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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

V6.2 is here! First build in 2021! (Public)


Hope every had a good holiday and New Years. Here is my delayed Xmas present, an early public build! 


New Download LINK.

Updated to v6.21, fixed the following issues:
  • fixed certain attacks not working (only plays animation but no effect)
  • fixed push/pull cards not ending grab
  • fixed card pool for Nera to be much smaller than intended (although the DEX card poll is still small)
This is a preparation build for the equipment and character progression system to come soon. One of the new features is card colors, which will have an impact on how the progression system works. What I don't want to do is having to create a card-only progression system where there are better and better cards like Strike, Strike II, Strike III and etc. Instead, character will have stats, like STR, DEX, CHA, etc and those stats will make card effects stronger. However, STR will only improve the effectiveness of red cards, DEX for green cards, and so on. 

You can also use the resting spots to remove a card from your deck to make it more lean and efficient. 

I also felt that the gameplay was a tad on the slower side so I want to make an effort to make it play out faster. So in this patch, you'll find characters have a significantly greater move speed and some animations were sped up. (More to come on that)

  • added new feature that allows different prompts to be shown when interacting with dungeon objects
  • added card removal option at rest spot
  • added simple escape menu when ESC is pressed instead of closing the game
  • added downed/lying state - atm this is only used as a better defeat animation rather than the old target disappear in the air
  • added card color, some pickups will now only grant cards associated with each character's color
  • added card rarity, you'll find cards of different rarity during runs. Generally, rarer cards are more powerful
  • you are guaranteed rare card upgrades after boss fight
  • the overall quality of card pickups have increased
  • you only draw the Basic Action card token when you have more than 4 cards in your deck to avoid hand clutter.
  • grab initial escape DC increased from 5 to 8
  • sped up a couple of animations
  • fixed bug that cause movement to be bugged on high move speeds; increased unit move speed
  • fixed bug and now auto camera should return to current unit taking turn after that unit's action ends
  • fixed bug with auto card suggest incorrectly displaying red attack-lines when there are no attacks possible with suggested card
  • fixed bug with auto card suggest not resetting the card highlight state when player mouse over a card
  • fixed bug with cards not shrink to the small size after the player move cursor outside of card bounds


  1. Hi I'm a fan of your game could you help me please when I open it I cant see anything it's just blank with blank blocks and colours

  2. Good Things:
    -Teachers Pet / Mistress Pet. Man i still cant resist this Moves. I love them too much.
    - Game Graphic. Its better the the games before.
    - Clothing Customization. Boots and High Heels for the win !
    Not so good at the Moment:
    - no full screen option
    - cant grab own group members (why the games is called "Corrupted At The Core" when i can´t backstab own crew? ) maybe i missunderstand something ;)
    -maybe a option for camera stand on selected unit ( for better enjoyment of favorite fight in the battle)
    Last words from me for now:
    I hope this game dont go full "Dark souls" mode. Heroine rumble was perfect because you can level up and can win without playing pro skill level.
    I will buy it when its done. promised.