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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Character Customization, WIP

Made a lot of progress on the character customization UI, you can take a look at how it works here:

The color picker UI is still missing so in the video the "Change" button just pick a color at random, but you can expect the final version allows you to select the color you want.


  1. "How Hot you will make your Game?"
    Enlit3D : "YES"

    If you make your game complete this Time you have a chance to make the "(Porn)Game of the Year". I am not Kidding, there are not many Games who could compete with your Design, Quality, quantity of Moves, Outfits and more.
    I promise i buy the game when its done. (is that possible with patreon?)
    Why? Because you are worth it. Really.
    No kids porn, no pregnancy, no extrem content. I love it and you.
    (i hope you dont forget some tentacle traps in the end :)

  2. Sorry, i forgot to ask: Will there be pantyhose or nylon stockings in the game?
    High heels, nylon stockings and a short biggest dream.