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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Futa content

At the time of writing, 813(59%) of you want futa content to be in game and 322(23%) of you doesnt want futa content. In addition, 375(65%) want the upcoming girl to contain futa content and 138(24%) are opposed to it. (remainders in both poll are "dont care")

So let it be official that the next girl shall introduce the game to futa content.

I also acknowledge that there are people who are totally against futa content and doesnt want to see it at all. To that end, there will be a switch at the main menu which will hide all futa content and keep the game strictly female on female. (bugs notwithstanding)

Speaking of female-on-female, "futa content" actually encompasses three distinct components:

  • futa-on-female
  • female-on-futa
  • futa-on-futa

This upcoming patch will only tackle the first component, futa-on-female, as it is rather easy to incorporate within the game framework. Futas for game purposes are just a regular female until they use a futa-only move on someone. The penis will only be shown when they are required but otherwise hidden from view.

"Attacking" on futa is not a feature that the game had in mind initially and thus much more difficult to incorporate. Remember, "futa content" was suppose to be a compromise to adding males into the game.

As a remainder, there is a futa move request page and while some already dump their load on it, adding one or two moves you really want to see will greatly increase the chance of those moves getting implemented first.


  1. LoveSeeker here,

    thank god there is a switch. speaking of a fifth girl, why not make a move request page #2?

    1. 5th girl will have futa only version released first then the non-futa version.

  2. Ah, really looking forward to this update.

    Only question i have is is the "hiding" of the penis while not in use going to stay?
    (i imagine its a "i dunno what to do with it" situation for you?)
    I think having the penis vissabel would be better, especialling dusing non-H grapples.
    Hold on i have an idea...
    something like this:
    (Minus the balls ofc)

    1. Tho that would likely require a new model so it can wait, just wanted to put the idea out there for ya :)

    2. Its hidden so its not in the way when attacked with regular moves :)

  3. If I understand it in the next update we will add the element "Futa" but there will also be an option for "not see it."

    Thank you so much for this idea because otherwise I could no longer follow and try your beautiful game in disgust of futa
    I respect you.