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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Alpha v0.14 Released!

Download PAGE.


  • Endless Mode! Fight against an endless wave of randomly generated girls and see how long your girl can last!
  • 2 New automatic camera controls! Toggle-able in match and customize-able via mouse.
  • A new "Z" key for snapping the camera for manual camera controls.
  • An updated HelperWindow to reflect the camera controls.
  • An additional outfit!
  • 3 new hair models (the Sapphire's old hair model is scraped due to bad UV, likely to replace Ruby's hair too)
  • Textured hair and a new hair shader for additional shininess.
  • A main menu screen!
  • A new locker background for character select screen. Thanks to freeko for his excellent work!
  • Some more tweaks to the combat system, in particular:
    • getting up from downed position no longer has invul frames; this looked awkward and played awkward
    • instead, the cooldown of ground escapes are reset whenever this getting up animation is played and while in downed position, character have additional stamina regen.
  • Reduced AI difficulty of lower level AI further
  • Fixed bug that caused AI to use abilities less often than it should. 
  • Lots of changes this patch and and looking forward to your bug reports!


  1. how do you change outfits?

  2. Matches seem to go very fast now. I think that the damage done is very high compared to where I feel the level of damage dealt was previously.

    1. RNGed girls have generally less HP than the main roster.

  3. Enlit3D Hello, I must say that the game is evolving better and better and I want to congratulate for this.
    I tried the new way and I really enjoy just that unfortunately there is a big problem: the wrestlers generated very often have an artificial intelligence so low that look like dummies who move only every now and then stand still for most of the time .

    You can do something for this bug?
    For the event it will be added new submission moves, H-Submission and / or Pin?

    Thanks in advance

    1. The generated girl's AI will increase as you win more. I am looking for more data on what the suitable starting AI difficulty is and how much it should increase per win. So vote on the poll :)

      New moves will come with the 4th girl.

  4. I don't particularly see a bug post page, either because I'm blind and or dumb, or there isn't one, but...

    The Watch option doesn't appear after defeating the 3rd Difficulty (Ruby), I beat both Amber and Ruby, I unlocked Amber as normal, but Watch doesn't become an option (Presumably under Gallery, which is disabled still) But it doesn't show "Beat this to unlock Watch".

    1. No wait I am dumb, I see it now, I didn't see it first...

      That visual bug still is there, so I'm not completely useless, also playing as Amber can be a little cheesy since you can trap the opponent in the corner, and as they get up, go for a grab, and do the slam, it even works on level 5 (Albeit she rolls, but you still catch her if you angle yourself) and I defeated her with 55% HP left.

      Wanted to let you know that since you didn't want this to be like Rumble Roses

    2. Watch is not a mode, but a button on top of screen you can toggle on and off during a match.

      So a recovery trap is still possible. I knew it could be a problem and there were solutions but most people wanted downed state to be harder to escape from... what to do, what to do... ideas?

    3. The exhibition UI is just a placeholder so dont care too much about the visual bug. Good find tho.

  5. Well, the main reason why it is possible, is because you can grab while they're getting up, and I think I remember you saying something about invincibility while getting up or something, well that doesn't apply to grapples

    Maybe make it so when the victim is getting up, revert to the QQA combo requirement, instead of when they finally reach the standing position?

    1. That was the case then the invul is reverted because it plays and look weird. QQA doesnt work since the player can time the QQA so A hits when the opponent is standing up.

    2. Hmm, so... maybe just curl up in the fetal position and pretend it's not a problem until the grapple rework comes around (Like most AAA devs do)

      Maybe make the roll ability cause stagger? And make it like guaranteed to stagger but deal 0 damage, but only when doing the roll from the ground, but maybe make it so the hitbox doesn't linger long enough for it to be an OP initiation?