weak individually.

Goblin Infantry - stronger version of Goblin Fodder, slightly tougher and just as fast. Retains the "Lunge" ability.

Goblin Shock Troops - Tough (for a goblin) front line infantry. Sturdy and can take a beating. No longer "Lunges" but hard to interrupt.

Goblin RaidLeader - This is meant to be a "leadership" unit. That doesn't mean much right now but eventually it will come to play with formations and squad tactics. Currently serves as final obstacle to the next floor. (There is no true Boss yet)

Goblin Grappler - specialized unit. Have "Pounce" ability (same as Ludas) and can initiate grabs from range. Can be dangerous. Very weak combat ability.

Goblin Sappers - specialized unit. Plants Traps (more about that later). Thought about giving them a blowgun that poisons and make it very evasively, but decided that may be too much. Perhaps as a unit further down the upgrade tree?

Goblin Shaman - ranged support. Casts "Curses" from range. "Curses" are homing ranged projectiles that deals lowish amount of damage, but inflict various negative status effects.

Now, as for the new mechanics for "Goblin Lair":

a) Enemies, once aggroed, no longer returns to their spawn location.
b) There are "Reinforcements" on a timer. Once spawned, the wave will chase the player's group until either is defeated.
c) There are traps scattered about.

(There are other things I want to do to make dungeons more interesting but that will require a more advanced dungeon generation system that will be implemented later)

Originally, the traps were basically mines - you step on a trap, bad things happen. But with some testing, that is not a very fun mechanic. Instead, I want to give the player some possible counter play against traps. So I decided to rework the traps completely. (And that's one of the reasons why the patch isn't here yet). Here are the ideas so far:

Pressure Traps - spike impale from the ground, damaging and possibly inflicting status effects on whoever step on it. The difference between this and "Mines" is that the pressure trap only activates when you step outside the trap rather than activate when stepping on it. So it is possible "dodge" outside the traps but you have to be on your toes ;).

Tripwires - this is a simple trap that activates only if you run over it and trips you over. Walking over it is fine though.

Gas traps - this type of traps activates when stepping onto them. It will then release a cloud of gas that takes some time before they take effect. The gas inflicts various status effects.

Unfortunately, there were rather a lot of new features and not everything is working 100% yet, and it is near the end of month. By the look of things, the patch may or may not land in this month. So either the build will be ready near the very end of this month or very beginnings of next month.