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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and higher fantasy content.

As I work more on the game it becomes increasing apparent that keeping the game to a "realistic" wrestling game is going to be difficult. One of the major challenges is how to balance the combat system given the kayfabe nature of real wrestling. Two similar games that comes in mind are Rumble Roses and Princess of the Ring and both of them have a flawed combat system and a rather facerollable AI. (And some of the stuff from Rumble Rose are pretty far from "realistic" wrestling)

My solution to this is to make a fighting/wrestling hybrid where the combat system is balanced around an arcade-fighting-game style and wrestling moves (submissions, H-move, throws, etc) are required to actually defeat the opponent. 

The above fighting/wrestling duality isnt going to change. What is different is that the fighting in the base game will have higher fantasy elements. For starters, there will be magical attacks.

For those that are looking for a pure wrestling experience, there will be a "grapple-only" mode sometimes after the grapple system rework and if there is still interest in such a mode.

Alternatively, ditch fighting all together and let Quick Time Events/ Rock Paper Scissors to decide who gets the advantage in wrestling?


  1. Does the shift towards fantasy content mean we'll be getting monster girl and/or anthro wrestlers? Because that would be awesome.

    1. Dont see why not. Although those require new models obviously so not anytime soon.

    2. Well, many of them could be accomplished with add-on parts and different skin colors, but I don't know how the models you use actually work under-the-hood and how customizable they are. Although, given that you've already said that getting new skin colors is far harder than new clothes... Yeah, that might be a bit of a bugbear. But no rush.

      Gameplay wise, don't bother yourself with IN-DEPTH WRESTLING SIMULATION, the WWE2K series has done that and suffered for it. Just focus on making the game fun and arcadey and sexy. If you have to draw inspiration from any major wrestling game, look at WWE All-Stars, which is wildly over-the-top ridiculous high-flying action entertaining enough for the Super Best Friends to have covered no less than three times.

    3. Can I get some paragraphs on how the combat system work in that game? I watched like 10 mins of it but its still not clear to me.

      As for skin color, I dont recall saying its harder than new clothes but its rather that there hadn't been work done to support it.

    4. I didn't mean in the mechanical sense, just the aesthetics of the impossible feats of strength and acrobatics. In terms of mechanics, keep things as they are or, if you have to expand somehow, just crib off the AKI Engine that powered pretty much every good wrestling game released on the 3rd and 4th generation consoles.

      I am assuming you are at least somewhat familiar with the AKI Engine?

    5. Nop not familiar with AKI engine at all.

    6. Huh. Well that's okay.

      Anyway, these are just suggestions from an anon who sucks. Ultimately this is your game, your decisions, and you should work at your own pace so you don't get burned out or break something. You're not running a patreon or working with a big team with dedicated development roles (and given how that's turned out for other h-game makers, that's probably for the best).

      What you've done so far is wonderful, and if you keep going along this track, you'll have an excellent little h-game in a sadly underrepresented genre.

  2. I would like more content focused on wrestling

  3. I like the idea of adding more fantasy elements in. It will make it easier to make each fighter feel unique, and hopefully add a lot of material for h-moves. I'd still prefer the game to be focused on wrestling, though, just with magic added in to facilitate the less realistic attacks.

    I like the direction the gameplay is headed right now. It's deep enough to play mind games with the AI ( such as after knocking them down, punch once then block to bait out their wakeup attack, then punish) and winning the neutral game rewards you with a submission or sex attack. I'd like to see more focus on making every special move have a purpose and a counter to it, and improving the defense system. Right now there's no reason not to use your wakeup attack or roll when you're knocked down. Maybe if you increased their cooldown and increased the speed you escape holds at higher green health percentage, players would have to think more carefully about when to use their escapes.

    Overall, I think this game has a lot of potential for both h-content and pure gameplay. I see no reason to dumb it down to a rock-paper-scissors game. Looking forward to your next release!

  4. I prefer the standard "kayfabe" style games where instead of having figher-esque wakeup options, they just lie prone for a while, open to minor followup damage from moves like stomp and elbow drop, and recover / prevent infinites by reversing grab attempts.

    So my ideal game would basically be wwe / rumble roses, except with solutions to what you and me both didn't like about them. Like reversal on cooldown to fix the constant turnarounds, and making reversal only push the attacker away and return to neutral, instead of switching control by knocking them down.

  5. I prefer pure wrestling ala Rumble Roses except with H elements. If you included magic, futa, furries etc i'd prefer there be a "realistic mode" with the ability to turn those features off.