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Friday, September 18, 2020

v4.32 Hotfixes and moar threesomes!

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- Added 2 standard<->standard size threesomes! 

- Added "carry" animation for goblins, see picture below

- Fixed units get stunned instead of selfie when filled with lust

- Fixed reversals allows threesomes to be used

- Fixed game crash when AI have no valid grab to pick from

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

V4.31 new grabs and threesomes!


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New build is here! This features alot more grabs between goblins and standard-sized humanoids, including threesomes!

Even if gobbos are not your thing, the grabs can still be used by/against "large" size humanoids! Stay tuned!

Note: To use threesomes on enemies, first use the "grab" ability on an enemy and select anything. With a different unit, use the "grab" ability on the first pair and then you should be able to select a threesome grab.

Note2: The option to use the "grab" ability and join an existing pair only shows up if there are valid threesome grabs available. For example, since there are no standard - standard size threesomes, you wouldn't be able to use "grab" to join those!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Fun with goblins

Added about 10 new small-size <-> normal-size grabs! (Including threesomes!) I posted a few previews up at twitter and you can take a look there:

Although the goblins are shown, these new grabs should be use-able in any small-size    <-> normal-size pair and normal-size <-> large-size pair. This is the benefit of keeping the size difference between each category proportional. 

I am going to add a few more grabs and then release the next build very soonTM. This will mark the conclusion of the "goblin arc" (for now) and I'll then be tuning towards implementing character progression (leveling up), items, inventory and equipment! 

Friday, August 28, 2020


 Patreon Link.


- New goblins enemies!

- 3 New Missions!

- Enemy lust inflicting attacks

- "Entice" ability to start grabs as the victim

NOTE: goblins are not lewdable in this patch (due to lack of time to make the animations)

I decided to work on the Missions System refactoring which is why it took a little longer than first planned. This upgraded system have 2 benefits: 

1) Lazy loading of assets, to only load the assets required for each mission on mission start instead of at start of game. This means that the loading time to title screen should be reduced. I intend to do similar thing for the outfit assets as well, which is the other major contributor to loading to title screen lag.

2) Modding support, it is now possible to add new missions via json mod files. Combined with the already available unit modding, it means that it is possible to introduce new enemies into the game via the (still WIP) modding system. Very eager to see what sort of things people come up with in the future.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Goblins and a vote

 Here are some goblins, available as enemies in the next build!

This is the first step towards non-humanoid units and goblins are a good starting point to start implementing the necessary internal changes to handle different skeleton types.

The goblins wouldn't be available for grabs in the next patch because their small size requires their own set of animations, and I haven't got the time to do those yet. 

Speaking of grabs, they are the reason why having different skeletons can be so challenging. Let's use the goblins as an example, even though they use the same humanoid skeleton, but their different size means that all the grabs that were made for standard-size to standard-size will cease to function correctly. They would require new small size-to-standard size animations.

IK (inverse kinematics) can be used to absorb some of those differences, however, as seen in HRT, they too, will break apart pretty badly when the size difference gets too large.

So this time around, instead of having a variable humanoid character size, I will lock it into three categories: small, normal and large. This way, a unique set of animations can be made for each size-delta and should look much better.

The drawback of course, is that now I'll have even more work to do T.T. 

So, to keep my sanity, I decided to go for a quality-over-quantity approach this time around, instead of 10+ grab animations for each skeleton type, expect one or two to maybe a few, or even none.

Anyways, the poll:

Because the size is fixed in each category (small, normal, large), I have to decide how big each category is. For the small size (represented by our friendly gobbos), here are the choices:




Let me know what you think in the poll, but keep in mind, that once the decision is finalized, this will be the size for ALL small humanoid characters.

Vote here:

Thursday, August 20, 2020


Here is a new ability type - Entice. Which is kind of like an reverse grab - it makes the target grabs you instead. It is available to the Escaped Girl. You can take a look of it in action here: , near the middle-end.

Friday, August 14, 2020

[Patreon] Demo 4 - Party Selection!

Download LINK.

New build with lots of new feature is here! As mentioned previously, this is the first half to test out all the new things. The other half will be available in approximately a week featuring new enemies and missions!

So please do leave a comment if you find any bugs/crashes or have any balancing suggestions. However, if you are looking for a more complete experience, consider waiting for the next build in a week~