Heroine Rumble is a 3D action rape or get raped fighting/H-wrestling/battlefuck/sexfight game currently under heavy development (for real). Choose your favorite character from a roster of sexy, unique heroines and guide her to victory! (Or watch her get dominated in the arena XD)

ヒロインランブル(Heroine Rumble) は現在開発中の、「凌辱バトル/エロレス/バトルファック」のゲームです!(嘘じゃないよ!) キャラクター選択画面からオリジナルのセクシーヒロインを選んで、彼女を勝利へと導こう!(それかアリーナでドミネートされる姿を眺めるのでも(笑)

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Fairer AI and combat change demo

Showing the new fairer lvl 4 AI behavior and how to handle (and fail to handle) some of her moves. Still a WIP of course.

Some of the combat changes are:

  • Grabbing attempt attack reach is lowered
  • Grabbing attempt can not be interrupted by regular jabs anymore and is a valid move against AI
  • Guarding is now a freely cancelable action
  • Guarding will now turn the character towards targeted opponent if available
  • Double tapping a direction key will now use a roll if roll is available (instead of starting run)
  • Reduced the super armor of many abilities and/or apply the super armor later - many of them can not be used as a counter to basic strikes after the character is staggered


  1. yellow's color of her outfit change?

  2. no problem with the game. I would be more happy if u add additional wrestling moves on the current character. :) go to this link

  3. I forsee grabbing becoming the move of choice with the removal of any interruption to it by basic attacks. I would hope that escaping grapples becomes alot less difficult to balance that out?

    I think my greatest gripe at the current moment with the game is that the grappling is already too oppressive compared to the rest of the game content. Now I fear that the clothing will never get damaged because of the holds being too powerful. What I would suggest is that the clothing act as a buffer between the h-holds at least and make escaping the regular submissions easier at higher hp levels so that simple striking still has a relevant place within the framework of the game.

    1. easiest way to destroy clothes are the special strikes like smash or thrust for the example.