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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Upcoming difficulty changes

Since the release of the unlockable "watch" feature, which forced players to challenge themselves against the (old) difficulty 3 AI, many players had issues regarding AI unfairness, infinite combos and game balance. To address some of these issues, here are some of the changes already implemented for the next patch:

  • fixed armor break bug causing the character to lose all her stamina
  • grabbing-punish-hits no longer causes stamina damage
  • releasing the opponent from either grabbing or during a hold will make the opponent invulnerable while she is falling from the air.
  • Blocked melee strikes will drain the attacker at least 10.0 points of stamina (this makes blocks more effective against auto attacks)
  • To ease the difficulty jump between old lvl2 and lvl3 AI, there are two additional AI difficulty levels in between.
  • AI lvl for unlocking "watch" is reduced from (new lvl range) lvl5 to lvl4


  1. thanks for all your efforts friend, the game is very good

  2. where is the link? and about the 3rd heroine? ^^

    1. They are *upcoming* Changes. They will be released in the next patch.