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Heroine Rumble is a 3D action rape or get raped fighting/H-wrestling/battlefuck/sexfight game currently under heavy development (for real). Choose your favorite character from a roster of sexy, unique heroines and guide her to victory! (Or watch her get dominated in the arena XD)

ヒロインランブル(Heroine Rumble) は現在開発中の、「凌辱バトル/エロレス/バトルファック」のゲームです!(嘘じゃないよ!) キャラクター選択画面からオリジナルのセクシーヒロインを選んで、彼女を勝利へと導こう!(それかアリーナでドミネートされる姿を眺めるのでも(笑)

Download HERE. (v0.232)
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

RNGed girls

Announcing RNGed (random number generated) girls! Hopefully it works now after some massive headaches. The system isn't ideal yet, not enough assets + cant change skin color + need more tweaking on the parameters in the future, but its a good start :)


  1. how will the move sets be decided?

    do they use moves from the other girls?

    will we be able to play as them in a "make your character" style feature?

    still this looks pretty good :3

    1. They have rnged moveset from the moves that are already in game.

  2. This exceeds my expectations,
    looks great