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Friday, June 15, 2018

More positions, more fun!

I think the previous patches made great strides in game mechanics and features, but it still leaves the lewd side of things lacking. So I am currently working on add more "positions" into the game.
Previously, the "positions" are called "moves," but there might be some confusion between "moves" and "abilities." I think "positions" is a better name for it.

Now here is a question, if you can port one "position" (called "move") from Heroine Rumble to the new game, which one would it be? Note: as mentioned previously, NG and HR uses different rigs and things can't just be transferred over automatically! Ask the modders that tried... ;)

Unfortunately, patreon's poll have a max 20 options limit, so this have to be done the old fashioned way: Name a position/move from HR you want to see again and if others agree, "like" it.

Heres the HR list:

  • Exposed Rollup (H): Roll opponent up and eat her out from behind....
  • Venus Flytrap (H): Roll your opponent on the ground with her legs in the air. While...
  • Intimate Pin (H): Force yourself ontop of opponent, pinning her. Then take advanta...
  • Half Crab (H): Flip over opponent and sit on her. With one hand take control of...
  • Eat Out (H): Push the legs of the lying opponent nice and wide, and give her ...
  • Sharpshooter (H)
  • Octopus (H)
  • Scissor (H): Few moves can match the waves of pleasure brought by intense cli...
  • Banana Split (Humil): Splits opponent's legs really far apart. A very humiliating pose...
  • Facesit (Humil): Show your dominance over your opponent suffocating her with your...
  • Kiss And Finger (H): Attack your opponent from 2 positions with a combination of tong...
  • Reverse Scissors (H): Control and choke your opponent's head with your powerful thighs...
  • Missionary (Futa): Roll your opponent's leg up and put your wieght on her, restrain...
  • Side Carry (Futa)
  • Clamp n Fondle (H): Apply a powerful clamp on your opponent's body with your legs. W...
  • Downward Scissors (H): Scissor your opponent to a battle of pleasure, but this position...
  • Mistress's Pet (Humil)
  • Teacher's Pet (Humil)
  • Sixty Nine (Futa): Sex in a sixty-nine position....
  • Open Wide (Futa): Sex her in a spooning position....
  • Facial Pressure (BJ)
  • Restrained Fondling (H): Restraint opponent from behind and play with opponent's boobs....
  • Restrained Fingering (H): Restraint opponent from behind and give her a nice clit message....
  • Kiss (Humil): Entrance the target with gentle kisses, lowering their resistanc...
  • Boob Lick (H): Place opponent on your knee and give her nipples a thoughout cle...
  • Dragon Sleeper (H): Bend your opponent backwards, and choke her in your arm. Her nip...
  • Upside Down (H): Eat your opponent out, but this time she is in the air and upsid...
  • Mind Control (H): Take control of your opponent and command her to masturate. May ...
  • Spanking (Humil): Place your opponent on your lap, with her butt outwards and expo...
  • Stepping (Humil): Open your opponent's legs wide and apply pressure on her crotch ...
  • Grapevine Smother (Humil): Bury your opponent in your breasts....
  • Lick N Finger (H): Paralyze your opponent with a bite on the neck while working her...
  • Lifted Carry (Futa): Lift up your opponent and spread her legs. Then sex her from bel...
  • Doggy (Futa)
  • Tight Kiss (Humil): Climb on the opponent for a more passionate kiss....
  • Deep Throat (BJ): Force your penis down your opponent's throat....
  • Primal Urge (Futa): Push your opponent down on all fours, like a dog, then sex her f...
  • Take Head (BJ): Squeeze your opponent's head with your thighs and force her into...


  1. Mistress's Pet (Humil)

  2. Choose for me,pr pretty much any futa move

  3. Missionary (Futa)

  4. Mind Control (H)

  5. Restrained Fondling (H)

  6. Missionary futa,But from the enemies to you, another thing, try to have animations of more than one enemy also, ie they can fuck you two enemies not only one

    1. Add also the separate orgasms and add the cum effect in the body with the semen orgasm visible

  7. 1 Eat Out
    2 Lifted Carry
    3 Doggy
    4 Primal Urge
    5 Tight Kiss
    6 Mind Control
    7 Kiss
    8 Boob Lick
    9 Scissor
    10 Side Carry
    11 Open Wide
    12 Facial Pressure
    13 Missionary
    14 Deep Throat
    15 Sixty Nine
    16 Exposed Rollup
    17 Kiss And Finger
    18 19 20 new moves :)
    ty for yore hard wrok

  8. Add them all! >:v/

  9. Doggy and Missionary are my favorites.

  10. 100% Sixty Nine, it's a holy must have position that is very important and sexy!!!

  11. All of the futa scenes... especially the ones involving lifting and carrying.

  12. Eat Out. Just push her open and go for it.

  13. Some of my favorites:

    Side Carry
    Mistress's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Open Wide
    Mind Control
    Dragon Sleeper
    Lifted Carry
    Tight Kiss
    Deep Throat
    Primal Urge

    Bonus point for Ceiling Hold, which is not technically a H-move, but was really nice.

  14. Venus Flytrap (H) uh I love that movement ^.^

  15. Venus Flytrap (H)
    Move is so amazing! ^w^

  16. Definitely Reverse Scissors (H)

  17. Banana Split (Humil)
    Will be very Humiliating in combat :p