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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Whats Next

Hello everyone,

I started today kinda anticipating bugs with the demo and I am surprised (glad?) that doesn’t seem to be the case. Since I haven’t received any complaints/issues (at the moment of writing) regarding the game performance I am going to assume the following:
  1.  The game starts and runs (for most people)
  2. No crushing/critical bugs while in game
  3. The game plays at stable 60 FPS
This is great! Because it means I can throw even more stuff at it to make it even better! In fact, I certainly didn’t sit here twiddling my thumbs today and I used the time wisely to implement additional improvements. I hope you will be able to spot the differences in the next release!

Some of you expressed interest in supporting the project and I thank you for your interest and confidence in the project. At this point in time, the absolutely best thing you can do to help is to spread the word! Share the game to various communities across the world; make videos show casting the gameplay; or just simply start discussions on various aspects of the game. What do all the numbers mean? Does their color have significance? What happens if you press E-UP-Q? How to cheese the AI? Did anyone beat AI difficulty 3 legit? I am very interested to know.

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed as well and I will try my best to incorporate them into game. Speaking of suggestions, two suggestions that makes a lot of sense to me is azurezero’s idea to have the camera automatically zoom in during a grapple and (from pixiv)’s issue of getting defeated while controlling the camera. What happens now is that while you are actively controlling the camera, the game pauses. As an additional bonus from this feature, this now allows for matrix style shots and they look damn cool. These features will be available in the next build.

Until next time


  1. Meow!
    Thumbs up for matrix style shots! nya!!!!
    can't wait!!!!
    (meow meow meow meow meow, do you use skype?)

    1. You can contact me

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This looks very promising, will be watching this.
    Would be nice some kind of free play after you've beaten your rival.
    keep up the good work, Moar yuri please!.

  4. The AI, even on level 3, can be caught in a loop so to speak.

    After you knock her down to the point where she can't react do anything, it's very easy to keep her grappled if you release at the last second then throw in some punches while she is "sent flying" tekken style. Same for the AI, but it doesn't do this as often.

    I suggest tweaking the grab system a bit, since once you have your green bar depleted, you can get stunlocked until you lose.

    The roll is also a bit unresponsive, so I suggest remapping it to a single key rather than double tap + E.

    Also this is a personal problem, but most of my sounds are missing, including the music.

    Thank you for making an awesome game! Hope to see more of this in the future.

    1. Thanks for your feedback!

      I found the AI bug enabling the infinite loop combo and is now fixed :) In addition, roll cooldown is now reset when your character is grabbed so players should be able to avoid this loop.

      Regarding the roll responsiveness, are you sure the roll is not in cooldown? It is in cooldown when the helper box changes to "...".

      Can you elaborate on the sound issue? Its much easier to fix bugs if I can reproduce the bug step by step.

    2. It's just that I don't hear some of the sounds.
      How do I know this? I watched a youtube video of your game and it had said sounds, while my game doesn't.

      About the cooldown of the roll, I didn't know about it. I thought it had to do with your "state". My bad.

      Another thing I noticed is that if you spam attack, you will put the AI down every time. The only way it can counter is with the jumping strike, which it wont do immediately when it gets up. It will try to block your attacks then get hit by unblockable kick.
      Maybe make the kick blockable on difficulty 3?

      Right now I feel that the only thing it "reads" is when you try to grab. It will always counter with wake-up kick or attacks. So when it's blocking, it will always counter if u try to grab, even in the middle of a combo, but all of that is useless since your last kick breaks guard, turning the combat into spam of attack button and dodge the jumping strike.

      Sorry for the wall, just want to give you as much detailed info as I can.

    3. I have implemented new AI feature that will make it attempt to "superarmor" through your basic attacks with its abilities. It will be in the next version. :D

      As for sounds, it would be really helpful if you could identity which sounds are missing, it doesnt have to be all of them but just a few missing ones would give me so much more to work with.

    4. Alright, I shall use time stamps in the video to tell you which sound exactly am I missing.

      First off is the music. It plays throughout the whole video but not on my game. Could be from the uploader himself though. Here is the vid.

      Now, for the actual sounds. I'm missing all the sounds from 0:46 to 0:54. That is, the crowd jeering, the moans, the grunting when one grabs and the licking sounds.
      I am also missing attack sounds (voices, not sound effects) like the one at 3:13.

      This should help you identify the sounds I am missing, but I can send more time stamps if you want me to.


    5. I replied like 2 times today and for some reason they always get deleted, is it maybe because I link a youtube video in it?

    6. Indeed those was caught by blogger's automatic spam filter. It should be visible now. Thanks for your detailed report! Unfortunate at this moment its not clear to me whats causing the problem. But it seems be limited to one type of sound effects (from pov of the engine). I have filed it and will look into it more in the future.

  5. my only issue is that i have a brick for laptop so i cant play it :(

    1. There will be graphic options coming or if I cant get to that maybe I will release high performance versions of the game as well. :)

    2. hi Im the guy you replied to nice to know you are exploring options and i just thought of a way to help you increase awareness of your game
      if you made an account here Im certain that you'd garner some more interest and while our there make sure you check out this

    3. Thanks! Will do when next version is released.

    4. you should also make ulmf account
      (you would need to make 15 posts before you can can post links though)

  6. Thanks for your responce on Pixiv,and excuse my poor English.
    Could I wish to you some more ideas?

    1.Auto battle (AI vs AI) mode
    2.Finish only sexual submission (orgasmus) match
    3.Both damaged (sexual) grapple (Sixty-nine,Tribadism and so on)

    1. Those features will be coming, but will take some time to develop. I take 3) means moves that hurt both characters.