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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

V0.631 - Sword and Shield

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Implemented the new sword and shield weapon set + bug fixes. There are also reports that the boss room in SOS #2 is empty but I am unable to replicate the issue at my end. So if you are experiencing this problem, please send a savefile + indicate whether you are using mods and/or have used cheats on that save.


- added "sword_and_shield" weapon type
-   this allows to block attacks coming from any swing direction
-   however, it has the following drawbacks:
-       1) takes stamina to block
-       2) can't "bounce" opponent's swings (for example, from parries)
- on new saves, the player begins the game with "sword_and_shield" with "ceremonial_sword" in inventory
- fixed bug with "ruins" not showing up after "woods"
- goblin goon squad takes a lot longer to spawn in goblin lair to give players more lenient time limit to finish the dungeon
- fixed movement keys causes camera to pan when player is in a grab (use the camera keys for that)
- AI should now participate in threesomes+ when player initiates a grab on a defeated UNIQUE enemy

Saturday, September 28, 2019

V0.63 - Ruins Part 1

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Ruins Part 1 is here! Finished implementing some of the new units but had no time to work on the Map itself. So instead, used the "old" dungeons system to give players an opportunity against those new units.

In the picture is the new "Knight's Set." The Plate Armor were done by a modder in the past and it is awesome! But I feel some people may want a heavy armor option that is more thematic with the game's existing sets. Have fun :)


- added new weapon type: dual daggers
- added new set: "rogue_set"
- added new set: "knights_set"
- added new area "Ruins" that is available after "Woods"
-   note: still in development, not finished, the 2nd floor is likely overtuned in terms of difficulty
-   note: m_goto "ruins_dev" allows you to directly teleport to Ruins
-   tip: charged attacks dont bounce
- the new items can be dropped by enemies found in the Ruins area

- added camera shift functionality back to the game - default keys are Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys. Rebindable in Options-Controls
-   in addition, the camera shift maximum range is increased by ~50%
- fixed a somewhat rare stackoverflow bug
- fixed issues with projectiles failing to hit targets near obstacles (walls, floors, etc)
- reduced damage, cleave, flinch time and increased stamina cost of 2handers
- added a bunch new experimental AI behaviours in some of the new units
- AI can now use charged attacks - charged attacks don't bounce and is more effective at bypassing armor
- other tweaks to combat AI
- fixed "export_unitdata" exporting incorrect equipment data when certain cheats are used
- fixed issue with the restrain_chain_feet model that cause it to have a erroneous ring around the neck area
- fixed game crush when cumming on moves with .animDuration < 0.55
- fixed a bug that cause you to be able to meet already recruited units due to a faulty check implementation
- game will now ignore moves marked with "disabled" under "moveData" in anticipation of tools that allow you to toggle move on/off
- fixed bug with "Loot All" button not working before inventory is opened

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sneak Peak 2

Here is a preview of the boss on the first floor of Ruins. I saw quite a few "monster" designs by modders and I thought, hey, that's pretty cool. Let's add one to the base game too. And voila. I also added a few tricks to it so its not completely helpless versus ranged attacks: ;) 

Here is a gif of it in action:

Saturday, September 7, 2019

V0.622 bugfixes

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Build is here! This is a bugfixing patch to address some issues with v0.62. It turns out to be more stable than I expected, which is nice. I took the time to implement some features requested by various modders. Hope to see them get put to good use!

Another thing is that if you are on a PC with both integrated graphics card and a dedicated card, the game doesn't run with the high performance graphics card for some people. If you are experiencing this issue, right click on the .exe and select "run with graphics processor" -> "High-performance Processor."

Next up, the Ruins area.

- removed redundant .completionRewards that cause warning messages
- fixed bug that allows you to met duplicates
- reassigned the UID for "Emeria" from "EMER" to "UNITDATA_EMER" for consistency, this does mean you can get 2 "Emeria"s temporarily until the save-incompatiable patch
- fixed bug with last floor of dungeon displaying "To Next Floor" instead of "Exit Dungeon"
- "m_create" and "m_load" will now bypass build restrictions until next zone change
- player breaking out of grab now has a chance to automatically breaks the restraints too to prevent unescapeable grabs
- minimum grab escape time reduced from 5 secs to 3 secs
- non unique allies no longer loses 100% of their hp when cumming
- units now no longer drop items from their inventory. Note: they still drop from their equipment, those two are not the same
-   Looking into some way of defining a droptable at map level, but that isn't implemented for this patch
- added two new teams: "ARENA_A" and "ARENA_B" that are only hostile to each other in anticipation of implementing a arena when the player can speculate
- added new map trigger type: "kill_arena_units"
-   can be used in dialogue setting with <EFFECTS>, for example {<EFFECTS>:[{"type": "kill_arena_units"}]}
- devices now no longer raises heat when its "category" is "hold" (for example, when placed onto a device without another user interacting with you)
- units can now define a "charFlags" under "character" to store some mod data about the unit. For example: "character": {"name":... , "charFlags":["IS_MOD_CHAR", "IS_BOSS"], ...}
- added a "reqFlags" for "attacker"/"victim" under move_data that makes the move only availiable if the attacker/victim satisfy all the flags. For example: "h_move...": {"attacker": {reqFlags: ["IS_MOD_CHAR", "IS_BOSS"]}...}

Sunday, August 25, 2019

V0.62 - Deterministic Companions

Patreon LINK.

Patch is finally here! I redesigned the "map" progression system and got rid of the random companion recruitment in place of something better.  As you progress and unlock new maps, you will meet recruit-able companions in the process.

A lot of things got changed at once, and there is a non-zero chance that this patch wouldn't play nicely with older saves. If a problem arise (and you are using an older save), I encourage you to try it with a fresh save. Yes, you will lose all the progress in doing so and yes it sucks, but trying to maintain a lot of "legacy" stuff is very time consuming especially now that certain things are done quite differently than how they are implemented in this past. For this reason, a save-incompatible patch is coming up in the near future.

If you did a lot of work on the Tent area and wish to keep it, there is a mod that does this: .

Here is another mod, the Deep Cave mod which is a new map filled with lots and lots of goblins: 


- Redesigned the dungeons
-   you will no longer met potential allies randomly in the map "Dungeon"
-   instead, you will met recruitable as you progress along the missions
-   you will probably need to unlock the areas again
-   may not work well with older saves, recommended to use a fresh save
- fixed portal in your Own Room not giving options on where to go
- fixed AI weapon switch crushes the game if the AI unit is unarmed
- you can no longer use construction items in non-safe areas. In addition, the game will issue a warning when placing objects in zones that are not saved
-   the above is ignored if cheats are enabled
- fixed spawn units/props triggers are not spawning in correct locations in multi room dungeons
- changed the path separator in base game to '/'(Windows + Unix) from '\\'(Windows only)
- added unlockable zones in the location picker in form of ???
- added experimental support for up to 5 attackers for modded animations
- added simple nested folder handling inside a mod folder to deal with common issue where the folders are unzipped as data/MOD_FOLDER/MOD_FOLDER/stuff instead of data/MOD_FOLDER/stuff
- added manual button mashing - can be disabled in Options/Controls
- unique units now attack slower (but still faster than non-uniques)
- added new dialogue EXEC option: "MARK_CURRENT_ZONE_COMLETE" to mark current zone/map as completed in dialogues
- NPCs are now no longer attackable
- Finishing last floor of dungeon now takes you back to town instead of first floor of dungeon
- fixed game crush when changing zones while placed on a device

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Some Upcoming Features

1) Button mashing!
By popular vote, this feature is now in the game. In a situation that you need to escape, mash either LMB, RMB or the movements keys to fill the escape bar. This is on by default but you can switch it to "auto" button mash (the current system) under Options - Controls.

2) Nested mod folder handling
When you extract a mod folder, it is very easy to end up with the mod folder being nested inside another folder of the same name. For example, /data/mod_folder/mod_folder/.... The game expects the mod folders to be be in the form of /data/mod_folder/... and so it will give a "nothing is loaded" warning. In the next patch, the game will detect this common pattern and loads the mods correctly in nested mod folder. Hopefully this will decrease the amount of "why is the mod not working" problems.

3) Unlockables in the map selection menu
Another common question people have is "how do I unlock map X" or "are these all the maps in game" etc. And currently, it is hard for the game to provide an in-game answer to the question. Consider two maps, map A and map B. Currently there are meta data on map A that tells it to unlock map B. However, when looking at map B by itself, it doesn't know how it is unlocked either!

It was a work in progress in the past couple of patches to migrate to a requirement based system. Now, the game keeps track of which maps you completely separately. Maps may also have a new additional data, "mapPrereqs" that says exactly how and when the map is made available. Going back to the map A and map B example. Instead of map A unlocking B, now map A doesn't have to unlock anything. Map B has it own data that tells it it's requirements. And now, when looking at map B by itself, the game now knows how the player can unlock it.

As a result of this change, now, you will see "???" in the map selection menu indicating potentially unlockable maps.

What's more, is that when you select one of those "???"s, the game now tells you exactly how to unlock it:

BTW, this system is somewhat "smart" in that it will only show maps that you can unlock in the "near future." For example, after unlocking the first two "???"s, the selection menu will now show the next areas that you can unlock:

Finally, I am currently working on re-working the first couple of dungeons. I am going to remove the "randomly met a potential ally in Dungeon" mechanic, and instead make them recruitable allies that you met along the way.