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Monday, January 2, 2017

New default controls and control customization

It came to my attention sometimes ago that many people are playing the game on labtops. This is problematic because labtops have small or non-existant arrows key. So in the next patch, I am thinking of changing the default controls to WASD for movement and JKL for action keys. Or are FGH better as action keys?

Together with the default control keys changes, the next patch will bring to game control customization! If you dont like the default setup, no problem, you can setup your own. In addition, dedicated grab key (currently 'A') and roll key (currently 'R') will be removed from the game completely.


  1. Well, it hasn't been a real issue for me, but if I could have WASD movement, I'd prefer to have action keys mapped to JKL because I like to have a little bit of space between my hands when working the keyboard.

  2. Will there be a chance that you will consider gamepad support? It will probably help.