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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mod Packs

One feature of v4.5 is the easier installation of mods. Just drag and drop the mod folders into the installation_folder/data/ folder and you are done! Of course, this meant compatiability breaking changes from the previous version. So special thanks to modders who upgraded the mods to work with v4.5! Here are two mod packs that some peeps may want to try:

@Ursa mod pack: DOWNLOAD.

@PowerModder mod pack: DOWNLOAD.

*I havn't got a chance to verify the packs myself so all of these are provided as is. 

Finally, a sneak peak of a new feature:
Hmm, I wonder...


  1. At the moment I am seeing several things, one is that there are still few animations and you need animations not only male, but also need many lesbian and, the animations in which touch with the hand the vagina have to be perfected, the vagina looks Very ugly needs to look better, would be good to implementases more life in the village and we could enter homes and talk with NPCs that slyest deceive and rape, sexual traps and slavery would be fine. I noticed that there are still problems with the camera to focus on sexual animation as the camera remains anchored to the protagonist when it should be free as in Skyrim, in Skyrim you can move alone with the camera throughout the stage is not anchored to Character you control when you're in the middle of sex, you should do that.Another thing is that when the male characters reach orgasm The semen does not go well from the tip and looks the same as the animation to reach the woman orgasm, should be seen more as semen.

  2. Then to work the mods the only thing I have to do is paste the mod files in the Data folder and it works, no?

    1. Yep. The individual folders, not the whole directory.

  3. Do we happen to have a date for the next expected public release? Some of the stuff looks really nice so I've been checking back daily, can't wait.

  4. Where is the move ''Mind control'' there a lot of person who wanted the mind control :/