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Friday, April 26, 2019

V5.081 - fixes and tweaks

Patreon LINK.


    - fixed crush ('g' of null)
    - fixed crush (686:299)
    - added a WIP main menu
    - all default /data/ folders now begins with "_" to help differentiate between base game and mods
    - added a new NPC in Town that sells furniture
    - tied up units around the teleporter will enter the capture prompt in addition to unit carried on the shoulder
    - movement speed while carrying increased from 33% of base to 50%
    - added 2 new cheats (need $10 tier to use):
        - [love_futas]: override all non-unique unit data to be futas
        - [builder_mode]: >>REPLACES<< inventory with building tools. Not recommended for regular gameplay use


  1. Removing the command "wait for me at camp" has had the unfortunate effect that you can't practice moves with your party members that have three participants.

  2. Looks great when is next public version

  3. The "love_futas" command doesn't seem to be working. Either I understood wrong or it just doesn't work. It says on the lower right corner that all the non-unique units have been converted but I see no difference whatsoever.

  4. Hi, apparently I found a bug, great game so far by the way