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Thursday, January 10, 2019

V4.94 - playable males!

Patreon LINK.

Playable males and additional console commands are here! This knocks off the first and second significant features for this month. There will be another $10 Patreon only post on how to utilize additional console commands not mentioned in the patch nodes.

        - new feature: units can be assigned with a list of known moves(grabs) to pick from rather than having access to all the moves
        - some units are now assigned with a list of moves
        - fixed bug with hotbar key displaying incorrect numbers after swapping
        - game will now forcefully fade out to camp if player's green HP reaches 0
        - implemented additional console commands (as $10 patreon reward)
        - implemented modding commands: [list_item_ids] and [list_unit_ids] to display list of item uids and unit uids
        - implemented playable males - potion can be brought off alchemist or as reward for Ludas Lair
        -   armor for males can be found as random loot/in shops, the shorts can be brought off alchemist
        -   note: males cannot wear female armor and vice versa
        - changed the opening console key (`) check to a different method - there is some issues with different layout keyboards, the solution is involved; this is just a bandaid
        - added the new hair styles mentioned in last build


  1. So quick question, are you going to allow us to create unique units again and is there a way for use to make animations work on both male and female? Some animations work well in my opinion and it sucks to see that using a male character really limits what can be done.

  2. "males cannot wear female armor and vice versa"
    I'd suggest you fix that. A little bit of crossdressing wouldn't harm.