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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

V6.3 - resolution change and more!

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Resolution change and borderless option is finally here! It should probably be available sooner, but, in my defense, working out how to scale the various UI elements is not a trivial problem. The text scaling was particularly problematic.

One new feature of this patch is the Beckon, a self-inflicted status effect that cause enemy attacks to grab you instead, similar to what happens when you are KOed. This allows you to do things like "avoiding" a potentially big enemy attack, or enemy aggro management by sending someone in there and take one for the team. Of course, you can use this to sit back and enjoy the scene as well.

Armor/outfit breaking is also in! Pretty straight forward, characters take outfit damage when hit, and when they take enough damage, outfit will break and leaves them exposed! Currently, armor only protect against Finisher-type of moves, nothing more.

I also did some tweaking on grab damage values. Here is a summary of what each category of grab does:

== Tease ==

  • Inflict Moderate H damage
  • Inflict Minor O damage 
  • Inflict Minor H damage to user

== Pleasure == 

  • Inflict High H Damage 
  • Inflict Moderate O damage 
  • Inflict Modern H Damage to user

== Finisher == 

  • * target must be stripped *
  • Inflict High H Damage 
  • Inflict High O damage 
  • Inflict High H Damage to user 
  • Inflict High O Damage to user 

* Using H and O here to represent the pink and white damage. Else the post gets flagged.


  • Added resolution and borderless window settings
  • Card effects are now scaled by character stats (the affecting stat is depending on card color, STR->scales red cards, INT->scales blue card and so on)
  • Added new "Beckon" status, a self-inflicted effect that cause attacks to grab you instead, similar to when KOed 
  • Added new "Shaken" status, which is a depuff that causes all attack to have disadvantage. 
  • Added armor breaking and outfit/armor points.
  • When not armor broken, Finisher type grabs cannot be used on the character
  • Added new Pass Turn button
  • Certain moves will no longer force temporary outfit removal 
  • Attackers in grabs inflict higher self damage 
  • Victim can use "Commit" as well during Finisher-type grabs 
  • When using GrabSwitch, units must switch into a more intense grab type; Tease < Pleasure < Finisher 
  • Fixed a potential crash in certain gpu drivers caused by "sampler arrays indexed with non-constant expressions"

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