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Monday, January 9, 2017


After the grapple system changes, the game's combat mechanics is stable enough to start implementing a stat and level up system to further differentiate the characters and allows for player progression. The game's combat can be divided into 2 categories: fighting and grappling. The grappling can be further divided into physical wrestling (throws and submissions) and lewd stuff (H-moves and humil).

For fighting, I believe the game's mechanics is complex enough to support at least the following 3 combat styles: 1) a trading hits style, with strong, but slow moves; 2) a poke style, with fast or long range attacks with low recovery; and 3) a "turtle" style going for counter attacks during opponent's recovery.

For simplicity's sake lets start with having 5 stats, each of which improves the effectiveness of one of the above categories. Here is the initial starting point:

MIG - Might increases the character's strength and physical prowess. Mighty characters inflict more damage with their strikes and their moves are harder to interrupt.
+ 10% strike damage
+ 10% stagger tolerance
+ 3% HP

DEX, Dexterity influences the character's speed and quickness. High dexterity decreases the cool down of abilities, allowing them to be used more often.
+ 25% cooldown recovery; ability cooldown = ability_base_cooldown * (1/(1+cdr));
+ 3% HP

END, Endurance improves stamina and stamina recovery. High endurance increases the number of abilities that can be consecutively and guard to block more attacks.
+ 10% stamina
+ 3% HP

WIL, Will is important for characters that focuses on physical grapples. Throws and submissions performed by highly willed characters does more damage.
+ 10% throw, grapple effectiveness
+ 6% grapple move damage resistance; damage received in submission = base_damage * (1+throw_grapple_effectiveness)/(1+grapple_move_resistance)

CHA, Charm is important for characters that focuses on humil and H-moves. Opponents finds holds performed by highly charismatic characters irresistible.
+ 10% humil + H-move duration
+ 6% grapple move damage resistance


  1. you could also choose a stronger character as CPU,right?

  2. Might sounds pretty spot on, maybe too much strike damage though but I don't know what your numbers are like :P.

    Dexterity seems a bit more of a dump stat heh, I would maybe add a slight increase to your movement speed as well (with some sort of cap so you don't sonic the hedgehog all over the arena), maybe also a slight increase to strike speed possibly. If the player kiting the AI seems like it might be a problem, maybe there could be some sort of radius around both wrestlers that if you get too close your movement speed drops down a whole lot. Like a zone of control type thing.

    Endurance might want to see a slightly larger health increase than the other two stats since its bare bones.

    Will, I might like to see it like charm's system, instead of more submission damage, a person with higher will makes it take much longer to escape their holds.

    Charm Sounds perfect, but maybe add a small increase to how much special meter you gain from having lots of charm (winning over the crowd)

    Also what might be somewhat exciting feeling is some sort of perks system you can spend skill points or you get them every few attribute levels or something that do minor things for you.

    1. I propose the change to Will because it further kind of amplifies submission holds being way stronger than humiliation, especially since you have to undress someone first. Oh duh i thought of a good change to dexterity just now and I can't edit my previous post.

      Dexterity increases the rate you can undress an opponent. Nimble hands.

    2. I like the change to Dex. + stripping damage, + less cdr. Was worried that +cdr may be too strong.

    3. yeah too much cdr could get crazy super fast

  3. Will , if I can recall in my mind , is something that prevents us from breaking up to pieces after shocks and other misfortunes . I noticed that when somebody got a strong will , he can express himself stronger or be more charismatic/intimitating to other . So will and charisma could be in the one stat , or at least offer an real defensive option when character is lacking of might or dexterity and got nothing else to defend herself from submissions or humilation moves ; at the end , I remember some comic about wrestling girls where a one , underdog was beaten up in one round and in some frenzy or so called learned lesson gained upperhand in next , leading her eventually to total victory , why not implement some kind of mechanic in such style ( when character got low hp , she can gain small boast to stats or specific moves , depending on her ,,stats" [ buttery butter , my bad] ) ?