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Friday, September 23, 2016

Incoming changes

For those that are following, here is a sneak peak of parts of the changelog for next version, alpha v0.101:

    - implemented pinfalls
    - you can now play as the pink girl in exhibition mode
    - camera will now automatically zoom on the girls when they grapple, then zoom out to the original distance afterwards.
    - game is now paused when you are actively controlling the camera. 
        * ability effects sync may be off atm due to animation system change

    - changed lighting settings to put more emphasize on whats going on inside the ring
    - implemented shader dithering to reduce color gradient banding

    - fixed animation system bug that caused animations to not play correctly
        * this have a very noticeable effect in game and the game is now much smoother! 

    - fixed sliding attack causing the character to turn towards opponent
    - AI improvements: (thanks Anon)
        - fixed AI bug that allowed them to be defeated easily
        - AI will now attempt to "superarmor" through your attacks

    - fixed grabbing-hit hits counted twice
    - evasion roll base cooldown reduced from 12.0 sec to 6.0 sec
    - doubled evasion roll stamina cost
    - evasion roll cooldown is now reset when the character is grabbed
    - some animations/abilities are now faster
    - basic attack now takes stamina to use
    - running now takes more stamina to maintain
    - disabled during-grapple actions except "release" for now
    - prevented wake-up kick from doing the spin-in-mid-air animation

    - strikes now causes some permanent damage
    - regenerative state (when green bar goes to 0) now takes ~5.0 sec to complete instead of ~7.0 sec

    - the world is now closer to the sun and gravity is about 20% stronger

    - added a text pop up when the player is trying to use abilities they cant use yet

    - added preliminary support for head, tail and dick model attachments to the engine


  1. Hello! First time ive come across this game, i have to say, this is amazing work.I wish the best of luck :D and i will continue to follow this game to the end. Cannot wait for the next update :D

  2. Awesome! pins! and possible futa in the future! XD

  3. head and tail! that means cat ears and cat tail right?! nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! meow meow meowm eow meow meow meow mwoemwoemwoemwo! I'm so happy!!!! thank you!!! ^^

  4. woah i cant wait,so far your game so awesome and its only pre preprepreprperpep pre alpha version!

    sorry for being pushy but how long you think it will take to release the new version. (its just that i cant waittttttttt lol..)

    1. Soon(TM). Lol. Probably in a couple of days. It is a massive patch and it plays like a new game IMO. The patch notes you see here is only about half of it.

  5. - the world is now closer to the sun and gravity is about 20% stronger
    These two things aren't connected?

    1. Someone is paying attention! Fixed changelog flavor text bug.

  6. The game is nice, but sometime the camera is annoying; a tutorial would be good, just a picture with a explanation and a visual example would be fine

    1. When is the camera annoying exactly?

    2. Dammit! You stole my opinion!

  7. Do you plan to implement some kind of counter system to grabs? Right now it's pretty easy to stunlock the AI by repeatedly releasing a hold before she breaks out and grabbing her again. Also, I haven't been able to figure out how struggle and resist are different.

    1. That particular AI loop is fixed. And yes I do plan on a counter system. Need ideas tho.