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Monday, September 26, 2016

Graphic overhaul

Demonstrating new graphics! Available next patch! soon(TM).

Punishment Time!

And here's "before" for reference:


  1. Uh It seems a very interesting project and the demo I tried very promising.
    I hope that in the next patch we are taken to the head as spleeper hold or other various typical headlock wrestling ...

    Good work though;)

  2. Neat! Can't wait to see the new graphics, looking very well done thus far.

  3. PINSSSSSSSSS thank you!

    humiliating pins such as step on face will be extraaaa sexy! please consider it!

  4. are their outfits changing aswell? :O not complaining just wondering :D also next patch looking very promising ! cannot wait!

    1. Yes the heroine is remodeled and the old outfit is temporarily out of service. :)

  5. A couple questions that I have
    What is the difference between struggle and resist and do you have to press the button once, hold it down, or rapidly tap it
    The AI has two moves that I have noticed that I cant seem to pull off one they stomp on the ground the other they jump up and bring their hands down. Both will cancel any move I make and im wondering if I have any similar move.

    1. Dont worry about resist and struggle as I plan to rework the grapple system. Moves are unique to each heroine so you cant use them just like the pink girl cant use your moves.