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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Feedback and Improvement #1: Keyboard and Camera Controls.

There are some issues raised regarding the game's controls. I am not sure if this is a loud minority or legitimate issue because most of you are Anons.

So let this be the place to discuss the keyboard and camera controls and how it can be improved.

Please note that this game requires a certain degree of finesse and timing to defeat the higher difficulty AIs. The nature of an alpha is to test and refine game mechanics and its much simpler to tone down an AI that is too difficult and much much harder to make the AI more difficult without "cheating" if its too easy in the first place. Treat the high level AIs as optional end-game content rather than something you need to face in a regular basis for the main game.

Please indicate, the following if possible to help us isolate the problem and how we can fix it:

1) the situation that you encountered an issue with controls
2) the sequence of keys/mouse movements you inputed
3) what you expected to happen
4) what actually happen in game
5) (optional) suggestions on how to handle the situation better, the more detailed the better.


  1. no problem at all xD

  2. Fantastic game, the third girl (yellow) have some great submission, a real female wrestling (sexy and so cute) match!

    Good job until now.

  3. If you double-tap Q while on the ground, it'll do the wake-up kick and immediately buffer a basic attack for when you're standing like, 2 seconds later.

    1. Hmm ok maybe input buffer should only work in the last X ms of an action.

  4. 77 votes so far and still no feedback on where the problem is except on input buffering. Hmm.

  5. amber has the best move list of all the characters in Heroine Rumble