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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some Q & A

Q: Is the 4th girl going to be released this week?

No there are some stuff been done this week that makes the completion of her impossible.

Q: What is her design?

High-fantasy H-specialist

Q: Are you moving away from wrestling?

No. The wrestling manifest in this game in the grapples and the submission/H-move/throw that follows. This is not changing. What is different is the game will no longer be bound by "realism" in ability, character and environment design.

Q: Why not just "kayfabe" wrestling?

A couple reasons:

  1. Difficult to translate the "competitive" nature into game
  2. Difficult to differentiate the characters. If you look at regular wrestling game most characters are just muscled dude in shorts. Their physique separates them but unfortunately supporting different physique in game is difficult. If you look at Rumble Roses arguably there are many costume choices but all the characters pretty much fight the same.
  3. Likely to run out of plausible wrestling based H-moves so might as well lift that requirement
  4. Focusing too much on the non-H wrestling is likely a value losing proposition; there are those games out there with magnitudes greater resources.
  5. May be too niche of a market. Can attract a larger audience by not all-in on the wrestling. Yes that means even if YOU are out but if there are 10 others to replace YOU then it is a win.
  6. The engine's combat system and AI is sophisticated. Kind of a waste to limit the game to a simpler wrestling game combat style.
Q: I dislike how the character are too quick to get up to their feet / clothing doesnt reduce H-damage / how you cant grab without two auto attacks / downed is too escapable / etc

Not going to change those things beyond minor tweaks until the grapple system rework. Or otherwise they will likely break the game balance.

Q: What is the grapple system rework?

Rebalance the grapple system and all it's complementary components, such as how submission damage is dealt, how submission is escaped, how grab attacks are handled and countered, what options the attacker and victim have in a grapple and so on.

Q: Can we have customize key controls / local 2 player mode?

Yes, the engine already separates the controller from the character so its not difficult to implement. However the UI work is tedious so medium priority.

Q: Do you plan to include the moves in the move request page?

Yes, at least some of them. A couple will come with the 4th girl. Dont forget that it is a REQUEST page and not a guarantee.

Q: Is there going to be a story?

"Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important." 
So very low priority atm.


  1. I only came here to fap.
    I would love it if we could have one-hand controls, even if its every button surrounding WASD. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

    1. Why one hand when you can free up both with "watch"

    2. This gives me an idea. What do you think about the prospect of disabling pinfall during watch mode so that the winner will continue to attack the disabled loser after zero HP? Cuz like, if you care about seeing the "1, 2, 3!", it would happen as soon as you wanted it to by returning to normal mode. So I think all it would take to do this is a behavior code instructing them to release holds after 15-30 seconds. (Because otherwise they'd maintain the same hold forever due to the "dead" character's lack of resistance.)

    3. Sounds good. Remind me again after the 4th girl if not implemented before that.

  2. So are there any other games you suggest for someone who wants kayfabe-only H wrestling?

    1. I do not know any other that havnt been mentioned.

    2. I wish. Everything I've seen is so focused on the H part that the gameplay isn't even close to wrestling. Sucks for an odd duck like me who gets almost nothing out of conventional turnons like nudity and sex, but can't get enough of things like ecchi-style clothing and cute girls jobbing it up in a one-sided wrestling match.

      Toffi-sama's Princess of the Ring was close, but it didn't qualify as wrestling in my book because it doesn't have the ability to "reset" a downed opponent by lifting her off the ground. You'd see what I mean by that if you played it.

    3. I did play PotR and was interested, but the H-related stuff wasn't really what I'm looking for. I was hoping for basically equal parts wrestling and h-stuff.

      Like in Heroine Rumble I was hoping for both damage and H-meters so you could win either way, and no fantastic elements to detract from that. I'll probably play the current version from now on.