Heroine Rumble is a 3D action rape or get raped fighting/H-wrestling/battlefuck/sexfight game currently under heavy development (for real). Choose your favorite character from a roster of sexy, unique heroines and guide her to victory! (Or watch her get dominated in the arena XD)

ヒロインランブル(Heroine Rumble) は現在開発中の、「凌辱バトル/エロレス/バトルファック」のゲームです!(嘘じゃないよ!) キャラクター選択画面からオリジナルのセクシーヒロインを選んで、彼女を勝利へと導こう!(それかアリーナでドミネートされる姿を眺めるのでも(笑)

Download HERE. (v0.2)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Looking for input on the grapple system rework

Time to get started on the elusive grapple system rework as other things require it to be done first. Looking for input/feedback/suggestions/improvements to the grapple system and all it's complementary components.

List of issues that will be looked at already:

  • Dislike how standing grab move must be after 2 auto attacks, required for balance but feels out of place. 
  • Dedicated grab button "A" will be depreciated. Neutral "W" (without dir key down) will replace it.
  • Give players an options to stay downed on the floor if desired.
  • Make AI go for grab faster on a depleted green bar opponent.
  • Make outfit relevant. H-moves will either not work or does reduced damage if outfit on. Considering replacing H-move with a stripping animation when H-move used on opponent with outfit on. The stripping animation does some damage and will strip the armor if enough damage is dealt to armor, allowing H-move to be used on the opponent.
  • Resisting grapple animation should no longer put opponent into downed state but rather only pushes back.
  • Make the AI use a couple of moves on pinned opponent. If the player cant take it anymore they can always exit the match.
  • Looking for input on how to re-balance submission/throws/humiliation/H-moves. 
  • Looking for input on what kind of "mini-game" (if any) people want to be played during grapples.

EDIT: here is another AI SFW match:

Saturday, December 3, 2016

V0.2 released! - futa wolfie

Download link at top of page.

Patch notes:
  • 5th unique girl added!
    • she brings total holds in game to 40!
    • she has her own distinct look and fighting style
    • only her futa version is in game and the futa toggle must be on to see her
  • Now girls have their own victory pose at end of match! Special thanks to Charles Bradley Logan for the animations!
  • Shadows are disabled to make the game more accessible to everyone including those without dedicated graphics card.
  • Polished more animations
  • Tweaked lighting
  • Various combat tweaks
    • in particular many abilities no longer causes hard knockdown and wake up kick cooldown is now 25.0 seconds
  • Various AI tweaks
    • in particular the AI should play the ground game better
  • Various bug fixes


Those that are paying attention in chat may noticed that dynamic shadows are disabled. Shadows were important because shadows helps us to gauge how high an object is in the air. Stuff on the ground have shadow very close to them and stuff very high in the air (such as planes) have shadows no where near to been seen. In game, this darkening effect is visually important to indicate that the characters are indeed standing on the ground and not floating in the air.

Unfortunately, shadows are really really expensive! Each light that casts shadows requires the scene to be redrawn again! So the 2 dynamic shadows that the game had caused the scene to be drawn 3 times! For people without a decent dedicated graphics card this is absolutely a performance killer.

The good news is that even without shadows, the game still have SSAO to rely on for the darkening effect. Here is what pure SSAO looks like:

So in the future versions, there will be no more dynamic shadows until customizeable graphical options becomes available to make the game more accessible to everyone :D.

Monday, November 28, 2016

video of 5th girl in action

An AI versus AI SFW match recorded with a special build. In the video she will only use holds that are already available in game currently.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

5th girl design

Looking for feedback! Her skin color ought to be a bit darker, but currently waiting on dynamic skin color feature. Otherwise the color, shininess and metalness for every part is adjustable. Remember, the engine supports multiple outfits/skins for each heroine too :D.

EDIT: updated her design:

paws too <3

And some possible outfits:


Oh and last but not least RNGed girls with the new outfit:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Progress on 5th girl

Made substantial progress on the 5th girl.

She is a wolf/fox/dog girl that fights as you expect from a fantasy werewolf kind of character (no fur, just ears + tail). She uses swipes, leaps and she may even go down on all fours to chase down her prey.

This deviation from "realistic" wrestling is rather liberating as it is much easier now to give each girl character and make her unique. Homogeneous fighters is a problem that plagued wrestling-only games forever and I am glad I dont have to deal with that anymore.

Her futa version will come first behind a toggle and its probably going to be 4 futa H-moves and 4 non-H moves.

While balancing her, I noticed that almost all combat abilities in game caused a knockdown. I dont like how it cheapens the downed state and it makes good recovery options from downed almost necessary. In the next patch, many abilities will stagger only and knocking down a foe (not to be confused with knock out with 0 green bar) becomes more difficult yet more rewarding.

A concept that I am testing with her is "Pounce". She gets down on all fours and then jumps at the foe. Foes who are hit by this unblockable attack will be knocked down and grabbed instantly. Think "Hunter" in L4D. It is going to be rather interesting to see how a "leap" grapple move would perform balance wise.