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Monday, October 3, 2016

Thanks for 20,000 views!

I feel like I missed the opportunity to make a post on 10,000 views and 100,000 views is probably a bit far away, so lets celebrate 20,000 views instead :D.

Yesterday LewdGamer written a piece on the game which is why we had a lot of visitors recently. This is great news as the game is finally starting to get exposure that was not done by me. (Of course, thanks to the folks at ULMF and Pixiv too, whom without their support I'll be probably making a post on 1,000 views instead.) The only other source that link to the game that I know of is this youtube video. For those that are undecided on downloading maybe check it out, although be mindful that his criticism on the game is... odd.

Game exposure is very important as explained best by this positive feedback cycle:

At the time of this writing 201 of you favors releasing the 3rd girl when she is completed to 137 of you who favors gradual release, so I am probably going with the majority.

I have also implemented a very frequently requested feature that I think that many of you will be happy with. If you guess it right (or close enough) in the comments I'll release more information on how it works :) Hint: its not futa mode lol.


  1. from the Latino community
    resibe our support and encouragement

  2. No Futa!?!?
    Oh thank God, thank you for not add crap like that, you would have completely ruined this beautiful title, very good.
    Now miss some submission hold to traditional wrestling head (headlock and sleeper holds), and here I would like to ask you if you'll add some of these moves.

    Good job then and I can not wait to see the next updates.
    Thank you

  3. I have a little problem with the grabs and... that´s it there is actually WAY to easy to do a chain grab, in fact; the AI use it.

    How to achive it? easy, just release your victime just before she fill her bar, them grab her again and the bar is empty and you can punish her as much has you want

    My suggestion, let the bar drain away slowly if you are release. By doing this, you prevent the level 3 AI from abusing this.

    P.D: Sorry for my bad english...

    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      You could roll in the ground as well by doubling tapping any direction key.

      Let me know if this doesnt prevent the problem.

      Having the escape bar drain over time instead of instantly is an interesting idea and I may incorporate it to the game.

    2. I have try to do that, but most of the time my stamina is drainend and can not roll out, or i am stun from the grab and grabed again

      Another mechanic could be if you are released, you are not send to the ground (if the grab you standing) instend, you flinch and walk back a bit

    3. That is intentional. Stamina affects your offense and defense and the player must manage it wisely :)

  4. i have only a black screen if i try the demo

  5. Wow, that nerd up there doesn't like futa, what a tool.

    Yo this game is rad though, there isn't enough wrestlefucking out there in the world, and this is coming from a guy that follows Remora Works and checks the レズバトル and 女子プロレス tags on pixiv daily. Most of it is garbage.
    You're doing great things.

    If the new feature is watch mode I'll show up at your place and fellate you no homo just give me an address.

  6. Hmmm...actually the only thing odd about the video critique is when he says something about the girls getting up by themselves?...and honestly I kind of agree with that...

    1. Most of his critique are incorrect unless I misunderstood the video.

      0:30 -> wake up kick does have higher priority than special move, in fact in the video it shows the wake up kick beat the special move

      1:26 -> those animation and postures are played when girls are temporary knocked out and after the girl is defeated, which the player have plenty of opportunity to make it happen.

      2:24 -> issue with "cheap" moves, he did not use his own special moves even once in the video.

      2:43 -> girl got up because the escape bar is filled. He zoomed in too much and it was out of view. Arguable my fault for allowing that to happen. But he clearly knows about this mechanic as he knows to release the girl early before it is filled.

      Now note that he is only show casting ~1/3 of the game and you have to play it yourself to see. In addition there is a bug somewhere causing the color of his game to be off + no shadows.

    2. I think you misunderstood...

      Wake Up Kick during special move = wake-up kick ineffective against super armored special move. In the video he timed it right, but if they happen at the same time, special move wins, which can be seen as pretty cheap.

      1:26 -> I think he meant that, since that only happens when the HP bar is depleted and it's temporary, he just wants to see it more.

      2:24 -> I understand that I guess.

      2:43 -> I don't think that's what he meant...

    3. Wake up kick timing is intentional.

      1:26 -> I just stated the pose is shown after the girl is defeated.

      2:43 -> then what did he meant?