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Monday, June 25, 2018

[Patreon] V4.5

Patreon LINK.

I was actually aiming for the patch release in the last week, but one thing led to another, and here we are. (That's why there's no release dates :P)

Implemented lots of new features this patch, so hopefully its not too buggy. The Encounter Zones are very bare-bones atm, but you can be assured that it will be extended in the future.

  • implemented item descriptions when hovering over items
  • implemented bow and arrows
  • - implemented ammo, the game uses a global ammo pool that is shared with all ranged weapons that consumes weapon
  • implemented non flat terrain and encounter maps
  • implemented 8 new positions (5 M/F, 2 F/M, 1 F/F)
  • implemented outfit stripping
  • enemies now select positions based on what's available (include mods) rather than from a fixed list
  • minion enemies are now grabbable. Weapons with high impact damage is especially effective at this.
  • implemented a yes/no prompt check when "back to camp" button is pressed to help against fat fingering
  • implemented a chatbox/logging system on the bottom of right of screen to notify players things that may not be obvious
  • - when "ammo" are looted - they are automatically looted when opening the container
  • cumming may now leave cum behind
  • implemented new collision handling for already colliding objects
  • implemented various optimizations

  • fixed incorrect weights in the slave_set
  • fixed bug that cause the interaction prompt to linger longer than it should
  • fixed possible crush due to HotBar loading invalid or spent items
  • fixed units in orgasm not having invulnerability at start
  • fixed crush at bartering window when dragging invalid item into it
  • fixed quest not working
  • fixed bug with projectiles not hitting nearby enemies and issue on enemies near walls
  • fixed inv icons disappearing when dragging the scrollbar while inventory size is small
  • fixed bug with swapping items in the hotbar not updating the change visually

  • modding changes
  • - more diagnostic messages
  • - simplified the mod installation process
  • - as a result, mods from previous versions are incompatible with new version

To Modders: the game now loads from every folder in the /data/ folder. In each folder there must be a _FilesToLoad.json but you can freely structure the files inside each mod folder however you see fit. To migrate from previous version, simply move all the file dependencies into a new folder, and add an appropriate _FilesToLoad.json inside.


  1. I dont understand how to grab minions??

  2. after v4.5 sometimes my game gets stuck loading on a file and wont open. then when i close and relaunch the game it gets stuck on the same file. Anyone else have this issue?

  3. nvm figured it out lol