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Heroine Rumble is a 3D action rape or get raped fighting/H-wrestling/battlefuck/sexfight game currently under heavy development (for real). Choose your favorite character from a roster of sexy, unique heroines and guide her to victory! (Or watch her get dominated in the arena XD)

ヒロインランブル(Heroine Rumble) は現在開発中の、「凌辱バトル/エロレス/バトルファック」のゲームです!(嘘じゃないよ!) キャラクター選択画面からオリジナルのセクシーヒロインを選んで、彼女を勝利へと導こう!(それかアリーナでドミネートされる姿を眺めるのでも(笑)

Download HERE. (v0.232)
Support/donate/get the newest version (v0.3) at Patreon! - current goal: $2000/month for character customization!

About: Heroine Rumble

Download LINK. (Alpha v0.211 Dec 20 2016)
High Performance version LINK - for those without a dedicated graphics card. (Alpha v0.15 Nov 20 2016)

By downloading, copying or playing the game, you are agreeing to be legally bound by this End-User License Agreement.

Heroine Rumble is a 3D action rape or get raped fighting/H-wrestling/battlefuck/sexfight game currently under heavy development (for real). Choose your favorite character from a roster of sexy, unique heroines and guide her to victory! (Or watch her get dominated in the arena XD)

ヒロインランブル(Heroine Rumble) は現在開発中の、「凌辱バトル/エロレス/バトルファック」のゲームです!(嘘じゃないよ!) キャラクター選択画面からオリジナルのセクシーヒロインを選んで、彼女を勝利へと導こう!(それかアリーナでドミネートされる姿を眺めるのでも(笑)

Current features:
  • Girl on girl AND futa on girl action (toggleable)
  • 5 Unique heroines! (so far)
  • 44 total animated holds (submissions, H-moves and throws) and many more to come
  • Full 3D environment with camera freedom
  • Animated EVERYTHING
  • Armor/costume/outfit damage and destruction
  • Different outfits per character
  • Various AI difficulty level 
  • Boob physics!
  • Watch and speculate match
  • Randomly generated girls and endless modes
  • Customizeable controls
  • Runs at 60 FPS with intuitive, smooth controls (requires discrete graphics card!)
  • Yuri
  • Futa
  • Monster girls
  • Humiliation
  • Ryona
  • Domination
  • Over 20+ animated sex positions already and going up, including:
    • fingering
    • pussy eating
    • face sitting
    • masturbation / mind control
    • scissors
    • groping
And many features to come, such as (not inclusive and not final):
  • Futa (toggleable) (Implement in alpha v0.2 Dec 03 2016)
  • Throws (Implemented in alpha v0.12 Oct 14 2016)
  • A better counter/grapple system
  • Environmental hazards
  • Fap mode *ahem* I mean watch mode (Implemented in alpha v0.112 Oct 05 2016)
  • Support for toasters+ and low end systems
  • Modding support?
  • More game play features and improvements!
  • More girls!
  • More moves!
  • More outfits!
  • More game modes!
  • Better AI! (Done! Along with control and balance rework in v0.13 Oct 21 2016)
All feedback and suggestion are welcome! Will try our best to incorporate every single sensible suggestions in game! (disclaimer: subjected to our time and level of difficulty of course) Get the game and follow us at https://enlit3d.blogspot.com/.


  1. Y'all motherfuckers need YHVH.

  2. IDK if it's important but when the characters squirt, it passes through the models.
    Also, I think it would be a great idea to switch between oiled skin and vice versa. Love your work man ;)

    1. Thanks,

      For squirting passes through model, it is a very difficult problem to solve. Even multi-billion shooter games like CSGO have a lot of problems with their hitboxes. So I'll pass on implement this one for now.

      As for oiled skin, I'll try to include that one once I get to work on a wet-skin shader. Just turning up the shininess of skin and make it darker wouldn't make it look right.

    2. BTW, are you planning to do a local muultiplayer mode?, it would be really fun.

    3. To actually play vs someone or to have control over both characters? But yeah its possible, probably around the patch when customizable controls is implemented.

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  4. Arceushera (arceushero@gmail.com)October 7, 2016 at 6:19 PM

    Your game seems pretty neat. The graphics are really polished.I mean, the game's only indev! Anyway, I liked the game overall, but it has some problem areas. First of all, I think it needs an explanation of controls and/or a tutorial on how to play on the main menu. Speaking of main menu, the game has no main menu, and starts on the character selection screen. That area needs improvement. Second of all, game needs 1 keyboard 2 player compatibility, a feature seen in other games similar to this, but I assume you have that planned in the future. Finally, the game needs a better camera control system. To be honest, your concept of being able to change camera views is pretty unique, and I haven't seen it in any other h-games. I know, the game's still indev, but at least make the camera system less confusing and/or frustrating. I'd suggest a better sensitivity rate for the camera movement, explanation of controls while moving camera, and an extended pause time. Anyway, thanks for making the game! I hope you continue to work on it. 10/10 would play again.

    1. Thanks for your feedback!

      Most of the things you mentioned are coming.

      I think the issue with the camera controls is the automatic camera zoom when the player attempts to move the camera outside of camera bounds. I will try disabling that in the next patch as a start. Otherwise, it is a very commonly used orbit camera setup.

      I fundamentally disagree with having a menu page where the player has to read through the controls. The game's Helper Window is a much better system (imo). I believe the real issue is pacing. The player should play versus opponents with progressively more game mechanics to let players learn the game by playing the game. In this sense, the pink girl is very bad as a first foe since her leap attack just straight up invalidate blocking. Players may be inclined to think blocking is useless rather than a powerful mechanic. Not much can be done regarding this atm but it will be better when there are more game assets to work with.

    2. One more thing I noticed is that your game doesn't run in fullscreen, and you can't maximize its window. Is that because of the way your game is designed, or is it just something you forgot to do?

    3. Didnt have time yet.

      Mostly an UI issue. The engine can run at whatever resolution, fullscreen/window and toggle on and off all the graphical effects + load external assets(mods) as well.

  5. I agree with the helper system. Though the difficulty is far too high for me, as I find myself easily beating the low setting AI. However the level 3 AI just crushes me and I can barely even get a hit in half the time. Maybe toning down the power attacks for balance could be done?

    The only other thing I can think of is trying to do something about the cpu releasing the holds right before the escape meter fills up to keep the player essentially grounded at all times in the match. That is the single most frustrating thing that I found happening in the demo.

    That is about the summary of the things that I felt were negatives in the last alpha build. The positives are just about everything else aside from the escape meter being prohibitively long in my opinion. Constantly mashing buttons just to get put right back into the same situation of mashing buttons with no escape in sight is just frustrating and I hope something can be done about that so that it does not ruin an otherwise fantastic game.

    1. There will be 2 additional AI difficulty between current diff 2 and 3. Diff 3 utilizes all mechanics in the game which is suppose to be tough to beat. You can roll in the ground by double tapping any dir key as well to avoid infinite grabs. I am also considering having the escape bar drain over time instead of instantly since many people seem to not realize about the ground roll.

  6. I'm thing you should add a new bar call "Pleasure Bar" because and If this pleasure bar refill by H-Move , the charather will be Pleasure and stunt .

  7. Hi! I was just wondering, what you're using to make this game? I'm an aspiring game dev myself. =)

    1. Blender and notepad (sublime text and notepad++) mostly.

  8. This is fuckin' challenging... I'm stuck on lvl 4. I think I'm missing something that would make this game easier... Maybe I just need to git gud. First time I've killed 5 hours and raged at a hentai game though lmao 10/10 keep up the good work.

  9. Hmm.
    Can you zoom out the defeated scene a littlebit. Then we can see the winner tease the defeated opponment :P

  10. It's very nice!

    I'm cheering from japan!

  11. Just found this - it's very nice so far!

  12. Is it possible to come up with an alternate download link I was requested to subscribe for a payment plan because the file size was too big. Came across this from toffisama's web and really am interested in trying it out.

    1. Sure, whats a good filehost?

    2. Thank you so much! I would say DepositFiles will work well <3

  13. I have played the alpha versions .211 and .22 for quite a while now and I've got a couple questions about the game.

    In .211 everything but the boots are destructible. In .22 you introduced the rip off system (which I love) but only the torso and waist are destructible. Will it be possible in future updates to rip off everything?

    I've also played so much that I can beat the lvl 5 AI without really trying now. Is lvl 5 going to be the cap? This might just be me, I play fighting games competitively.

    Not really a question but in v0.22 if you don't struggle the AI will always let you go anyway after about 5-6 seconds. In .211 they would keep going until you try to break free. Is this a bug?

    Sorry for so many questions, I love this game to death right and I'm excited about future builds. I"m definitely going to support you on Patreon. If I understand correctly you have newer builds for the $5+ supporters?

    1. 1) Undecided yet.

      2) AI lvl 5 is about 0.7 on the internal AI difficulty slider but I dont think higher lvl AI it will provide challenge to fighting game veterans without making it unfun to play against. Its possible to give AI statistical edge over the player tho.

      3) Yea, its due to internal changes that allow AI to punish the defeated opponent instead of going for pin instantly. There were also some bugs IIRC that are fixed in the Patreon build.

      4) Yeah, early access. Another build coming soon.

    2. Giving it a second thought, the point of H games is to have fun, and the current AI is pretty good. Lvl 5 is fine, in games that I figure out I just make a bunch of self challenges.

      I mainly ask about full body strip because I have a foot fetish, which is probably the worse fetish to have because %90 of H games feature girls with thigh highs. Boots, socks, etc.

      I had a feeling that's why the AI let go in the .22 build. But I'm still confused, in the next build is the AI still going to let go on a timer?

      Thanks for the quick reply.

    3. I'm an idiot, just looked at the Patreon build notes. Ignore my stupidity about the AI holds.

  14. Hey this might be a stupid question but I was messing around with this game (loving it so far btw) but the grab moves seem to be semi-random - for example I could not find a consistent way to rip clothes off or sex moves or anything like this, and when opponent was defeated using various inputs would either give the same move (for a different command) or a different move (for the same command). I could just be missing something not really sure.-

    1. Hold down a dir key while pressing the grab key. Try it on lvl 0 AIs first.

    2. I've done every command (using the little control chart) both for them on the ground and standing up - still have yet to be able to rip clothes off once, which I know is in the game because I've seen the AI do it.....

    3. Are you using v0.22? Also make sure that the dir key is pressed down when grab key is pressed, otherwise the game defaults to pick a move at random.

  15. Yep have V0.22 and holding dir key before and during the grab. Don't have an issue with other similar games (Fairy fighting for example) so really not sure why. I'll try with next release and see but loving it so far otherwise.

  16. Able to import your own models such as mmd models(.pmx files) with move set of selected character

  17. can give us some girls back story

  18. Is it possible to play this on android? I'm technologically retarded and downloaded this game as soon as I read "Futa", but have no idea how to get it to work. It says something about ".rar", but I have no idea what that is. I went to google and downloaded something to "unrar" it and all I see are a bunch of files after extracting it.

    1. No. Download winrar: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm; then double click the .rar file then double click HeroineRumble.exe.