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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Bows are a long requested feature and it is finally here! It took a while to make it work because it requires some new animation tech, but I hope it's worth it!

In testing, I noticed that projectiles do not hit nearby foes or foes near walls reliably. I tracked down the issue and it is fixed for next build. This fix applies to other projectile weapon as well, not just bows.

I considered several different ammo implementations, and I decided to use a shared-ammo pool approach. Which means all weapons that consumes ammunition will drain from the same ammo pool. The primarily motivation behind this is to reduce the inventory clutter.

upsa from discord made some new weapons for the game! Those looks pretty sweet and you can find download link + detailed installation instructions below:




  1. All this is very good, but do not forget that it is a game of pornography, you have to include things like slavery, new animations, new enemies, sexual traps and many more things

    1. By new enemies I'm not talking about generic girls with hairstyles and new clothes, I mean also monster girls, Orcs, slimes and many other creatures

    2. those suggestion were already polled

    3. The game is literally anything he decides to make it. It's probably not going to be ALL porn. HR was pretty good in its balance, and I'm sure the completed project will be amazing.