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Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Poll

The vine moves are pretty well received, and for next patch, I added a few more variations.

In the current patch, only enemies are able to use the vine moves, so naturally, people want a way for them to use vine moves on others. However, since the player is not a tentacle monster, having her able to summon vines out of the thin air is kinda weird. But there is an alternative, I am going to allow the player to place traps, and the vine trap is one of the traps the player can place.

The traps are implemented as items that the player can equip and use. There are two ways to implement this:

 As a regular consumable item that each use will consume one stack of the item and the player will need to rebuy more of them in the shops.
 Implement it as a kit, with infinite uses, however, each use will consume from a global resource pool (“Supplies”). This global resource pools is shared across all items. So for example, assuming 2 types of traps: A and B, each consuming 50% of the global resource per use, the player can place either 2 As, 2 Bs or 1 A and 1 B. This global resource is refilled whenever the player is healed.
So here is the question: which method do you prefer?

Poll LINK.

Some other news, @Mike W released an impressive mod with new elf outfits, weapons and more! Get it here!


  1. Can I post your Heroine Rumbles photo on SNS?

    1. I don't know what SNS stands for, but sure.

  2. SNS is “Twitter” thank you.

  3. when is the fix for recruiting help from npc that is the over price levels you have to put in place like having level 20 charm to have 4-5 npc with there levels in that cost