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Friday, July 31, 2020

4 new girls/outfits

Added 4 new girls/outfits into the game. One feature in the next patch is the ability to select who to take with you in the dungeon runs, aka, picking your party composition. There are the new units you can pick in addition to the current 4. 

Note: experimental character designs to test things, may not be the actual character designs.

The first is the Shield Maiden, which is a remake of the ceremonial set from HRT. She is a Frontliner, attacking with her sword and shield. Compared to Iron Mask, she is less durable but faster and quicker.

The second is the Nurse. She is a healing focused Support character. Her auto attacks are ranged and inflict lust damage and her other abilities focuses on healing and keeping your party healthy.

The third is the Researcher character. She is also a Support character. Instead of healing focused like the Nurse, she dishes out buffs and debuffs. 

Finally, we have the Escaped Girl. Which is a remake of the chains set from HRT. She is very weak in combat but her extensive experience during enslavement makes her excellent at receiving grabs. TBH she is meant more as an enemy unit, but I don't have anytime time to spent on new units in this patch cycle, so she'll have to do as the 8th. 


  1. Nice, but hey man, no offense, but please think about it Enlit. I think I speak for absolutely everyone when I say that you should stop making this game and focus again to Heroine Rescue Team. It's my favorite hgame in last 12 months. I play it so much, you had horde of modders to make game even better. Please mate, Rescue Team is money, drop this and return to work there

    1. Appreciate the concern, but I rather port things over from HRT and make them better rather than going back to HRT at this point.