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Monday, October 24, 2016

A new toggle-able camera mode

Showing a new toggle-able camera mode for those that want a more familiar fighting game setup. (LEFT) and (RIGHT) move towards/backwards from the opponent and (UP) and (DOWN) are side movements. It also showcases the girls better :)

Also fixed the following bugs in v0.13:
  • Fixed bug that caused guard effect to play when the character failed to block the attack.
  • Fixed unique animation not playing when finishing off a character with H-move
  • Grab attempt requires two auto attacks to use when the targeted character is in the standing up animation 
  • Further nerfed the lower lvl difficulty AIs
  • Added minor AI changes that lessens the chance that the AI will walk on top of the downed character.
  • Damage to red bar is slightly reduced as matched are a bit too quicker than intended
  • Fixed shoe laces floating in the air

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