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Monday, July 24, 2017

Terrain Gen (Part III/???)

Good news everyone, after another week of hard work, the the seam issue seems to be solved. Woohoo :D

I like to point out that the focus atm is to get the geometry right, and not necessarily to make it look awesome, yet. There will be plenty of opportunities for that later down the line. Nor do I care too much for the "trees" at this point. There is little reason that they have to be built from voxels like Minecraft instead of being actual models with much higher detail. Just something so the terrain doesn't look so barren.

The reason why getting the geometry right first is important is because the player (and any other "physical" object) need to interact with the generated geometry for collision to work properly - like walking on them, don't phase through walls, etc. And this is the feature that I am going to implement next - moving around in this generated geometry.

Oh and in case this isn't obvious, no demo for July. What I am working on is really important and fundamental to the game, and I certainly don't want to rush it.

And like last time, here are some in-development pictures:

These ridges from last week are the stuff I want to fix.

After much trial and error, managed to isolate the problematic vertices.

Smooth normals and solved the seam problem across different chunks as well. (this is 4x4 chunks). Some surface normals are still generated incorrectly (the black spots)

Decided to make a bird thingy to test it out. Noticed how limited the tiles are - there are only 8 of them with very small color selection... 

Still the same crappy tiles but with better lighting 

Autumn is here. (I wish I had a white tile :P)

Bonus: "Floating islands" Turns out there are still few cases not handled correctly 
(the black spots on edge). 


  1. hey sorry to bring this up again but it's a pain to have to restart all my progress in heroine rumble just because I use something like CCleaner... could you please make a downloadable version?