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Saturday, October 15, 2016

A new girl appears! Alpha v0.121

Same place as always to download.

EDIT: Oct 15: released alpha v0.121 fixing the following:

  • fixed invul period after grab release not working
  • fixed phantom throws when using throws without sufficient stamina
  • refined a couple of animations that were looking odd
  • Amber(Yellow) now has a lvl5 difficulty version. May want to get some practice against her now because who knows what she'll unlock

Welcome the new girl to the family:

One of the new moves

The playable version must be unlocked by defeating the AI:

"Watch" sure is convenient:

AI is winning!

PS: doing some heavy stuff in the background while recording thus the non 60 FPS

Patch notes v0.12 Oct 14 2016:

  • Added 3rd Girl!
    • She brings to the game 8 additional animated punishments (to a total of 24 in game) and 4 additional combat moves 
    • She also introduces the game to throws! Throws uses the same familiar grab-punish system - grab foe, then punish! Throws has its own unique way of dealing damage to the opponent compared to submissions and H-moves and you may want to test out different combinations!
    • Of course, she has her own unique outfit as well if bikini wrestlers isnt your thing
    • Girls are not officially named yet so they are referred by their color for now

  • To address the complaint of being infinite combo to death by the AI and the snowball-y ness, here are the following changes:
    • fixed armor break bug causing the character to lose all her stamina
    • grabbing-punish-hits no longer causes stamina damage
    • releasing the opponent from either grabbing or during a hold will make the opponent invulnerable while she is falling from the air.

  • Blocked melee strikes will drain the attacker at least 10.0 points of stamina (this makes blocks more effective against auto attacks)
  • To ease the difficulty jump between old lvl2 and lvl3 AI, there are two additional AI difficulty levels in between.
  • AI lvl for unlocking "watch" is reduced from (new lvl range) lvl5 to lvl4
  • Added additional AI routine to make it less predictable
  • Fixed AI bug that caused it unable to use auto-attack. Not sure how this will affect the overall difficulty tho. On the one hand AI will block/counter less but on the other hand AI is more aggressive.

  • Redid default model topology. Which means there is now a new face for all the girls. I hope no one got too attached to the old model.
  • Moved hip bone further up to allow for more correct deform at the waist area (such a hard area to do given the wide range of possible motion, particularly in this game)
  • Girls' arms are now slightly shorter
  • Due to above changes, some animations may be a bit rough/incorrect. They will be refined over time.

  • Disabled the automatic camera zoom feature when camera is moved out of bounds since it was causing confusion to some players.

  • Attempted a fix for a rare problem that caused in match buttons (pause + watch) to not show up. If you had this problem and this fixed/didnt fix the problem, please leave a comment. Please make sure this problem is not caused by your screen size too small to fit the entire game.
  • Fixed bug that caused game physics to de-sync if run at lower than 60 FPS. (Although you guys may want to wait for the high perf version)


  1. Nice. But it looks like a cheese tactic I used before is still available. When I mash the grab button after releasing a hold, it grabs them out of the falling animation into another standing grapple, which should mean that the re-grab happens before it's possible to input roll/wakeup.

    1. Ah yes downed state canceled the invul period. Try again tomorrow :)

  2. Found a funny glitch. The throws use stamina, so if you use one without having enough, it cancels and you go into the stamina recovery slump, but the opponent still gets powerbombed by a ghost.

    1. Good catch. Last minute balancing attempt sucks lol. Fixed now.

  3. Does Yellow have destroyable clothing? I dont seem to be able to break her outfit.

    1. Worked for me. Also... Ruby, Sapphire, Yellow. It's possible to maintain the theme by changing that to Amber.

  4. I didn't have the pause or watch buttons, but I also can't see the website address either. I guess that answers that. Another note, is there supposed to be text saying that if you beat an AI you unlock watch mode? Cause if so then last save data carried over to this one.

    1. Is your screen resolution 1600 by 900? If so the bottom part of the game is not displayed and thus you wouldnt see the buttons.

      Save carry over is what is suppose to happen.

    2. Lowered the screen resolution and it worked! Will future versions have Sapphire and Ruby's alternative colors playable? I like their darker color version more. <3

  5. I was thinking maybe some tribbing grind you could add maybe. ^_^

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The special move inputs are still super terrible to use effectively, especially since Heel Ruby can bust out Stomp at anytime and drop your combo/stuff your grab/fuck your dog.

    Can we get a dedicated special button or some kind of simplification on input? It feels like they only go off if you hit all three keys at once, and when you're trying to desperately go for the jumping axe handle...


  8. Now that I have played it a bit, I think you tried for a sharpshooter kind of move for the yellow girl? I think that idea, while a decent one in principal, needs to be changed in some way since it just does not look right to me. The rest of her moveset is pretty good otherwise.

    Just my opinion, so use it for what it is worth (not much, if anything at all)

    1. Yea the victim's ass is too high and too in front of the attacker to expose herself to the attacker's fingers.

      Turns out that H variation of wrestling submissions are kinda difficult because often the body parts of each girls dont line up for that to happen.

  9. "8 additional animated punishments" how can I do this?

    1. By playing as/against her :)

    2. what I mean that is "are they wrestling moves?"

    3. ok for an example, enemy on the ground and I grabbed her and q is punish. it is only hitting to the crotch. then this is where I need to know the other types of punishment while enemy on the ground.

    4. Oh "punishments" in the notes means submission/H-move/throws

    5. u know what? nvm :)

  10. Haven't played in several updates but any AI above level 2 makes it apparent how rough the combat system.

    Yes, I read your posts about how I need to "treat it like Dark Souls", except in Dark Souls, I'm not fighting with the controls to strafe and dodge, the normal camera position is designed for combat, the game actually gives appropriate visual feedback (Ex; that stomp having a massive range. If you're going to do that, give it a shockwave at least).

    I'm not really struggling to beat the AI, I'm struggling to use the controls. The double tap feature for the special attacks is either unresponsive or they're just poorly designed, any sort of combo start is ruined by my character phasing through my opponent, and half the time my character just starts attacking in the wrong direction.

    1. Thanks for your feedback!

      Well you do not need to defeat any AI above level 2 to enjoy the main game. Please note the alpha nature of these releases to test and refine the game's mechanics.

      The feedback on the double tap feature is very rough and I am not certain on the exact difficulty.

      Phasing through opponent is probably caused by the AI using her jump attack to counter your move.

      Attacking in wrong direction is probably caused by using guarding too early. Your character stops turning when guarding.