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Wednesday, December 5, 2018


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  - implemented 2 additional F/F oriented moves - finger_bang and face_sit
        - implemented equipment requirements
        -   NOTE: stats requirements refers to the base stat without modifiers
        - implemented unit recruitment - speak to Merchant-Chan at Village
        -   refer to previous post for details
        - you may now join 3somes initiated by your allies
        - fixed a crush in equip coloring via pressing "default" and then "cancel" on certain items
        - restrained units are now invulnerable
        - parrying an enemy in the air now cause their horizontal velocity to reset to 0 instead of doing the air slide


  1. You have to do sex animations with the objects, so that when the enemies capture you and put you in an object to have sex with you, if not what is the sense that you capture?, later you could do that if you have no life and capture you in an object , a game over scene appears where you have sex with you until you get pregnant or sell you slave, it depends on that enemy.

    1. Remember that for slavery you can put objects that limit the movements or actions of the character, but this can be deactivated in the animations and that even though the character has the accessories of slavery placed in a visible way, these count as if not Had them equipped during the animations, it is the tactic that they use in Skyrim or fallouts.

    2. You can make the accessories of slavery when you are not having sex have limitations on the character and when the animation begins to become a garment of normal clothing that is never broken

  2. During slavery you could make enemies, or NPCs could hold you and take you to bed or an object, or place when they wanted to have sex with you alone or make a gang, could force you to work for them, when you had enough money You could buy your freedom, or you would have to do in some cases a mission to escape, as is the example of escaping from an Orc camp that has enslaved you without being seen to be free or something.

  3. When is the next public released just love this game

  4. Enlit do you have any plan to add a simple pregnancy system to the game? Or is it just a yuri/futa interaction game?
    By "simple" pregnancy system i mean something like: chance to get pregnant/belly node incresing/new item after x days.

  5. I had an idea. I think it is a notable one, if you could consider it. Perhaps there could be boss enemies that have grapples that are unbreakable by the player, so they should have a easily identifiable pattern of attack or the PC should bring in their party to deal with them. You have added monster-type enemies. So perhaps these boss enemies could be super strong hybrids.

    Like Human-wolf werewolves. Snake humanoids. Feathered people. Ogres, pig people, or orcs. Mermaid/mer-people. ETC. Demons. I think it would be a neat idea to flush out the enemy verity.

  6. Enlit3D i like the development of the game so far, so good job! While i think this is one of the best games to look for, since it's really well done and animated as well I would like to ask for things in the future and say what for example, I think should be added in it, in the future.

    -More allies, it doesn't need to be like this starting 5. You can make enemies recruitable so they can come back to camp with you. I would like to take some, for example let's say you beat an enemy, make her climax and by random chance he/she joins you for good.

    -Size of penis ( if futa ) in customize my body feature for both main character ( you ) and your allies.

    -Devilish themed dungeon with a succubus (female) boss.

    -Whip user/ whip sex animation

    -Pregnancy system (as one of other people said here ). Where if you take a creampie by ally / enemy you get a certain random percentage of being pregnant. So as the days pass you get a belly and eventually get a kid ( new ally ).

    This is just some of my ideas that would make this game absolutely amazing and one of a kind. Whatever you do i think i would be ok since the game is already good. Wish you all the best mister Enlit3D!

  7. Hate to be that person but just in case, if you do make pregnancy a thing please make it completely optional.