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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

V0.631 - Sword and Shield

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Implemented the new sword and shield weapon set + bug fixes. There are also reports that the boss room in SOS #2 is empty but I am unable to replicate the issue at my end. So if you are experiencing this problem, please send a savefile + indicate whether you are using mods and/or have used cheats on that save.


- added "sword_and_shield" weapon type
-   this allows to block attacks coming from any swing direction
-   however, it has the following drawbacks:
-       1) takes stamina to block
-       2) can't "bounce" opponent's swings (for example, from parries)
- on new saves, the player begins the game with "sword_and_shield" with "ceremonial_sword" in inventory
- fixed bug with "ruins" not showing up after "woods"
- goblin goon squad takes a lot longer to spawn in goblin lair to give players more lenient time limit to finish the dungeon
- fixed movement keys causes camera to pan when player is in a grab (use the camera keys for that)
- AI should now participate in threesomes+ when player initiates a grab on a defeated UNIQUE enemy


  1. You should be able to use F-vs-M moves on people equipped with a strapon.

  2. well there is the issue Futas cant do anymore any threesomes expect the lick and fondle, cant remember which update/version changed that.

  3. Played again recently on my new save, and had the second SOS work fine without any changes. Since it doesn't seem to be a common problem, I guess my computer was just being weird before.
    Of course, the boss room will be empty on an older save, likely because the ally that's supposed to appear there is likely already in your party. Not sure if there's a work-around to that...

  4. can you not change partymembers equipment anymore?

    1. specifically the party members you get from converting captured enemies
      I realize they're basically fodder, seeing as they can permanently die and don't have names, but I'd like it if you could make them more permanent

      I'd rather not have to replenish my goblin army after every mission

  5. I got a glitch where the SOS mission is stuck "incompleted" after I beat it, and now I can't beat it again cause the boss wont spawn

    1. same issue here, plus captured enemies on traps dont cum anymore, they set free automatically before the move finish (cumming) and get converted.

  6. How about a "Muscle Buster Move" ?
    Rumble Roses xx have 2 great Moves to inspire you.
    Just looking for "Lady substance x" and "Evil Rose". The Humilation Moves of them are great.