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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

V5.0841 - so many bugs

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It turns out that the new capturing system have quite a few conflicts with some mods. It can be pretty severe and prevents the game from loading all together. I had to make changes to the loading system and I believe those problems are now fixed in this version.

So unfortunately I didn't get to make as much progress on the new stuff as I had hoped. But it is what it is; fixing bugs is important and sometimes you just have to do those.

On the bright side, if new moves is what interests you, @SilverStud is currently working on porting moves from Heroine Rumble over to this game. And that's what the picture is all about. Here is another one for your viewing pleasure:

Those moves and more should be available as a mod sometimes in the future.

    - fixed game crush when visiting merchant (.getRandomItem() bug that cause it sometimes to return null)
    - game will now give a warning when trying to load an unknown unit uid in reserves/prisoners instead of crashing
    - fixed unit duplication at end of battle (a certain function was called twice when prisoners are present)
    - fixed end of battle incorrectly moving survivors in party to reserves
    - you can now only "Customize Body Shape" on unique allies when in a safe zone.
    - enforced the file loading order of weaponMovesetFiles -> weaponDataFiles -> itemFiles within the same mod folder
    - itemFiles and unitDataFiles (and their dependencies) defined in _MapData are now loaded at start of game rather than on first map load
    - fixed bug where map may be initialized before all props are loaded properly
    - equipment data dependencies (eg. weaponData) are now lazily evaluated at first use of item rather than during file load
    - extended "survive_wave" objective in MapGen to work for maps composed of more than 1 rooms
    - improved a couple of warning messages
    - duplicate warning messages are now ignored
    - default key binding for hotbar slot#10 is now bound to "0" rather than non-existent "10" key
    - portal types in non-safe areas now defaults to leave the area instead of selecting where to go (this meant that capture via carry should work)
    - fixed infinite potion bug via Combat Trainer
    - added new map modding action: enable/disable map zones


  1. Hello Enlit, I really enjoyed your Heroine Rumble game. Is there a possibility that you would return to Heroine Rumble to add a modding system when you're done with this latest game?

    1. Hello Anon, chances of adding modding to Heroine Rumble the original version? Very unlikely. I am going to start working on a new engine which next game will be built on, one of the possible choices is indeed, Heroine Rumble++.

    2. Your proposal sounds even better than mine. I'll be hoping a sequel happens! Thanks for writing.

  2. before of anything, thanks a lot for your great job and dedication to this game, wanted to re-report something sound like a bug, since version 5.07 the futa mobs wont longer use futa-related moves (barely they do 1 in 1/100), normally they keep using the same 3 moves again and again, neither use devices/traps anymore and think the 3s moves are disabled too. in the 5.05 version they still able to capture, use futa moves, devices and 3s moves.

    so again, maybe isnt a bug, but no idea. thanks

  3. For some reason, I can't have the unit called "Ammy" or "UNIT_DATA AMET" spawned whatsoever. By managing my party, it gives me an error. Same thing if I try to spawn her either an enemy or an ally.

    Also I gave myself the "vine" item and I have no idea on how to remove it as it's not an actual equipped item.

    Screenshot for proof:

  4. how can i fix this bug:"Cannot read property '0' of null" ?

    Screenshot for proof:

  5. how can i fix this bug:"Cannot read property '0' of null" ?

    Screenshot for proof:

  6. Can you add a "whipping" attack, either an animation or item/weapon?
    I think the plant girl should be able to use this move.

  7. Sir, I want to ask how to find the map woods in this game.?