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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Alpha v0.111 released!

Download LINK.

EDIT: Sept 28 2016 released patch to fix the following issues:
  • Fixed AI going rogue and being more difficult to be than intended
  • Fixed AI prioritizing going into stand grabbing from ground grabbing too much
  • Adjusted camera orbit position to give a better view of girls during grapple
  • Rolling from downed position now has a much higher acceleration which also increases the distance of ground rolls
  • Fixed blocking caused your character to slide forward

This is a large quality of life patch and makes the game plays a lot nicer. Included in this patch is a complete lighting overhaul, a model overhaul, an animation overhaul, a physics overhaul which will now allows for boob physics and a engine overhaul to support various requested features. Yes that is a lot of overhaul and required many under-the-hood changes. Some are fairly drastic and the one liners in the change log really don't do them justice.

A new mechanic introduced in the patch is pin-fall. Rather than the match instantly being over as soon as one heroine is defeated, instead she will lay there in the ground helpless and at your mercy. Once you are done with her, you can initiate the pin-fall sequence which will end the match (attack button while grabbing the defeated heroine on the floor). Hopefully this allows for a "punishment time" that allows you to experience the game's moves fully.

There are still a couple things I wanted to include the patch but wasn't able to. But I figures there are already enough content to get excited about, and the game is in alpha anyways :). They will be added in the next patch.

Here are some of the new features:

New outfits
Camera Pause - works in combat too!
Auto Camera Zoom
Miss Pink in action
(Gif is such a bad file format for animations and I think I am going use something else in the future.)

Change log (Sept 27, 2016):

     - project is now renamed to HeroineRumble (from PrincessClash)

     - implemented pin falls!

     - you can now play as the pink girl in exhibition mode

     - fixed animation system bug that caused animations to not play correctly
          * this have a very noticeable effect in game and the game is now much smoother!
          * this is a BIG system level change and affects many parts. If something looks weird, please report!
     - fixed bug that caused ability visual effects to be 1 frame slower
     - fixed bug with rig that caused the heroine's boobs to deform improperly
     - fixed bug with some bones in the heroine's face not animated by the correct skeleton

     - heroines went through a rigorous workout session and now their bodies are sexier
     - heroines drunk lots of WonderMilk(TM) and now their bodies are softer
     - WonderMilk(TM) had a particular big effect on heroine's boobs which will now jiggle and bounce
     - heroines were send through disciplinary school to correct some of their awful posture (more to come!)
     - in technical terms, the above means the heroine received a model overhaul, a skinning overhaul and an animation overhaul
     - due to this growth, the outfit the heroine had no longer fit and now the heroine will wrest in bikinis instead (for now)

     - camera will now automatically zoom on the girls when they grapple, then zoom out to the original distance afterwards.
     - game is now paused when you are actively controlling the camera.

      - changed lighting settings to put more emphasize on whats going on inside the ring
      - implemented shader dithering to reduce color gradient banding
      - improved skin shader quality

      - AI improvements:
            - fixed AI bug that allowed them to be defeated easily
            - AI will now attempt to "superarmor" through your attacks

      - buffed blocking so that it now has a much higher chance of blocking something
      - a successful block of melee attacks causes the attacker to lose an additional amount of stamina equal to the ability's stamina cost
      - characters with depleted stamina will be unable to act until they regain 50% of their total stamina

      - submission attacks cause ~10% less damage
      - fixed sliding attack causing the character to turn towards opponent
      - fixed grabbed-hit hits counted twice
      - evasion roll base cooldown reduced from 12.0 sec to 6.0 sec
      - doubled evasion roll stamina cost
      - evasion roll cooldown is now reset when the character is grabbed
      - some animations/abilities are now faster
      - basic attack now takes stamina to use
      - running now takes more stamina to maintain
      - disabled during-grapple actions except "release" for now
      - fixed bug with wake-up kick doing the spin-in-mid-air animation
      - helper box will now inform you of the abilities your character possesses as well

      - strikes now causes some permanent damage
      - regenerative state (when green bar goes to 0) now takes ~5.0 sec to complete instead of ~7.0 sec

      - the world is now more dense and gravity is about 20% stronger

      - added a text pop up when the player is trying to use abilities they cant use yet

      - implemented additional engine optimizations

      - the game now uses a fixed time-step logic loop which will make the game-play more consistent.

      - added preliminary support for head, tail and dick model attachments to the engine

      - the game is now more resource heavy (on purpose). If you experience performance issues, please report!


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  2. Still having those sound problems. It's probably a problem on my end but I have yet to figure out why.

    1. Nevermind, I solved it. It was hardware related. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    2. Thanks for the report! I would hate to waste hours on a non-existent bug :D

  3. hi, update as expected :D but im having a hard time doing the smash moves, any tips on how to do them? Is it a button combination or just certain keys, ty in advance

    1. The helper window on the left should indicate how to use them. Most of them are a key sequence of GUARD, UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT then ATTACK/SPECIAL. Note that each girl have her own moveset.

  4. Wow i just found this yesterday, tryed it out and oh my god it´s awesome, i hoped for a Game like this since i played this Bra and Panties Matches from the old WWE Games...

    Please never let this die, we need an Wrestling H-Game!!!

    Oh and here are a few things you might want to implement or not...

    - The possibility of throwing the opponent into the Corners and of course moves for when they are in the Corner, Standing in the Corner, as well as sitting in the Corner, i see potential for Ass smother when sitting in the Corner :p

    - The possibility to do moves at the Ropes?

    - The possibilty to drag them to the ropes and do moves with the Ropes?

    - More Enemys

    - More Moves

    - Maybe even some Special Moves that could cause a Status effect, like receiving more pleasure for a short duration of time?

    - Maybe somekind of Ultimate Moves (With the need to fill up a Gauge to use it), one for every Character?

    - a Multi Orgasm Match, some Match where you have to make them come 2-3 times?

    Ok Ok i know i am going over the top here, but i am sooo happy to finally see an Wrestling H-Game that really has tons of potential

    Oh and i read something about Futa on ULMF, all i have to say to this is PLEASE YES, FUCK YES, GIVE ME FUTA :D

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback. Those are some great suggestions. Stuff like corner and interaction with rope and finishers/ultimates is something I had planned to do. Match settings will come, like H-finish only, hardcore, etc. Will take some time tho and the TODO list keeps getting longer lol.

  5. Couple things.

    AI only do one kind of hold now.

    Also when I grapple they instantly break out, fall to the ground, and the do the kick to get up, so....I can't enjoy the game anymore since it is just one move from the enemy, and I can't use any moves on the enemy.

    Any reason you did this?

    1. Thanks for the report. I determined that it is an AI bug that caused the lower difficulty AI to be more difficult than intended. Will release a new build fixing it tonight.

      Cant replicate the AI only do one hold issue, however.