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Friday, November 11, 2016

v0.149 released

Been a while since "real" content so rather than keep you guys waiting here is something nice.

Download PAGE.

Patch notes

  • Added the 4th girl! She is playable in the exhibition mode.
    • she brings to the game 8 additional holds!
    • she introduces the game to humil holds -> these moves are the best at humiliating your opponent!
    • no high fantasy content yet for this patch
  • Added a SFW button! this prevents armor destruction and playing the orgasim animation. It's primary purpose is to faciliate making SFW videos :)
  • Completely redone the base body model and all the animations(because different body proportion - all the old animations are obselete)
    • MANY THANKS to some of you guys for helping out with modeling and animations, but wishes to remain anonymous 
  • Completely redone the eye model and how the eye is drawn in game. As a bonus, adjusting eye color dynamically is now possible
  • The render engine now handles reflections - this improves the overall graphic fidelty but have a particular noticable effect on shiny objects such as eyeballs
  • The default starting camera mode is now "Camera B" and the fight starts with the opponent targeted
  • Endless mode starting AI level and AI level increase per win is now higher.
  • Stamina no longer regenerates during ability usage, but stamina regen rate when it is regenerating is faster
  • + various combat tweaks 


  1. LoveSeeker here,

    downloaded this game, i love it and all H and humiliation moves. all very nice. keep up the good work. when you make a move request page for the 5th heroine, i will be ready to suggest you. Glad to be a H-game tester :)

  2. About the futa content, can you give an option to replace it with a strapon (maybe just a retexture)? Anyways, great work on this game!

  3. Did the download link get forgotten or did I miss it?

    1. It is always at

  4. I really love the new character, man you made my day or night if you know what I mean. The strapon idea is really good in my opinion. I love what you are doing here and since I am a huge fan of these type of games I wanna really thank you for all your hard work

  5. really loved the new content, no doubt the final release will be awesome.

    i just have 2 you have to do something special to unlock the career/todo mode and the other stuff in gray?. or is that it´s still unavailable?

    i would appreciate your answer

    1. Its "todo" and thus not in game yet.