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Sunday, September 18, 2016

The first public alpha and expectations

Good news everyone, the demo will be out very very soon!

I feel that now is a good time to talk about what you can expect from the demo. Our primary objective with the demo is to catch and eliminate as many game critical bugs/crushes as possible. (and bugs are expected). Because of this, the demo is feature light on purpose.

One feature that was omitted from the demo is customizable graphical settings and the demo is locked at 1600x900. Its also worth mentioning that you probably need a non-antique graphics card for a smooth experience. The game make use of graphical resource intensive effects such as SSAO, bloom, dynamic shadows, etc. For those with integrated graphical cards, you probably need to wait for a future release which will allow you to choose which effects you want enabled.

Of course, we certainly don't want to waste anybody's time with a tech demo. You will be able to play as the blue girl you probably saw in previous posts. Only a limited version of exhibition mode is available and you can choose to go against the pink girl with 3 levels of difficulty:

Your character have a different set of action based on the state the character is in. This context-aware controls/tutorial window shows your options:

You can disable it by clicking on the pink X in the top left corner of the window:

Located nearby is the cinematic mode toggle. This will disable some information shown in game for a cleaner view experience:

That's it for today, for those that are waiting, hold on tight! :)


  1. im having a problem with mine when i start the exe i get a error saying the procedure entry point getcurrentprocessexpilcitappusermodelID
    Could not be located in the dynamic link library shell32.dll?

    1. Unfortunately only Windows 7 and later are supported. :(

  2. oooh ok so thats why when i copy and pasted the files on my windows 7 it worked ok :) thanks

  3. ? is there a way for me to delete my comments as that i will not be messaging anymore

    1. It is fine to leave it here in case someone else will run into the same issue.