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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Upcoming feature: Recruitment

Here are a couple features for next version.

The first is item requirements:

This by itself is not too terribly exciting, but it enables 2 features in the future:

  • 1) Tiered equipment. For example, a better sword that need higher MIG/DEX to wield
  • 2) Body specify equipment. For example, male or female only gear.
The second feature is recruiting! This is still very much in development, and for now, Merchant-Chan have the dialogue prompt for recruiting:

Here is a quick description of all the units you can recruit so for:

The first are farmers. Their greatest strength is their cheapness. Basically cannon fodder.

Then we have the spears, which is quite a bit tougher than farmers. Cheap, affordable, low tier front line infantry.

Next up are the archers, which are going to be on a different upgrade path from the infantry line once that becomes available. They are pretty weak individually but is threatening in large numbers.

Next we have the pikes. Which are durable, mid tier infantry. Doesn't do too great offensively but holds the line well.

Finally, we have the Greatswords, which are only a bit tougher than pikes, however, have much greater offensive potential. Very deadly versus groups of lower tier, unarmored groups.


As mentioned previously, this recruiting system is still much in flux. In the absence of a Party Management Window, some functionalities are limited. For starters, you cannot store the generic units anywhere. They must always be in your party. You can dismiss them directly via dialogue, or you can let them meet their end naturally. They do not drop loot upon disappearance in case you are wondering about that.

Secondly, these being generic units, are handled differently than the uniques. The game does not save the entire "description" of the unit upon saving. Instead, only a reference to the "blueprint" on how to create the unit is stored. This means, that upon game restart, the unit may look different or have different equipment depending on the "blueprint." Do not panic, this is not a bug.

Finally, I figured people may want to mod this as well. So I tried to make it as accessible as possible. This is all you need to add to the dialogue and the game will handle the rest:

Refer to the unit_data.json and dialogue_data.json under [game]/data/ folder for examples when the patch lands.

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  1. You know that there are people like me who play only with his character because they do not like to play with a team of a lot of characters, right?, please note that with regard to the difficulty, I do not recruited, I play alone with the main character